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Female Fashion Week - Top Trends


Now that Fashion Week has come to an end, it is time to speculate what trends are going to be coming up in the season to come. This is always a tricky thing to do because nobody can actually predict female fashion or what styles people are going to take to. Yet looking at some of the most popular trends can pin point us towards the right direction. This is why we have taken a few styles into consideration, styles that we would like to highlight and promote to our readers so that you can at least know what to expect later this year.  



Ton Sai Chic, the Cold Shoulder and the Puffy Shirt

Girl-with-yellow-dress-is-readingSo we are talking about spring and summer, right? It’s impossible not to think about the beach, relaxation and natural colors such as green and blue. This is where the Ton Sai Chic style comes in. This is the sort of clothing that takes you from one reality and puts you into another. It’s as if you quit your corporate job and go craft jewelry in some exotic country of your choosing. Or even better: you quit your day job to party all night in Ibiza.  There are literally tons of clothes you can choose from: loose linens, tie-dyes, batiks, Baha pullovers and even bucket hats. It’s all about being as summerish as possible and, if this is what people wnt this summer, Ton Sai Chic will definitely make a stand. The Cold Shoulder is a rather minimalistic style, focusing on large white shirts and very long/wide skirts. It can best be described as a very “loose” style, quite comfortable and somewhat playful. We are pretty much relying on our instincts with this one, but if we were to judge if this style were to make it or not, we would give it a chance if the shirts and the skirts were a little bit tighter. Not much, but just a little. It would give women that sexy edge that puts their bodies into perspective, Oh yes, you can already visualize it, can’t you? This style has “Seinfeld”  written all over it. No doubt designers wanted to make a comeback with all the ruffled blouses, even focusing on white from time to time. Let’s just say that the Puffy Shirt has the luck of having been promoted almost 20 years ago and it always has the possibility of coming back. We really do not know what to say about this one. It’s cool, it’s comfortable and it does look sexy. It’s only a matter of decision on our ladies’ part.  



Esalen or Bust, Pump-Up Volume and Goodnight!

Girl-with-blue-dress-and-brown-backpack Esalen is quite a spiritual thing. If this style does not “talk” to you, then you might want to check out the last episode in the “Mad Men” series. It’s all about retreating in spirituality, having a deeper connection with yourself and connecting with the universe. Still nothing? Ok, then it’s time for a little story. There is a place in California known as the Esalen Institute. The post-hippie desert dwellers used to spend their time here in the 70s and boy, did they consider this place nice. The style is practically designed for the people who embrace spirituality but, at the same time, are not religious. The colors that were used and the designs really enable those feelings within you. It’s a powerful style. It’s true that it is not made to appeal to everybody, but the good news is that you never know what’s going to happen. Since female fashion is so unpredictable it’s only a matter of who what wears within a short period of time. If women get their hands on Esalen and love it, it might just explode. The Pump-Up Volume style is all about statement. Wear something big, something colorful and something that just catches the eye. The trick is that it can be anything: a necklace, a belt or even a purse. It (sort of) has to look exaggerated, but the fact that it’s a statement pretty much saves you. We think that the style might make it because it’s both blunt and simplistic at the same time. On top of everything, the looks can be achieved by anyone with the right types of color shades. As for Goodnight!, you might already know what we are going to talk about. Yes, this is a pajama style that has been taken to a whole new level of awesomeness. Can it work? Yes it can! Is it cool? Yes it is. How can you wear it? However you want! Seriously, there are some gorgeous pieces such as the ones designed by Charles Youssef or Delpozo can be worn during any formal event that you wish to attend. Then there is the Rosie Assoulin design that is perfect for any regular day out. This style is a true 50/50 example. It could really go either way, but if it were to go mainstream there would be only one word that could describe it: awesome.  



Fun Fringe, Juicy Couture, the Actual Shirt Dressing and the Golden Girl

Woman-hides-behind-the-treeThese are by far the most luxurious styles of them all. The main focus is on picking the right colors, the right materials and boosting your attitude tenfold. Fun Fringe is a style that, whether it is going to become mainstream or not, it is going to remain in our heads for a very, very long time. We saw it in the spring of 2015 and we saw it now as well. It’s safe to say that it has a good chance of becoming one of 2016’ signatures. What’s Fringe all about? Trimmed dresses and skirts. It’s that simple. This female fashion look is all about softness and tenderness. Just by looking at these clothes you feel as though you are caressed. Really, there is no reason for you not to get your hands on a piece of this kind. Even if ladies ignore it, this is a good occasion for you to sparkle. Juicy Couture can be described in one color only: orange. We would also go as far as saying that this the only style that 2016 has had to offer which makes you feel as though you were eating something sweet. Romantic dresses work perfectly with it and we expect to see a large number of floral designs, skirts and blouses created to honor this sweet, elusive look. You can guess what actual shirt dressing is too, right? You only need two pieces if you want to accomplish this fine look: a shirt and a sleeveless dress. We are probably not going to see these beauties until next spring because of how it is outside, but you can definitely write them down and hope to see them next year. Actually, you might want to see them on yourselves and not on a stage. And, at last, the Golden Girl. Gold fabric hit the eyes of the viewers really hard and strong this year. It would have been impossible for it not to make a good impression based on the designs and models that we have seen. The trick about the Golden Girl is that it can be matched with a ton of variables: skin tone, golden jewels, a gold fabric attached to one’s shoes or even gold fabric pants. There are plenty of ways to go about it. It’s glamorous, chick and it’s always a good idea to wear it because of the strong impression that people have about this precious metal. Although people are very aware that clothes are not made of actual gold, there is still something in the back of their heads which constantly reminds them that gold is soft, fragile and needs tenderness and attention. That correlation is going to keep popping up from time to time, highlighting you as the night’s greatest superstar.


Girl-with-cheetah-dress That’s all of them! Ten styles, ten possible looks that we might be witnessing this summer and the next. And, as a little bit of bonus, you also got to see some of the things that might pop up next spring. Let’s go through them one more time. The ten most expected styles of 2016 (and perhaps 2017) are as follows: Ton Sai Chic, the Cold Shoulder, the Puffy Shirt, Esalen or Bust, Pump-Up Volume, Goodnight!, Fun Fringe, Juicy Couture, the Actual Shirt Dressing and the Golden Girl. Some of them have quite a high potential for making a comeback as strong trends and some good examples are Fun Fringe, Juicy Couture, Actual Shirt Dressing and Ton Sai Chic. Yet these are only our expectations. As we mentioned in the beginning, there is always a chance that women’s fashion could go one way or another. Now that you have all the info you need, the only thing that remains for you to do is to keep an eye out for what people are going to resort to when redefining their styles this summer. If you want a pro trick, pick a style that nobody else does. This should make you stand out from the crowd.