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Handy Tips From the Fashion Accessories Store

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The fashion accessories store is a place of wonders. You go there, remain fascinated, reach the conclusion that you want everything, you eventually have to face the reality that you can only buy a few things and then you proceed to looking gorgeously with those pieces. But this can usually backfire. There is a reason why you want everything: diversity always makes it difficult for you to choose. This is why we all need advice at some point. Now if you are on to looking for good tips look no further. You have come to the right place. There are literally hundreds of tips we could give you, starting from the tiniest ring to that statement brooch you are so fascinated with, but we are only going to resort to the handiest tips that can give you that specific edge you are looking for: a touch of class, chic looks, the appropriate amount of sex-appeal and, of course, the right amount of confidence. Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Well, what are we waiting for, then?



Taking Care of Your Overall Look

Girl-has-a-black-umbrellaThings can get pretty confusing when you do not know too much about yourself. By this we refer to the fact that you are not exactly sure about what your body shape is, what kind of measurements you need or what accessories would flatter you. Knowing yourself is the first and most important rule when it comes to fashion. Not knowing yourself when you go shopping is like bringing party people to a book fest. Not only will this cut the time you spend shopping, but you will actually know what accessories to pick in order to flatter yourself. There are two reasons as to why you might not know your body: you either did not give it too much attention or you are pretty aware of the situation and you try to ignore it because it’s pretty bad. Well, if you are here it means that you already made a decision to make some changes. So maybe it’s time to take care of your body in the right way. As for the shopping part, you need to dedicate time to yourself. Spend a few extra hours trying out different things in shops, outfits included. If you want to make a change, you first need to get to know yourself as much as possible: what colors fit you best, what kind of jewels would flatter you, if there are any specific shapes that you can use on your body to make it attractive, all the little things. Also, keep in mind that, if you are not pleased with your body and you are only starting to make some changes, you might as well experience a few different fashion stages. Adapt to each and every one of them. Only good things will come out of this. Do not wear anything that is either too tight or too loose. Like really, it’s as if some people want to look a little fluffier or way thinner than they actually are. The only way in which they look is funny. Try to avoid this as much as you can, unless you want to intentionally look in a certain way and you just want to try it out. The “dress to impress” and “flatter yourself” pieces of advice are always worth following. Make sure you can walk with your jewels. You can interpret this in two ways: jewels need to be comfortable and you need to feel good with them. You might already be familiar with the concept of putting your jewels onto you and forget about them. Always remember that. If something is uncomfortable, unmatched or if it looks in a certain way then you really do not want to wear it. Then there is the issue of comfort and confidence. You know that feeling when you put a necklace on and you ponder on it for 30 seconds in front of your mirror? That’s a pretty clear sign that you should not wear that necklace. Why? Because it doesn’t make you comfy. Equipping the right accessory is always matched with an (almost) instant “yes”. You smile, turn around and the word perfect echoes through your head over and over again.  



All About the Jewels

Girl-has-an-elegant-necklace Any fashion accessories store will tell you that you need to remember three very important details: your neckline, your metals and the way you organize your jewels. The neckline, contrary to popular belief, is the most important and delicate detail that you need to prioritize when you think about your body. The neckline is the key to a perfect vision of your face: it enhances your face shape, your eyes and it either makes it radiate or be a part of “the background”. Certainly, we want your face to radiate, yet the best way to find out how to make this happen is to experiment with different types of clothing and jewels that are going to highlight your face. It’s all about trial and error and, trust us, trialing and erroring for your neck is something that you do want to keep doing until you finally have the look you were looking for. Metals are also a delicate subject when it comes to jewels. If you have red any of our guides on necklaces, for instance, you might already be aware of the fact that the chain is the most important part of your necklace. Thus it is worth investing in some durable metals. It is not only a matter of quality, but it’s a matter of defining your stile on the long term. You don’t want some cheap material as your necklace chain because it is going to wear off within a matter of months. The same goes for rings and earrings, but do be careful about gold if you decide to go for it.  Gold is a very fragile metal that needs a careful owner. Of course, if you decide to go for 10K or 14K golden jewels you are pretty much safe because they are durable. But should you decide to spend money on an 18K piece you had better look after it with tenderness. Organizing your jewels is a core behavior that you need to adopt if you are ever going to develop a good accessory purchasing attitude. First of all, you are organized. You have all your jewels stored in one place and you always know that you have to go to that one place in order to get what you are looking for. You will also have a good idea of what items you own and what you do not. You would be surprised to know how many women (and men) purchase the same accessories they already have because they either misplace the owned ones or because they do not have a jewelry box. Take care of your belongings. It’s not only a matter of how beautiful you can be on the outside, but how beautiful you are on the inside as well.  



Final Thoughts and Some Extra Tips

Girl-has-a-fashion-shirtAs you can see, the majority of tips any shop would give you are not necessarily related to the accessories themselves, but to how you choose to treat them and yourself. It’s not about how much money you invest into them or what brands you are buying. It’s all about the journey and how you decide to walk your path. Get to know yourself and your body before anything else. Everyone is trying to jump and buy new things instead of getting to know themselves better. See where lack of knowledge can get you? Spend as much time in a shop as you can. Try things out, things that you like, things that you would like. Make some plans as to how you are going to look in a few months and plan your clothes and accessories. You will see that having a plan will help you achieve anything you desire. Do not go for clothes that do not particularly match your size. Small or large, the do not flatter you. Remember to forget everything about jewels after you put them on. Always invest in metals if you want to wear your jewels on a regular basis. And remember: stay organized. Do not mess around with your jewels, do not misplace them and do not mistreat them. They are your property. You paid for them. Mistreating them is the equivalent of mistreating yourself. If you want to know other tips, the fashion accessory store actually advises you to take good care of your purse. Try to pack as lightly as you can and get a relatively small purse. The general tendency nowadays is to go big with purses. It’s true that they are meant to be handy, but a woman’s hand always looks graceful with a smaller purse. Your goal is to look stylish and be comfortable, not take your entire arsenal with you and cope with holding it together. Be cool, be stylish and be lovely.


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