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Fashion Apparel and Celebrities


When it comes to celebrities fashion apparel is crucial. It’s not only about the fact that everyone is watching. It’s also because reaching a certain social status demands that you look in a certain way. Apparel is something that defines you, who you are and what you stand for. It is an expression of freedom, but it is also a playful way for you to get to know your body better, see what works and what doesn’t and also get some feedback. Finding your ideal apparel is somewhat of a challenge, so feedback is always important. Get enough feedback and you will find your way. Ignore too much and… well, it is going to take you some time to get there. If you want to know about celebrities and their apparel, you probably want to know a little bit more than what they are wearing.


Let’s be honest, you can Google that in a second and find what you’re looking for. You want to know what lies behind the curtains, how they think and choose what they wear, how they actually perceive the feedback and how they tailor their future looks in order to better suit their needs and those of their viewers. The key to understanding it all is knowing that these people think about it a little bit differently than everyone else. You might think that being a celebrity and the way you dress is some sort of burden. It is, in the beginning. Over time, you get used to it all and being a celebrity is not such a glamorous thing anymore. It’s just who you are. This is when apparel becomes and easy subject as well. The fact that 200 thousand people comment about your dress is not longer an issue. It’s the ideal way to find yourself.  



Feedback Perception: Celebrities Vs Normal People

Woman-is-walking-in-the-parkLet’s put it this way: how do you feel when someone tells you that you dressed up horribly? It feels pretty bad, doesn’t it? Imagine that that is just only one person. It’s as if your entire world is turned upside down. You struggled so much to wear something nice that morning just for someone to come and tell you what a complete mess you are. This entire story affects how you feel about yourself. You start thinking that maybe you are not making the best decisions when it comes to clothes, maybe you should change your wardrobe and it is perhaps high time you became a little more modest with your clothes. For celebs it doesn’t work like that. On the contrary, they think exactly opposite. Let’s start with baby steps: they are being told by one person that they don’t look good. Ok, one person is not that bad, they can take it in. Bad comments start piling up: dress looks horrible, not perfectly matched, makes their eyes look in a certain way, etc. The result? Thousands of negative comments still do not affect these people. Why? Because the opinion of one person cannot outweigh what they celebrities know about themselves. Maybe you think that the dress looks bad, but the truth is that at least two hours were spent on deciding what dress would be worn, the appropriate hairstyle, the make-up, some good shoes and the right accessories.


As long as (at least) two hours have been spent on looking good, what does the opinion of one random person matter about it? It was hard work and it paid off. There is also a rather negative way you can think about it. It’s not necessarily ok to think in this way, but the truth is still there: we are talking about celebrities here, people who worked hard and who work hard every day in order to maintain their status. They are always going to be on TV, on the internet and in the middle of the spotlight. An opinion is not going to be there, so why bother about it. Now this doesn’t mean that all the received feedback is bad, it’s just pointless to think about it as a hole. What can be done is looking for the appropriate suggestions, but this takes time, effort, and might not be done by celebrities themselves in the first place.  



The Teen Choice Awards

Woman-smells-the-roses If we want to take the subject a little bit further, we have to look at this year’s Teen Choice Awards. It is the perfect combination between youth and boldness and it teaches us the rules of who wears what in the world of celebrities. There are a few outfits that we would very much like to look at and we will explain their secrets in the following subchapter. The number one choice is Sarah Hyland with her J. Mendel Fall 2016 Dress. This is an exceptionally bold dress, combining the power of a strong blue and a bright red. The Stuart Weitzman Suede Myex Sandals also come with the same red color and this simple combination was more than enough to attract everyone’s attention. This simple combination was a killer and we dare say that there was no one else who had the same impact as Sarah Hyland did. Still, beauty comes in different forms. The next choice is Katherine McNamara. Her Christian Siriano Resort 2017 Dress was a killer. This is the perfect example of how modesty can nail an entire outfit. The dress is exquisite, simple, pink with red floral designs. The sandals are also great. The Chase & Chloe Belle Epoque Bow Heel Sandals are a very cost-efficient purchase that everyone should take into consideration. You should carefully study Katherine McNamara’s outfit. You might want to use it someday. Our last pick is Sofia Carson, who wore an outfit that was both bold and extremely modest. She wore the One Button Leaf Crepe Jacket, the pants and Giuseppe Zanotti Slingback Peep-Toe Platforms. The statement piece that she used was the Multi-Strand Pearl Body Chain, which gave the outfit a more playful and naughty vibe. What was so awesome about it, in fact? It was a red suit. A suit is very formal, but a bright red gives it a totally different feeling.  



Playing by the Rules

Woman-smilesAs you can see, apparel is a subtle combination and alteration of modesty and boldness. People comment on both variables because they never seem to understand which one works best. There is no actual secret to it apart from the fact that you need a little bit of each in every outfit. If you are wearing a red suit you are as bold as you can get, but the best way for you to nail your entire look is to add a little extra something that is going take the eyes away from the red. In this case, it was a multi-strand necklace. Mixing two very powerful colors is also a great thing. Why? Because the human brain automatically perceives one as being weaker than the other. In Sarah Hyland’s case, for instance, blue is perceived as a weaker color compared to red, but the truth is that they are both strong enough to compete with each other and tailor the ultimate image. It’s all about how you decide to look: if you are unsure of one color, simply use two strong ones. Katherine McNamara is a one in a million example of how modesty works well without wearing anything too big. The dress is fine, the sandals are fine and her attitude is quite chill.


What could be considered as a statement model is her floral decoration. It really catches the eye but, at the same time, you can pass by through the crowd without noticing it too much. It’s a rare feature which not many people approve of, but there is not much we could comment about it either. It simply looks good and it has a more specific purpose: the dress highlights the person once you finally meet her. We do understand why some people do not like it, though. In theory, a dress should make you shinier before someone meets you, it’s supposed to make someone look at you instead of looking at someone else. But that is only one of the purposes that a dress has to bring to the table. Now, as you can see, there is a lot going on in a celebrity’s mind when it comes to what they are dressed with and how they should dress in the future. Feedback is not a personal thing to them. People’s opinions do not matter as much as they do to a regular person and they are very aware of how they should balance boldness with modesty. Fashion apparel is a game, one they learn how to play over time and which they master. You now know how they think, how they dress and the rules they are following. The next step for you is to play the imitation game and find your own style. It is only a matter of time until you get things done your way.