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High Street Fashion Style Names

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High street fashion is super popular these days and it can be somewhat difficult to get accustomed to it if you are new to the entire subject. Fear not, we got you covered. Today we are going to go through the most popular fashion style names and teach you the basics about each and every one of them. Not only will you be able to properly identify each style, but you are also going to confidently shop for anything you desire. Once you get to know each style things become rather easy. The most difficult part is getting to know them. You are already here, so you have already gone pat the hard part. Before we move on we also have a surprise for you: not only are we going to go through the styles, but we are also going to present some of the strongest brands in the United Kingdom. It is very important for you to at least be aware of these brands because of how the industry is evolving. Fashion is an industry that is moving really fast. Designers are constantly trying to come up with new styles in order to have the edge, but this quickness somewhat makes styles equivalent to brands. Since brands are trying to set the standards (and they try really, really hard) you will often find that, if complimented, people will tell you that you have the *insert brand name here* style. While it might be a little unusual, we can all see why this is becoming a thing.  



High Street Informality

GGirl-has-brown-glovesThere are a few styles that practically scream informality. Not to understand that that is a bad thing. On the contrary, informal styles are some of the coolest ones we can witness on any street. They are young, fresh and they mostly remind us of childhood and times when we were not burdened by many responsibilities. Here are some of the coolest styles that you can recognize anywhere. Take your pick when we are done with them. You will find that they ae suitable for anyone at almost any time. The bohemian is one of these informal styles. This particular individual is fascinated with art and exotic patterns. Inspiration is drawn from the casual gypsy-look with peasant blouses, very complex patters, head scarves and the occasional chains. This style is quite non-traditional, so if you still find yourself fuelled by the I am against the system spirit, you might find that this is just the style you are looking for. Arty is another informal street style that fits the creative thinker. This style is all about avoiding anything that is conventional. You have to land the perfect combination of unique, modest, yet very catchy. Not many people get it right from the beginning, but once you get accustomed to it you feel quite glamorous. The classic style is particularly interesting because it is at the verge of formality and informality. It looks very good, elegant, but very comfortable. It is focused on quality and it ensures that one has their wardrobe decorated with the most popular items in town. You might be familiar with the button-down blouses, the wide-legged trousers and the leather boots. If you’ve seen that one before it practically means that you witnessed the classic style.


Woman-has-a-blonde-hair If you feel like these do not suit your needs we gladly recommend that you try out the exotic style. Being exotic means that you are looking for something completely uncommon. If mystery is your thing then we can tell you that you found exactly what you were looking for. Embroidery, jungle prints, smoky colors and mosaics are most common for this style and we can guarantee that it focuses on comfort as well. Everything is light while being exotic, give it a go if it sounds ok to you. The romantic is yet another interesting look. As the name suggests, this style mainly prioritizes romance, a gorgeous, attractive and yet attractive look. It is not focused on sex-appeal, but on pure beauty. The romantic wearer is usually an idealist, so do not be surprised if you encounter flowers, hearts and soft fabrics along the way. The last informal style that we are going to approach is the sexy style. The name does not need too many explanations now, does it? Its core aim it to expose one’s body as much as possible to get that flirtatious, attractive look. Also, the achievement of being sexy is incomplete without tight tops and skirts. Add some high heels and you get exactly what you are looking for.  



Formal Fashion Style Names

Girl-wears-a-pair-of-black-jeans Formality should not be understood as the sort of go to the office kind of look, Formality is actually way above this sort of mentality: you are meant to look good, cool, calm, confident and like a professional at the same time. It’s not only to make you look “better”, but it is supposed to help you raise your self-esteem in such a way that you can actually “fake it ‘till you make it”. Formality works like magic in fashion: it helps you rise above your common self and that is a huge boos that is quite difficult to achieve these days. The first style that we would like to approach is the chic style. Being chic is synonymous to being trendy. It is somewhat similar to the classic design, but preferences shift from comfortable skirts and larger clothes to something a little bit more tight which accentuates your beautiful shapes. It’s about staying strong, but not ostentatious. The glamorous style is yet another interesting approach. The best description that could fit it is “the sort of clothing you would wear to a gala”. It is at the threshold between dramatic and glamorous and it is literally impossible not to witness this style in a large crowd. It was born out of the desire to attract attention. If you want the complete experience you might as well add silk and diamonds. Being glamorous is not complete without these variables. Then there is the sophisticated one. Be careful with these people because they have really, really high standards. You do not need to get uncomfortable around them. On the contrary, you should know that one good compliment at the right time can put you on their favor list. And it would not be a bad thing to have one such priority in the first place. It’s all about culture and quality with these people, thus you can hope to learn a lot from them if befriend them. And we are not only referring to the fact that you can learn from them fashion-wise. The last, but definitely not the least loved, style that we would like to talk about is the preppy style. It’s formal, closely tied to the university life and it also has that young vibe about it. Plus, it is quite cost-efficient. People who embrace the preppy style invest very few pounds into their wardrobe and they get the best looks out of it. If you want to find out more about the preppy style just visit a university campus and you will know exactly what it looks like.  



Super High Street Brands You Must Know

Girl-wears-a-green-shirtNow that you ae familiar with the styles it’s time to get you accustomed to some of the stronger brands out there. Note that you can confidently shop from these shops whenever you find yourself in their vicinity. You are bound to find some of the coolest things on the market and the chance of being disappointed is below 0. Among the best we can find River Island, New Look, Miss Selfridge, Missguided, Jigsaw and Dorothy Perkins. You are now aware of all of the styles, so everything that remains for you to do is to check some of these cool names out and see what fits you best. Just remember that the way in which the fashion industry evolves is quite rapid, so if you will ever encounter anyone telling you that you have a Dorothy Perkins style it’s not all that uncommon. Now let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture: high street fashion comes with a lot of styles that ca easily cater to your needs. Now that you know everything about them it is only a matter of time until you “find yourself”, but you are already way past the hard part. Note that, even though there are formal and informal styles, nobody is forcing you to choose one of them. What is actually fascinating about high street fashion is that you can choose a variety of styles. Not only will this broaden your fashion horizons, but it is also going to make you a very interesting companion (not only for others, but for yourself as well). You know fashion style names, you know the brands, you know what characterizes each and every one of them, so find the ones that fit you best. Go out there and impress the world. But above everything else, impress yourself!


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