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Hack: Online Shop Women


Now we all love shopping and we all love to buy from the best brands out there, but this does not mean that online shop women have to always resort to the best of the best and the highest prices on the market. If you love to shop you might as well do it right. For the “real life” activity we’d call these tips and tricks, but for the online activity we’re going to call them hacks. Not to worry, you don’t need to be an expert code cracker, but you definitely need to know how to up your game accordingly. This is why you are here and this is what we are going to teach you. Let’s be clear about something: being a smart shopper is a relative subject. If you can afford buying everything from Burberry, Dior, Louis Vitton and Tiffany & Co. (and you obviously make smart decisions about what to buy) then it’s great! But what is also great is if you can purchase everything in a smart way and save your money. After all, this is why we are here in the first place, aren’t we? The best hacks you can learn are those which enable you to save a little bit of extra cash which you can either set aside or use to buy an extra clothing piece.  



Get Your Timing Right

The-woman-has-a-beautiful-faceThere are three days which you always need to think of when shopping is in your mind: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Why these days? Because these are the magical shopping days in which discounts flourish. Should you ever desire to buy any piece of clothing, be it regular clothes, sportswear, accessories, anything, you simply have to rely on these three days. Mondays and Tuesdays are after-weekend days in which everything stays at a relatively high price and weekends… well, everyone is free during weekends and if your shop is going to be visited by a couple of thousands of people, why would you let prices go down, right? So remember: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are your shopping days. Pick no others. Be very specific when it comes to discounts. You might have noticed that there is a dialogue box on the lower right side of the screen. Use it. If you do not want to immediately use it, just minimize it, but know that you are going to come back to it no matter what. Once you’ve checked out everything that needs checking, ask the online assistant for discounts specifically. Any particular thing that they might suggest afterwards is also important, yet you should always be on the lookout for what cool things you can buy for less. If you want to go 100% pro, you can open another tab and compare prices between what the assistant is suggesting and some things that have caught your eye. This enables you to do two very important things: decide whether you are going to spend a little extra for something that you truly like (or if you need to wait) and whether the assistant is trustworthy or not. You can imagine that they are going to give you the best possible advice, but they, too, are trained to sell things.  



It’s All About the Free Shipping

Blonde-girl-wears-a-cute-necklace There are two types of convenient shipping: the ones that demand that you reach a certain sum before shipping them to you for free and those who automatically ship things to you for free. The former is looking to make sure that you are buying a higher amount of items so that it knows it can trust you as a customer while the latter simply wants to increase their trustworthiness. There is also the advantage of purchasing the same clothes, but of multiple sizes so that you can get the size you need from the very beginning. Needless to say, you will need to return the other clothes back to the shop, but this is the sort of risk you have to take in this business. Also, use a credit card and not a debit card. This is something that not many people are aware of and they are forced to live with the consequences. Credit cards are a lot easier and faster to refund than debit cards. So supposing that you returned the clothes you did not like and want to get back to shopping, you will need to wait for your debit card to be refilled, which can take a little too long at times. In doubt whether you should buy an item or not? Don’t worry, nobody is forcing you to buy it. For some reason, this is an impediment that many online shop women reach in the process. Nobody is ever going to force you to buy anything. On the contrary! The shop owner and the assistants are all aware of the fact that you are going to keep shopping if you decide on the right pieces. So if you are purchasing a piece that you do not like, for no particular reason, you are basically highjacking yourself and the business. But leave the business aside, it’s all about you! You are in complete control of what you can buy, so do not let indecision be your enemy. You can always wait. See if there are other things that you might like; see if you can replace the uncertainty with something that you like a whole lot more or, see the sum that you have accumulated at the end of the shopping process and decide whether that item is constraining you in any way. As long as it is a liability take it out! On the same note, if you already found a gorgeous piece that you cannot get your eyes off, but it is not available in your size, simply save it and wait for a restock. Favorite your desired clothes and accessories to get constant updates on them: when they will be available, the sizes they come in and whether they are going on discount or not. It would be a shame for you to visit a shop, see something that you like but not be able to afford it only for the shop to have it on discount three days after you visited and you have no idea about it.  



Prioritizing the Big Names and Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Girl-with-blonde-hair-has-a-pair-of-headphonesYou might have heard from many people that Asos or Nordstorm are the places that everyone goes to, so you shouldn’t bother. This is true, to a certain extent, at least if you want to make good impact during the events that you are attending. But if you want super diversity and reliability we can tell you one thing: bookmark these sites and subscribe to their newsletters. Multiple brands and all-item sales are exactly what you are looking for. It is quite difficult to keep up with each and every one of your favorite brands in particular, but if you have them all compiled into one huge database that it more than fantastic. You can also opt for following your favorite brands on social media. This gives you an extra advantage when looking for the best prices. As long as discounts pop up in your Facebook from time to time, can you really say that you mind? At the same time, do look for “share on social media for a 10% discount” options. Most women do not to this because of (wait for it) shame. It’s quite common, but we assure you that there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. You just want some good clothes. What’s wrong with that? But if you literally cannot shake shame off we have two pieces of good news for you. Firstly, you can delete whatever you post on Facebook, you know? Just post, claim your code and delete. There is nothing wrong with that. Secondly, this is a great way to filter your acquaintances. Really, as long as someone ignores or unfriends you based on the fact that you share discounts on Facebook you really do not need those people in your life. As you can see, there is no rocket science to shopping online. It’s actually a matter of common sense, being a little bit bold and going exactly for what you want and need. It’s all about timing, looking for reliable shops and using all the tools you have at your disposal.


Beautiful-lady-with-red-lips Let’s run through all the little things one more time so you know exactly what you should be improving to your already established technique. First things first: know when to shop. The middle of the week is the best chance you will get for cool promotions. Talk to the online shop assistants and make it clear that you are looking for discounts. Shipping is a really important that needs to be thought of. Use credit cards when purchasing (not debits) and be aware of the fact that nobody is forcing you to buy anything. Stay tuned to the site and favorite the clothes you like for regular updates on them. Lastly, prioritize super well-known shops which you know you can rely on. Online shop women are also aware of the fact that these shops are using plenty of social media tools that they put at their disposal. Use them well and shop for anything you want.