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Fashion Runway - A Complete Guide


We already established that fashion runway is not an easy thing. Now it’s time to give you a complete guide of how to make it in the business. Even though there are some things that are not exactly under your control, you can still make your way through it if you know what to do. The main reason why there are so many models who do not make it is because they do not know what they are supposed to do or, if they do find out, they are unable to cope with the pressure. It’s time you found out how. If you read our How to Make it Big in Runway Fashion guide, you already know the basics. There are three major variables that you need to work on if you want to make it in the industry: genetics, hard work and being sociable. Most people freak out at the genetics part, but if you learn how to use that to your advantage you can already call yourself successful.


The rest of the variables are relatively easy to manage once you settle into a success routine. Needless to say, success comes with a price. It’s hard and it’s boring. Yes, success is boring. But we are going to show you exactly what you need to get it right. You will want to follow some steps in your journey to the successful catwalk. Most of these steps are related to your will. To be fair, this business is 1% luck and 99% strength of character and perseverance. When you begin, you need to know how to follow the rules. You are not a diva, you are not a star and nobody comes at work to babysit you. Not yet, anyway. You have to know that you need to earn it first. Let this mentality sink in… and let’s begin.  



You Are Not Perfect. And That’s Ok

Woman-is-smilingThis is the toughest issue that models deal with. They either think they are perfect or they try to be perfect. Do not set a trap for yourself as soon as you start doing this. You are in your own race, not anybody else’s. You are not tall enough? That’s fine. You do not look in a certain way? That’s fine. Work can get you through all your issues, but you need to forget everything about your own perfection. Everybody out there is perfect in some way and everybody has their flaws. No side is better than the other. It’s all about what we choose to act on. Not high enough? Why not practice a sport that could help you grow a little bit? There are plenty of models who do that. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to solve an issue that bothers you, work well and get sociable at the same time. You can stop worrying about all your imperfections. People in fashion are rather interested in your attitude and you willingness to work hard than the fact that you have a tiny imperfection somewhere… which you might not have in the first place because it could all be in your mind… You already know that the general criteria to be accepted in the business is to be 6’0 or 5’9”, but to not imagine that all the people in the industry are going to refuse you because of this demanding rule. You need to look good on a two dimensional picture, but you also need confidence to look good. The people behind the scenes know that and that’s why they choose shorter models as well, from time to time. If you look good and you work hard, you simply make it. And yes, the latter is more important. We also mentioned how important it is to get a good agency in our previous guide. This is also related to how perseverant you are. You might get a lot of no’s and that’s ok. Use them. Build the character that you need in order to survive in the business. It’s not easy, but nothing is easy. Keep going, keep pushing, keep trying to meet people and find your way. Stop at nothing. Perseverance gets people far in life. Some will call you stubborn, others will call you rude. But you know the truth: you want this. You are made for this. Why settle for something less?  



Why Your Attitude Is Everything

Girl-wears-a-green-dress After having been in the industry for a good amount of time, we can definitely guarantee that fashion runway, well, fashion in general, is all about the attitude. Most people do not think this way and this is exactly why they do not make it. They say that the attitude is just motivational talk and that it cannot get you too far. Wrong. Think about every beautiful person you know in your life. Some are shy, some are extremely confident. Who do you like more? Sure, you might have a particular thing for some of the shy people, but don’t you wish and think that they would be off better if they were a little bit bolder? They could go as hard as they want for anything in their lives: a better career, creating their own business, getting involved in the right relationships. They look good, but they just prefer being in the background rather than choosing the front line. Why? Why not more? Why not play for a bigger prize? What do you need in order to have a great attitude? You just need a drop of greed. Don’t get this the wrong way. We are not encouraging you to be greedy. We are telling you that you should stop feeling shy, grab hold of your life and command it. There are beautiful models in this world and there are ugly ones as well. We all know it. We’ve seen it. We’ve also seen that there are a lot of “ugly ones” who make it. Why? Because they know they cannot afford to be shy. They know they are their own, most personal asset. They either have a good attitude or they are out of the business. Look at every super celebrity out there and you will know what we are talking about. Look at Gigi, look at Karlie, look at Taylor and look at Bella. All different personalities, all different approaches, but they approach the camera fearlessly. They are not afraid, they don’t back down. This is what makes them popular and this is what makes them beautiful.  



Staying Healthy Is the Second Most Important Thing

Woman-stands-in-waterA lot of models get this wrong. They confuse staying hungry with staying healthy. Don’t do that. There are a ton of other ways for you to really stay fit and healthy. If you are going to starve yourself to death you will be out of the business in no time. Eat well, exercise regularly and… balance it with a social life. As demanding as this career is, it does not need to take over your life in any way. Finding your balance is the key ingredient to a fulfilling catwalk career. Some say it’s impossible. Others say that you really have to sacrifice a lot of time for it. But let’s be fair: what is so time consuming about looking out for your food and spending a couple of hours at gym every day? Not too much, is it? The models who usually say that it’s too hard are just the ones trying to come up with excuses. Every top model that we have ever seen has taken good care of themselves and has led a flourishing and pleasant personal and social life.


It’s all about getting into that boring success routine. If you want something, you work for it. And you keep doing it… every day… and you keep doing it… until it does not seem like a challenge anymore. It’s all normal. Stay away from drugs. This is the only “come on, mom” piece of advice that we have to give. A glamorous life is quite tempting. You have the looks, the money, everything you ever wanted. But life becomes hard at times, so you might be tempted to want to forget about it all and have a little fun. It doesn’t help. Whenever you have issues or when you think it’s hard, that’s the perfect moment for you to step back and think about what you want in life and who you want to become. Yes, drugs can make you happy and give you the impression that all is well. But they will only do it for a short period of time. Do not walk this path. Now you know. You know everything there is to know about fashion runway and how to make it. These are the steps that will guide you to your success. Sadly, there is no shortcut. Success has a price and that price must be paid. Work hard, stay focused on your dreams no matter what and be perseverant. Let no one stand in your way. You will make it.