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Gold Charm Necklace - Attention Grabbing Supreme


The thing that you must know about any gold charm necklace is that discretion is its ultimate advantage. Think about every charm necklace you have ever seen. Did it stand out because it was big? Because it had 30 precious stones? Was it exaggerated in any way? No. It was all about being discrete, small, elegant, in one world: charming. Any charm necklace will always have power over statement pieces, fashion pieces or any other item that will try to rob the attention away from you. Why is that? Because discretion and the fact that an item is small always stirs up curiosity. Whenever anyone sees anything small they immediately start wondering what that something is. It’s only natural. Wouldn’t you do the same thing? If something is not clear you have to go see what that is and the object itself is not our only concern. The person wearing it is actually what interests us most. In a world in which people literally live to impress and show the others how cool they are and what great tastes they have, seeing someone wearing a discrete piece is not only rare, but it is also a relatively safe indicator that you found “the right person”.  



How Does a Gold Charm Necklace Look Like?

Girl-has-cute-eyesThe good news is that you are already half aware how to detect one of these beauties. You already know that they are small and discrete and the second most important thing that you must know is that they come in all different shapes and with a whole range of stories. There is no actual rule when it comes to wearing gold charms, apart from the fact that you need to match them with all sorts of colors. We are going to take a look at a few gold charm pendants so that you can get a clear idea of how they look like and we will also give you some tips and tricks as to how easy it can be for you to interact with the wearer. In today’s guide we are going to be using Etsy as our main source of gold charm necklace source. If you are not interested in purchasing jewels from Etsy, you might as well consider it a huge database. In terms of gold charm pendants, we are first going to be laying eyes on the bow golden necklace. A very discrete piece with a simplistic design, the bow necklace is one of the most chick accessories a woman can equip herself with. What’s the catch, you might ask? Well, from afar, the bow looks like the infinity sign. This is the number one indicator that you might have found an interesting person in that room filled with boring people that you do not want to talk to. The thing about the bow is that it looks like a ribbon, so you immediately think about gifts, right? Keep this in mind and you will have the perfect context to spark a good conversation. Then there is the gold pretzel necklace. This one is extremely funny for the guys who are bad with pickup lines. Although not always funny for the ladies who get approached by these men, specifically because they think about food, there is a really cool twist to the pretzel charm that can earn you an instant date. The pretzel also looks like the infinity sign, only that the two ends are united by the lower round bar. You can interpret this however you want, but the coolest thing you can say is that no matter how far two points stretch they are always united by a commitment. This is why this charm is so catchy in the first place. Your brain automatically associates it with something larger than life. It’s just that normality somehow forces you back to the pretzel, which is a limited point of view to begin with.


Girl-with-a-gorgeous-hair Then there is the Tiny Gold Necklace Fligree Locket. This one is pretty simple: an oval locket with a great design and also available with the option of carving a letter inside. The thing about lockets is that they are really personal and the wearer can always choose whether they are going to share the information with you or not. If you ever with to speak with a woman wearing a locket compliments are always in order. You should know that you are talking with a woman who appreciates beauty in its most secluded forms. As long as you can accept and cherish this feature attention grabbing will be mutual. Trust us. Although there are plenty of other designs that we could speak of, we will end our example session with the Gold Plumeria Necklace. Any charm necklace in the shape of a flower gives you the notion that the wearer is a nature admirer. They appreciate beauty in all things and care the wellbeing of that which surrounds them. We believe literature calls these women “pure souls”, so you would do best to cherish nature alongside them. What’s so catchy about these necklaces is that you never know what follower she is wearing. But, if you ask nicely, she might be willing to share it with you.  



Gold Charm Styles

Girl-has-a-pink-hairYou know the basics now, but if you want to up your game a little you might want to understand charm styles and what each of them represents. Although the general trend is to keep things small and simple, the daring ones decide to go bold from time to time. Let’s see what the results can be when you try to adjust your charms to your daring personality. It is a great addition to women’s style when they decide to pair several smaller chains with chunkier ones. The recipe for success is a delicate diamond paired with a tiny golden charm and another gold charm. Trust us, this will never fail. It is an exceptionally well-tailored combination that will not only focus on discretion, but outstanding beauty as well. The larger than life style is the one that really breaks the charm rule. If you want true attention grabbing you should at least give this style a try. Women usually pair the larger than life piece with dainty chains for the extra “cool” in their look. How do they do it specifically? It’s just an oversized statement paired with a rather long chain. Think well if you want to adopt this style. Remember that you will be losing the element of (tiny) surprise with this one. Are you going to go big and fabulous or small and sexy? You can always throw a letter in the combination, or even a zodiac sign.


This should give the world a good or vague idea about who you are, depending on what you decide to use. The zodiac speaks for itself, that’s the obvious indicator. The letter, on the other hand, could be your name initial or someone else’s. There is nothing wrong with wearing your boyfriend’s latter or someone’s who is very dear to you. This style is very personal and close to your heart. It’s perhaps the only one that is not perceived as an impresser. It’s 100% who you are on the inside. Then there is the bohemian. This style can be achieved simply by adding a coin to whatever you are wearing. Pro tip: you might want to throw in a gemstone in there if you can. The gemstone-coin combination works really well compared to a simple coin on a golden chain. Go try it out in any shop and you will feel the difference. Also, remember that the bohemian style is not really for everyone. Think well before you decide to adopt it. If it’s “your thing” you will know it immediately.  



Things to Consider

Woman-wears-a-fashion-hat So you know about gold charm pendants now. You know about what types to look for, where to look for. You even know how to talk to their wearers. But above everything else you also know how these women can break the rules. Let’s go through our usual short recap to make sure everything sticks. Remember that charm necklaces are usually small. It’s this simple feature that makes them super attractive. Because they are small their shapes are somewhat hard to distinguish so people develop a natural interest to speak to their wearers. We talked about the bow golden necklace, the gold pretzel necklace, the Tiny Gold Necklace Fligree Locket and the Gold Plumeria Necklace. Each and every necklace has a specific meaning and you can always find an interesting and creative way to speak to the women who adorned themselves with them. After all, if they grabbed your attention it would be a mistake not to reward it, right? Finally, there are a few styles that you should always be on the lookout for: small and chunky chains, larger than life, letters, zodiacs and bohemian. You know them, you know how to identify them, so approach them. The gold charm really is the attention grabbing supreme.