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Gold Diamond Heart Necklace - Top 5 Most Wanted



If you are looking for a gold diamond heart necklace you found the right place. The design is quite common and people appreciate it for two very different reasons. The first and easiest one is that they are gorgeous and represent the philosophy of love. They look very well on anybody and they are easy to adjust to any wardrobe. The second reason is that, despite their gracious shapes, they are crafted out of specific metals and with precious stones. In this particular case we are going to be looking at golden necklaces with diamond additions. It is important that you bear in mind that our top 5 is purely based on our opinion after having researched the best pieces on the market. Although we are aware that the Heart of the Ocean and the Heart of the Kingdom are perhaps the most desired hearts in the world, sadly, they do not fit our criteria. But since they are crafted in diamonds, we could just consider them honorable mentions. So let’s take a look at some of the best pieces that we have found and establish which ones take what places and why.  



The Open Heart Mesh Pendant

Girl-has-a-flower-crown-on-her-headThe Open Heart Mesh Pendant is a signature piece copyrighted by none other than Elsa Peretti. Elsa Peretti is a well-known jewelry designer who was born in 1940. A philanthropist and a former fashion model, Elsa Peretti designed this exquisite jewel which is found within the Tiffany & Co. collection. Did we mention that this piece is Elsa’s most celebrated jewel? You had better keep that in mind. This is by far one of the most desired gold heart necklaces to have ever been created. It is a worthy jewel that any woman would love to add to their collection and its features allow it to stand out regardless of the event you decide to expose it. What features are we talking about, exactly? This is an 18K rose gold pendant. As you know, all golden items of 14K and above exude a different, more prominent glow compared to the others. At the same time, an 18K piece is comprised of 75% gold and 25% other alloys, which makes the jewel rather fragile compared to its siblings. Gold is not a very solid metal, thus exposing an 18K piece to prolonged use can alter its shape, scratches can emerge quickly and soon you might realize that the money that you invested in the necklace was not exactly worth it. How can you avoid this unfortunate situation? The key is to take good care of the necklace and wear it only when necessary: if you have a very important event to attend or if you want to match it with an outfit that you are not wearing too often. You might also be interested in knowing that the heart is 36 mm wide, which is fairly wide and noticeable even from large distances. On top of that, we are talking about a 30 inch chain, which is quite long and will reach beneath your breast line, making it both elegant and sexy at the same time. To sum it up, the Open Heart Mesh Pendant might be exactly what you are looking for if class and beauty are the features that you want to highlight during a special night out.  



The White Gold Diamond Pendant

Woman-sits-on-the-table Although a similar design to the Open Heart Mesh, the White Gold Diamond stands out because of an interesting “turn of events”. At the top of the heart, where the two round lines are supposed to unite, we get a twisted diamond design instead. It is an excellent final touch that has brought this fantastic necklace onto our second place. The pendant can be found in the Ernest Jones Love & Life collection and we would go as far as admitting that this is a true work of art. The attention to detail, the beautiful twist and overall quality of the jewel make it impossible to ignore. If you are interested in the pendant’s specific features and purposes, you might want to know that this is the excellent anniversary gift. It is superb, it reflects your true feelings for her and it is also quite cost-efficient. It is a 9ct piece perfect for any anniversary that takes place in April (since the diamond is also an April birthstone; birthday present detected?)  with a curb chain type, a claw stone setting and 46 cm long. Now let’s take out our list of criteria and check all the necessary features. Romantic? Check. Classy? Check. Chick? Check. Sexy? Cute? Marvelous? Check, check, check. Well, it looks like we found exactly what we were looking for. And for what a price! This exquisite piece can be purchased for no more and no less than £175. If you are already checking this piece out, what are you waiting for? You have the perfect gift right in front of you.  



Samuel’s Most Desired

Girl-holds-a-perfumeFor our final three pieces we have decided to resort to H. Samuel. The reason? There are some exquisite pieces here that many people do not know of. What’s the logic behind this? The thing is that when someone promotes a specific jewel and it goes mainstream people start wanting it immediately. But that’s not exactly how it works. People want to be different, they want to have jewels that nobody else or a few people can afford. So are the most famous jewels the most wanted? Nope. In fact, the ones that nobody knows about are the most desired. Because not everyone can have them. The 9ct Yellow Gold Diamond & Amethyst Heart Pendant is a great example for this particular scenario. It looks great, it’s a 9ct piece so you know it’s as durable as it can get, you know you have diamonds and you got a heart-shaped amethyst as a bonus. What more does one need? It also comes at the fantastic price of £159. There is not much else you can expect from a jewel of this value, so why not at least take it into consideration? If you or the person you want to gift a jewel to value possession then the Gold Diamond Set 18mm Heart Locket is exactly what you need. We have to admit that 18mm is quite a small size, which makes it both discrete and very personal. Know that any person in their right mind will appreciate a gift of such high importance. And it’s not all about their appreciation. This shows that you are able to both love the person you gifted it to and make really good decisions in terms of gifts. The chain is almost 46 mm long, so it might be a great gift for anyone whom you know to appreciate discretion. All in all a great piece. Do have it in mind next time you are thinking about one such gift. Lastly we have the Gold Linked Hearts Necklace. You can understand why we added this piece to our top 5. It is because of the magic number: two. Love always requires at least two people who share it to each other and this is one of the jewels that cannot fail at explaining the concept. Given the fact that there are two hearts, you can also take other couples’ example and give one of them to your partner, or even to your child. There are numerous stories, simple stories if you will, in which parents have given one of their pendant hearts to their children. It might not seem glamorous. Because it isn’t. It’s just beautiful. It’s meant to be that way. Should you desire to contemplate on it, you will soon realize the depth of this gesture and you will come to appreciate the jewel for this great feature that it can provide you with.


Woman-with-elegant-black-dress Alright, now that we have gone through our top 5, it’s time to sum it all up so that you will have a clear view of what to look for next time you pop in. Just remember: every gold diamond heart necklace that you see here has been picked because of the great features we believe they have. Nothing is set in stone. The truth is that the most accurate top 5 is the one that you design for yourself. What we provide are just simple guidelines. The Open Heart Mesh Pendant is by far the most desired piece in this top. It is mostly due to the fact that Elsa Peretti has her name written on it, but also because of its outstanding quality. Note that this is the only necklace in this top that does not have diamonds in its design. Its simplicity is what makes it so unique. The White Gold Diamond Pendant is superb because of its discrete diamond twist. It is also the perfect gift for your loved one. As for the 9ct Yellow Gold Diamond & Amethyst Heart Pendant, the Gold Diamond Set 18mm Heart Locket and the Gold Linked Hearts Necklace, take them in whichever order you please. The key is to find the gold diamond heart necklace that you desire. As long as you like it, that’s everything that matters.