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Harry Styles - How He Started His Career

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Harry Styles has got it all: the looks, the voice, the team, the fame, the glory and the money. There are very few people in the world who live the life that he does. Naturally, a good number of other individuals want to know where it all began. How did Harry styles’ssbegin? Why did he do it? And, perhaps most of all, how did he become the wild celebrity that he is today. The answer might be a little bit frustrating and not so obvious, but we will try to make it as clear as possible. You will see that, after everything has been laid out for you, you will have a clear understanding as to why this young man has achieved the level of success that he did. There are many different factors that have contributed to Styles’ success. It is true that he is very talented, he is a handsome man and he knows his way around music very well.


But isn’t that what all young and talented musicians have in common? There are thousands and millions of children out there who are just as talented as this man, but what was it that made him stand out compared to the rest. There are three major things that have pushed Harry Styles forward in his career: “luck”, networking and teamwork. We know, we know, you are looking at that luck part, but we can guarantee that that wasn’t just luck. It was a little bit more than that. We will get to it in a second. For now, all you need to know that these are the three things that got him very far. But they are more than that. These are the three ingredients that can get any your artist or aspiring person forward. If you remember that you have all these options open to you at all times, you will be unstoppable. Why is Styles ahead of everyone else? Because he had all these three opportunities and he made use of them.



The Drop of Luck

Harry-styles-wears-a-black-shirtThe reason why we are calling this the drop of luck is because it is, at least, half luck. Styles started his career at X Factor. As a solo artist he did not do much, but when he was recommended by Nicole Scherzinger to play alongside other crew members, this pretty much caused his career to snowball. Now let’s look at this for a second. Nicole could have recommended these guys to play together or not, right? This is the lucky part. This particular event could have happened or not and we can all agree that this was destiny at its best moment. As we mentioned before, there are thousands of people worldwide who would give anything for a chance like this one. And chances like these do not appear anywhere or any day. But this is the only factor that was entirely up to fate. Let’s look at this event from a totally different perspective. What if Styles wasn’t there? What if he never decided to go to X Factor in the first place? What if there were any other person instead of him there? Or even better: what if there were one different singer instead of Styles there and One Direction had never been created in the first place?


What if it had been born with a different name, but with a female lead singer? Or what if it had never been born in the first place? This is why we believe that one half is not luck, but a decision. Styles decided that he would take his chance and go to X Factor. This is something that not everybody is willing to do. It is a principle that most people are afraid of. And they fear failure so much that they end up failing anyway. Styles, just like any other talented singer out there, could have decided to stay home that night and watch X Factor instead of participating in it. But he decided that he was going to take his chance and see if he was going to make his dream come true or not. Was this luck? We think not. This was an active decision to make one’s life better. We do not believe that this is luck. But if you do, you should always know that luck comes only to those who deserve it.  



The Power of Networking

Harry-style-wears-a-white-t-shirt This is another half-luck, half-knowledge situation. We are not exactly sure if Styles was absolutely aware of this when he was doing it, but the fact that he appeared on TV made him a superstar. And this can only happen with the power of networking. Understanding the power of one such tool is essential if you want to be successful in this era and we can definitely say that harry styles’s career has exploded due to the power of networking. The fact that everyone saw him across the world made many people realize what a talented young man he is. You see, it’s not just the fact that he decided to act that got him where he is, it is also the fact that he did not realize what a gold mine he got himself into. The power of fame belongs to the people who understand the power of networks. This is also why we believe that this was half lucky. We do not really think that Styles would have ever imagined that he’d get so popular just by appearing in a TV series. But it wasn’t just that. It was also about the Scherzinger move. This is yet another important example of networking that you should keep in mind. Nicole Scherzinger is one of the most popular singers to have ever walked the earth. When it comes to social influence, this woman has everything it takes. Even when it comes to creating popular people. Nicole saw the potential that he and the rest of the boys had, so she decided to give them a shot. It was a risky move for her as well, but she knew that she either made them famous or she might have wasted their talent for good. Styles did not have the most powerful voice in the world and the rest of the crew seemed like they were missing something, so why not pair them together and see what comes out of it?  




Harry-styles-wears-a-suitThe last and the most powerful concept of them all: teamwork makes the dream work. As we mentioned before, these boys did not have what it takes on their own, so something had to be done so that their entire potential had not been wasted and thrown into the dust. Paired together, these boys formed One Direction and conquered the world. If you truly want to know what sets some people apart from other talented ones, you should understand that nothing can be done alone. No matter how hard you want to work, no matter how much talent you have and how much you want to give to the world, you have to know that you cannot do it alone. Teamwork and networking are closely tied to each other, so if you are going to think about one of them, you automatically need to apply the other one as well. These are the three basic principles that anyone, any young artist, any aspiring entrepreneur and every living human being needs to remember if they want to do anything with their lives. Even starting a career. If you understand that anything is meant to be a decision, that it needs to have a drop of luck, that it needs networking and teamwork, then you are well on your way to having a successful life. Many people believe that it is not that simple, but it truly is. You want to know why harry styles’s career exploded and why he became one of the most popular singers in the world?

You just have to understand that you need to make a decision and let a network do the rest of the job for you. This is how you get rich and this is how you get famous. The sad part is that there are thousands of talented people out there who simply refuse the simplicity of this idea. Most would rather keep working hard for their careers and find the hard way to become successful, but they do not understand that there are systems created to work for them. They think that they themselves should do all the work and become known for how hard they have worked and refuse the idea that you should work smart in order for world to hear about and know you. While we are not sure, and we might never be sure if Harry Styles knew all of these things when he first started, we are sure of one thing: you have all the information you need here and you do not have to go through his career and repeat the same mistakes. So, ready to become famous?


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