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How Did the Kardashians Achieve Their Success?

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This is perhaps one of the most debated subjects in America. No, cancel that: one of the most debated subjects in the whole wide world! The kardashian success is a little bit of a blur and the truth is that there is a formal truth to it and a pretty nasty one at the same time. This family’s success is lucky, funny and well-orchestrated. The problem is that we do not even know which one of these is the dominating one, but let’s just leave it at that. If we are going to fully understand what made this family stand out, we need to look at history a little bit. No, don’t worry! They are not historically famous. It all started with their father, Robert Kardashian, who quickly emerged as a prominent lawyer and was also known as a friend of O.J. Simpson. The family loved to boast a lot and they took “cool pictures” from time to time.


The event that we really suspect to be “responsible” for the Kardashian uprising is the first one in which Kim appeared. She pretty much made fun of the fact that the people filming at the time should get a better camera because she would become famous. Fair enough, it’s just some little girl who wants to be famous, right? A little bit laughable, yet still understandable: what child in this world wouldn’t like to be famous? Still, people laughed it off and the world moved on like nothing happened, but Kim knew within that she was destined for something great… or not. Maybe she was just destined for fame. And that’s what actually happened. Kim, for instance, is the perfect example of how you can be famous for… being famous. Again, it is laughable, hilarious, frustrating and quite a shocker at the same time. Let’s see what got them up and running.  



It All Starts with a Sex Tape

Kim-Kardashian-wears-elegant-earringsOh, come on! You cannot say that you did not see this one coming. Yes. This is pretty much what the Kardashians are known for: Kim had sex. A shocker, isn’t it? Back in 2007, a leaked video emerged on the internet with Kim and her former boyfriend, Ray J. Needless to say, the internet roamed wild! The news was everywhere and Kim finally got famous, although not for the reasons she might have had in mind. While everything looked like a complete catastrophe, the family somehow understood that this is the perfect opportunity for them to rise and shine. After all, who cares about what people think, right? As long as we can get famous and the opportunity is there, why not take it? And so Keeping up with the Kardashians appeared. What is this? Just a television show that practically gives you insight into this family’s life. Is it a little bit funny at times (often hilarious if you ever consider this to be an actual, serious TV show), but the truth is that you are not getting much out of it. This is just our opinion. It doesn’t mean that has to be like that for everyone else. Curiously, this show is still alive! So it means that people are still interested in what the Kardashians are doing. You can interpret things any way you like. So yes, to put it short and simple: the Kardashians are known because Kim had sex. They understood that this is their best shot at fame and they took it. If you think about it, it’s quite an interesting family. And Kim is quite an interesting woman as well. Most people in this world would have backed out from the fame scene and walked away in horror. “How could this have happened to me?”, “Oh, the shame!”. “Now the entire world knows!” You hear these words in your head too, right? That’s what you would have said, that’s what everyone would have said. But not Kim. Oh, no! She had to be famous! And who cares if everyone saw her… well, you know. As long as it got her what she wanted, everything was ok.  



Breaking the Internet

Kim-Kardashian-has-a-black-shirt Oh, look! More sex and nudity! These are the perfect ingredients for fame. Well, if you haven’t heard about this event (seriously, you are not aware of the “break the internet” event?!), Kim posed for a magazine… naked and very provocative. She was wearing a black, tight dress (which she took off, of course), was fully covered in lube and was showering herself with champagne. God, this is so funny to write about and remember at the same time! This occurred a couple of years back and it really hit Kim right in the heart. So what was the deal? In fact, those pictures should have never been released. We are not sure if there was a misunderstanding or if Kim actually did not understand that those pictures would be released like that (shocker), but we can pretty much say that this leak has added a lot to the kardashian success. Seeing Kim naked and showered with champagne is a… pretty interesting experience that nobody will forget. And that’s what got to her. Rumor has it that she really did not understand that those pictures would be released like that. The entire family had to gather around her because she was really feeling desperate, the media was all over the place(s) and, well, the world knew. The world had seen Kim, entirely, without her permission. Call it whatever you like: funny, silly, unprofessional, whatever. Having to face such a shock is definitely not something that anybody could have taken in. But she is still here apparently. And Kim was pretty smart to transform this into a business. Now that the world is fully aware of how she looks like, she occasionally does shootings in which she poses nude or almost nude. The reason is quite simple: if the world knows, why hide it anymore? Does it make money? It sure can. So we might as well use that to our advantage.  



Games, Instagram and All Sorts of Shady Events

Kim-Kardashian wears-an-elegant-necklaceBy now, you might have realized that Kim is dragging the family forward, right? This woman’s career is part disaster, part excellent fame vehicle. But she has a lot of business going on behind the curtains (stop thinking about that). She is known as the selfie queen, she has her own mobile game which generates some nice numbers and she also knows how to manipulate the media, to a certain extent. The fact is that Kim has it easy and prefers to take it easy. Come on, making a life out of selfies and explaining how to take selfies is, theoretically, something that everyone can do. Did she get lucky? We do not know. What we do know for a fact is that rich people and famous people, if they remain on the stage for so long, clearly know something that the rest of us don’t. It’s just the way these people think. They see an opportunity and they grab it. Instagram is an opportunity and a mobile game that has over 40 million downloads is definitely an opportunity. If you want a good example with media manipulation, you simply have the look at the Taylor-Kanye feud. Seriously, this is perhaps one of the most well-orchestrated schemes of all time. And the funny thing is that nobody would have expected Kim to do it. She doesn’t seem like the type. But celebrities who are familiar with the fame game know that it takes time to build the perfect boom. And she did it well. She did it exceptionally well and this has surely gained the Kardashians extra fame points.


Seriously, the Kardashians are a mystery. While the majority of people in the world think that they are cheap and not really worth the time, it surprises you when things like these happen. So how did the Kardashians achieve the fame that they have today? We would say organized chaos. Kim practically did everything, but she demonstrated that she has some good entrepreneurial skills. You know, in entrepreneurship it is said that your number one job is to find problems and generate solutions. This is what Kim did every step of the way. She either found problems, well, mostly created them, and she tried to find a way to achieve her dream. Did it matter that it was via a sex tape? Not really. Did it matter that everyone saw her naked body? For the moment, but not really. Does it matter what other people think? Not really. She is already famous. Why would she care? The kardashian success is both a mystery and a comedy at the same time and, as we mentioned before, it is the perfect example of how you can climb to a famous status for… nothing? While the rest of the world is frustrated and says that Kim isn’t worth much, the obvious is right in front of them: the Kardashians are famous. The rest of the world isn’t.


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