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Handmade Bracelets for women That Get Everyone's Attention

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Let's discuss about bracelets for women. So you are dedicated to making your own handmade bracelet that you want everyone to notice. Fair enough. Welcome to the handmade jewel love club. We are always super excited to congratulate anyone who decides to follow this path because it always proves to be an exciting adventure.

Making your own bracelets for women did not seem appealing at all times, did it?

You literally had to start from scratch, find people whom you could talk to, search the internet for how you could be able to do it, you knew you had to procure your own materials and, above all, you knew that you had to assemble everything yourself. But now you’ve made your decision and you are here looking for details on how to create a bracelet that will leave everyone with a mouth half open. You are past the hardest part and we will make sure that you get all the details you need to create something truly fancy, admirable, recognizable and that will make you feel like the most confident woman in the room. So let’s get down to business.




Your Approach and Mentality

Girl-with-gold-braceletBefore getting into the actual technique, we need to stress on your approach and the mentality you need to maintain if you want to go down this path. While making a handmade bracelet is extremely fun and can satisfy even the most active or passive-meticulous people, this does not unmake the fact that this is a trial and error process in the beginning. No matter how hard you try and how good you are at it all, you will have moment when you understand that that specific bead color that you added right there is not ok. You’ll have to take off all the beads and redo it, just for that one wrong color. You might cut things in the wrong way (even multiple times), you might not glue something appropriately, you know: all those little details that you need to take care of. As long as you want to do this, do it with love. You know what they say: do what you love and you will never have to work a single day in your life. That’s goes the same with handmade jewelry. It is, in fact, one of its most powerful qualities: that it is made by someone who was willing to dedicate their time and love to make a unique jewel. Even if it seems hard in the beginning, give it a go. You might even end up as a very well-known jewel someday. But also have the wisdom of identifying whether this is for you or not. Maybe your destiny as a premium tailor is waiting for you out there and you are wasting 7 years on trying to become a handcrafting expert. It’s always cool to keep your priorities straight.



Technique and Designs

Girl-with-fashion-bracelets Alright, now that we got mentality and approach out of the way, it’s time to take a look at some designs and how you can accomplish your first piece in no time. You might also want to check our Top Tricks for Bracelet Designs guide because we have some really cool and interesting designs there as well. We will be focusing on some simpler ones today because we want to make sure that you create the exact bracelet that you want to take everyone’s breath away. One of the easiest ways to get away with it is by using beads. Beads, pearls, any spherical jewel that you afford to purchase is your easiest way to victory. This is why we recommend the thread tassel model. You’ve surely seen it: pearls put together on a string and they look as if they were matched with thread on one side. The trick is that you can make a simple bracelet and then add a ring with thread where you desire. It cannot get easier than that. Speaking of round shapes, you will notice that metals also work well with this design. Round rings put together will make an excellent thread tassel bracelet that everyone will adore you for. Ok, now you like the chain part, but you’re not into threads much, are you? If that is the case, you might enjoy spikes. But the traditional black belt and spike model seems a little bit too cliché, so what you are actually looking for is a chain bracelet with spikes attached to it. Make them big spikes if you want to use this as your statement jewel. Otherwise, keep them small. Spikes are not as informal as you think they are and they are not only meant to take you through your 10th grade rock party. Long, elegant spikes with a golden look can actually be paired with a one spike necklace just to make sure that everyone understood that you are not to be messed with quite easily. Since we are still in the metallic zone, it is best that we end with the sex nuts. This particular design was mentioned in the guide that we mentioned previously, but we feel that it would simply be a mistake not to mention it here as well. The freedom hex nuts offer you is sublime. You can join them together to create any shape of your choosing and you do not even need to be a top notch designer to know how to get them right. The rectangular shape allows you to establish the margins you want and the overall shape that you want without struggle. Tie the hex nuts with rings and you are good to go.


Girl-has-retro-jewelsNow let’s get to the cuter handmade bracelet model: the sweater. It’s also impossible for you not to have seen this one before. The sweater bracelet is one of the easiest statement accessories out there. You only need to know how to sow. If you don’t, you can easily learn it in 5 minutes with YouTube. They are super simple to make: you can take any sweater that does not fit you anymore, cut it and roll it until you get a huge round form, then ow it on both sides. That’s like making an eye-catching bracelet in 5 minutes (10 if you also need to learn how to sow). Beaded leather bracelets for women are a bit more difficult to get right from the first try, but they are nonetheless a great experience for you if you want to make them. Loop any piece of leather that you deem fit to wear on your hand and carefully start decorating it with beads. Any color will do. Multicolor is great but we advise you to take a look at complementary colors and to start with 2 or 3 colors in the beginning. Once you pass the 3rd color it can get quite difficult to match them all. You will get the hang of it in time but, for starters, try a dark brown leather and light blue beads. That always works.

Have you ever considered name bracelets for women?

These have great impact because people see the shape on your bracelet, automatically know that that is your name and they want to meet you. It can backfire on a night in which you attend a party alone, so make sure that you use it wisely. The only hard part about creating name bracelets for women is that you have to struggle a little to get your name right before breaking the metal bar. But you can buy more resistant bars if you do not want to bother too much. Then it is all a matter of strapping a chain on both sides and you have a very cool and personalized bracelet. Actually, it is quite possible that name bracelets for women are the easiest type you can make. They also feel rewarding because you (sort of) feel like you’re breaking something.




Rounding It All Up

Both-hands-with-bracelets As usual, we are going to finish with a short summary so that you will not have to go through the entire journey to find something that you missed. If you decided that handmade bracelets for women are what you want occupy your spare time with, make sure that you do it with love and passion. You want to get everyone’s attention, right? So the only way you can properly do that is to put all your effort into it. You have all the designs you need here, but if you touch your bracelet with a little love you are going to work wonders. Round shapes are always something that will make eyes turn to you. Beads, pearls, round metals, anything that you can assemble and has spherical shapes will do. If these do not really cater to your needs, you might also want to consider spikes. They are quite versatile and can be used for both formal and informal occasions. If you want to have the easiest time in the world making your bracelet and you also want all eyes on you for a simple reason try sweater and name bracelets. It takes up to 10 minutes to create each and you can be sure that they will earn you a few conversations wherever you go.




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