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French Fashion - Classy and Elegant

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Everybody lives with the impression that French fashion is not exactly attainable if you are not French. We are here to give you the good news! The French are quite stylish people (especially the ladies) and they follow specific patterns that tailor the appropriate image. While most people are concerned with the fact that this type of fashion is hard to imitate, others like to look for clues, tips and tricks that can give them the opportunity they are looking for. And this is where it all pays off. As long as you want to look in a certain way and you make efforts to attain that look, you are good to go. The key to great French apparel lies in the fact that everything is effortless. French ladies are light and stylish. They do not priorities useless accessories or any piece of clothing that is “too much” or “above them”.


Everything needs to be in the right place, feel great and make them look good. If these three specific criteria are not met… something is definitely wrong. We are going to initiate you in this fashion today and show you what it means to get it right. The best piece of news: if you ever thought that it was difficult, you are about to be proven wrong. But for the perfect initiation, you need to know that you are already familiar with France’s fashion rules. You should never brush your hair, for instance. You already knew that, right? It’s just that you either forgot about it or did not give it as much importance as you should have. There is a reason as to why Frenchies do not brush their hair: they are known throughout the world for having a lot of fun. Brushed hair means that you were rested enough to have it brushed, so you did not have enough fun!  



Your Mother Is Your Model

Woman-is-admiring-the-viewYes, that’s right. French daughters and their mothers dress the same. Your mom is the best model in the world. And yes, we refer to mom as both someone you should look up to and the best person to ever catwalk. A lot of people think that this is just a metaphor, but… come on! Who doesn’t love a woman who loves her mother? This is more than just fashion, it’s a matter of principles and values. A woman who values her family above everything else is a woman who is worthy. Worthy of what, you might ask? This is the complicated and the beautiful part: she is worthy of whatever she desires. And they both keep their legs bare, whenever they can. The art of bare legs is a very subtle one. It is both for fashion reasons and intimate ones. If you really want to know the truth, the intimate reasons are dominant, but let’s start with the fashion ones to keep things interesting. Keeping your legs bare is something that literally beats the rules of fashion in a good way. Designers all over the world are constantly trying to come up with the greatest pants designs. Cool pants are cool. Skirts are also great, but nothing beats a bare leg. It’s simply beautiful to watch bare legs and you can match anything with them. Now the intimate reason is what you have been waiting for, right? Bare legs are all about sex appeal. In general, if men are ever going to look at women’s legs and compliment them there’s definitely something related to sex there. Women know that and, sometimes, when they want to cheat, they can use this technique and think about how men go mad in their minds. The heels that you wear are those that you can bear. That’s right, heels are not something you can play with. You either wear something that compliments your legs and you find easy to walk in or you don’t get anything at all. Sure, it’s always nice to see a woman struggle a little bit here and there and try to master the art of walking in heels, but if she cannot walk that’s a total buzz kill. If you are looking for the ideal shoes, the French ladies have two things they’d have to suggest: appropriate heel length and ease of putting on/ taking off.  



Define Your Body As Best As You Can

Girl-has-a-gray-parka Ladies obsessed with French fashion know that it is their bodies who make miracles happen, not their clothes. When men look at well dressed ladies they quickly skip the “you are well-dressed” part and think about how well you are undressed, so there are certain ways in which we can give them a hand. Defining your waistline is always a plus. Belts are your best friends when it comes to this particular subjects and you can also wear loose-fitting clothes. The shapes of your body are extremely important and they must be highlighted whenever you get the chance. This is also not only about how well you choose your clothes, but it is also about how healthy you are. If you are healthy you have a beautiful body which you can easily put in the spotlight. And men are not the only ones who like healthy bodies. Women enjoy them just as much. Trust us. If you are sexy, why hide it? Let’s put it this way: if you want to dress like the French, you definitely need to get rid of your insecurities. You need to wear sexy things, you simply have to. Even if you do not feel confident in the beginning, it is important for you to go through it fast. It’s just like with failure. Most people in life are afraid of failing, so they avoid it entirely and fail completely because of that mentality. See why it is good to wear sexy things that you are not comfortable with in the beginning? Wear them until you get the sense of it. Feel good! You deserve to feel good, look attractive and draw the attention towards you. You don’t get to be shy with the way you look.  



How Do You Wear Your Accessories?

Girl-wears-an-elegant-dressAccessories are super important for the French. Practically, if you are not wearing accessories it’s some sort of blasphemy. Still, instead of wearing them in the wrong way, you might as well not wear them at all, right? Here are the tricks you need to look for. Firstly, if you want many accessories you need to keep your outfit as simple as possible. You need to forget everything you’ve seen on TV, in American teenager series and what the cool, rich kid in your class used to wear. If you want jewels and other things, your clothing needs to do just that: cover your body. The same thing works for shoes, bags and hats. If you want to wear all of these in one, a simple dress will be more than sufficient to get you through the day. If you want less accessories, on the other hand, you might want to make sure that that dress is bold. Don’t want to be too simplistic about your looks either, right? But to sum this up very well, you need to look for only one thing: balance. Do you happen to consider you holiday clothes as accessories? Well, it looks like the French ladies do. There is one rule about them, though: wear them however you like, wherever you like, whenever you like.


The truth is that your holiday clothes are… not going to be worn unless you’re on a holiday? So why let them rot in there in the first place? Use them! Walk through the city with them, make adjustments if you wish, but do not let them just sit there! You bought your clothes for a reason. Unless you really hate how they look on you (in which case we definitely suggest that you throw them away), make use of them to the best of your ability. What’s the worst that can happen? You will look good? These are all the tips and tricks French ladies have at their disposal (although we are pretty sure to have other little secrets around that we have not yet been able to identify), but it’s only a matter of time until we are going to find out more. We all know that fashion secrets end up being exposed in the end, don’t we? In order to keep French fashion nice and easy for you, we are going to go through the rules one more time: your mother is your greatest model, keep your legs bare whenever you can, if you wear heels, wear ones which do not make you look like you have some sort of walking issue, define your waistline, wear sexy things, accessorize accordingly and use those holiday clothes that you bought for those 3 weeks that you are going away. If you want to look good, it’s time you changed your rules. Completely. Do it the French way. You will see changes in no time.


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