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Gold or Silver - Which One Looks Better?

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While the challenge of wearing gold or silver is not one that preoccupies too many people, for some it might be a one million dollar question. And for good reasons! How can you truly know if you should wear silver or gold? Is there something special that you need to know? Are there any techniques that you should be aware of? The answer is yes and no. There are certain subtleties that you need to take into consideration when thinking about which metal you should use, but they are no rocket science. You do not need to take a fashion degree to know these sorts of things. Let’s take it step by step: why do people think that this is complicated? Well, it’s mostly because of a certain number of variables that they think about: colors, the clothes they are wearing, whether they look good with a certain metal or the other.


The truth is that it all boils down to one single thing: confidence. People are looking for something to feel confident with and that, surprisingly, makes them scared. When they are scared, making a decision becomes rather complicated. So the first thing you need to do is stay confident during the selection process. The other important variable that comes to mind is what people think of us. We have tackled this subject before and we will say it again: what others think does not matter. You are in a quest to find yourself over here, not to see how you can please the world. It’s a lot easier to think about it like this because it solves two very important issues: you are actually focusing on yourself (which you should be doing) and you are indirectly pleasing the rest of the world if you are doing so. You see, a wise person once said that you should not try to impress others. You should only try to impress yourself. If you do that, the others will follow.  



It’s All About the Skin Tone

Woman-is-out-in-natureYes, the countless worries that you keep repeating to yourself about too many colors, the dress and how people are going to say “oh my god” are quite pointless. You have to stay focused on your skin tone. And if you are a beginner, we got you covered! There are three types of skin tones: cool, warm and neutral. The cool skin tone is known for the veins’ blueness. People with this skin tone have dark, dark-brown or blonde hair and their eyes will most likely be brown or light blue. Silver works perfectly for these people, but we will get back to that once we are finished with explaining all the rest of the skin tones. The warm tone is known as the summer skin tone. Veins are a little bit greener and you people who have this tone are also very likely to have light blonde or red hair. As for the eyes, hazel, bright blue or green are the most common colors. Gold is ideal for these people, although silver can sometimes prove to be quite efficient. The neutral skin tone can be treated like the cool one. If espresso, redness or olive are not particularly strong with you it means that you are neutral and this can work to your advantage in ways that you cannot even imagine. Not being conditioned by a particular color gives you plenty of freedom. But we will teach you why this can also be a trick. In the end, everyone can choose to play with their tan and their jewels as they please. It is only a matter of choice: will you play by the rules? Or are you going to give your best and try to be as original as possible?  



What Works With What?

Girl-drinks-coffee There are two ways in which you can play with gold or silver. You simply have to choose one. You can go for the standard rulebook and pick colors accordingly or you can try to be bold and combine them. But know that whatever you choose implies that you become a master of your own craft. First things first: knowing the rulebook. If you are a cold tone, you should know that certain colors work to your advantage: red, purple and blue. While there are plenty of gemstones that you can choose from, it is imperative that you know silver works best with them. The reason as to why this occurs is very simple: your skin tone and the color you are meant to match it with are more important than the metal itself. Silver is just supposed to be a nicely fitting accessory. However, if you decide that the silver ring, necklace or the bracelet that you are wearing need to be the center piece of your attraction, we recommend minimalism. Black works exceptionally well with the cold tone, so do not be afraid to wear anything black with simple silver jewelry. The warm skin tone is the one which gold aids best. Silver can fit in here as well, but you need another color to help it most of the time. People with warm skin tones are very exotic and, just as with silver, the metal is not necessarily important. It does not need to stand out all the time, unless you maybe decide to entirely dress yourself in golden items. Now here is the trick about gold: most people use it as a simple accessory. The involvement of gemstones is rare, but not unheard of. Your warm skin tone allows you to play with a variety of earth colors such a brown, green, yellow, orange and even grays. For an excellent look, we recommend that you use green gemstones (dark green, to be more specific). This is going 100% by the rulebook. Always keep in mind that the combination of gold and green is priceless. You will just love yourself and you will also see the other people waiting in line to admire you. The feeling is great.



Woman-has-gorgeous-eyesNow the neutral skin tone is a very interesting one because it has a lot more variables to consider. Practically, all the above stated rules can work… or none of them can. People with neutral skin tones need to pay attention to their most attractive features and highlight them as best as they can. This is the tricky part. The good part is that you can bend the rules to your will. Combine silver and gold, if you dare. This is the one thing that fashion enthusiasts have been avoiding for years, but it looks like it’s catching up as of late. We are not exactly sure what triggered it, but we are ready to bet some money on the Fashion Week that took place this year. We have seen some models wearing silver and gold and we completely changed our perspective regarding this combination. Now what is, in fact, “wrong” with this combo? It is both flattering and a cliché at the same time. At least that is how many people perceive it. Silver is somewhat of a professional metal while gold is a luxurious one. Combining them both seems a little bit of a misfit and this is why so many people have been avoiding it for so long. But now that it is out there you might confidently want to try it out for yourself and see if it fits you well. This works for the other skin tans as well. What? You did not believe that only one would have such benefits, did you? Remember that we told you there are two ways? The rulebook or do whatever it is that you want to do. Chaos is an important feature of today’s fashion. If you can use it, why wouldn’t you? You might become tomorrow’s greatest fashion icon.  



All Things Considered

Girl-has-a-beautiful-blonde-hair As you can see, there is really no rocket science to whether gold or silver look better. It is all you your head. People’s opinions are all in your head and this is why fashion can be such a tricky and frustrating industry to work with. Everybody thinks that what everybody thinks is important. It’s not. The only important voice in the world is the one you have in your head. How do you talk to yourself? Whenever you decide between silver or gold, is it your voice who is telling you what is good or not or is it someone else’s? Think about this carefully. The truth is that none of them look better. We can go into a detailed course about what is awesome and not about gold and silver, but it would do nothing more than subdue your own voice. Be original. Look for things that flatter you and do not relent. You might even discover that silver and gold are not the things you are truly looking for. Maybe it was gemstones all along. Or maybe you just look better without any accessories at all. Be yourself. It’s all that matters.


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