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How the Jewelry Store Can Inspire Your Creativity


Most people do not even take this extraordinary feature that the jewelry store puts at everyone’s disposal. When in lack of creativity, there are many of us who look for it in the wrong places or attempt to buy things that they think will fit their needs. Eventually, we end up buying things we have no need of and we simply duplicate our challenge: we have no creativity and we also spend some money for nothing. This is why we should occasionally turn to jewelry stores for that extra boost that we need. We will be talking about some core “increase your creativity” features today that will demonstrate to you that this is one of the places you have to go to when in lack of ideas. First things first, we must acknowledge the one true challenge that we have to tackle: ourselves. When we feel that our creativity level is low, it only happens because we allowed it to be. The factors that influenced these decisions can be good indicators as to what we should be avoiding. Maybe we have been wearing the same clothes for a longer period of time, maybe we just like three jewels in our entire collection or maybe our life has simply become redundant and we need a little change. The point is that if we allowed creativity to fall down, we can also pull it up and get ourselves inspired all over again. How can we do that? We are here to give you the answers.  




Girl-with-jacket-sits-near-the-streetYes, we know what you are already thinking: “wait, I need creativity, why am I supposed to restrict myself?” The answer is very simple: you focus entirely on the things that you like. The jewelry store is an excellent partner in crime in this matter. Maybe you have spent too much time thinking about all your clothes, all your jewels and all the places that you have to visit so that you can get the perfect outfit. Rethink your strategy. If you are not feeling creative about the jewels (or maybe you want to get into the handmade business and you need a little bit of inspiration), simply restrict yourself to the things that you would like most. Do it thoroughly. If you want a specific ring shape, a specific gemstone or a specific metal, simply go for your unique and demanding criteria. Do not fear that narrowing yourself might make your journey difficult. The secret is that if you do it for too long only then will it become inapproachable. Grab a sheet of paper and set a goal: this week you will only look for minimalistic rings, only made out of gold (10 or 14K at max), they need to have a ruby (and nothing else) and I will check 10 different shops. It’s a patient and meticulous process, but if you check all the jewelry stores that you have written down and attempt to match those specific rings with your outfit, you will start feeling that creativity coming in.



Pick Another Angle

Girl-with-brown-jacket-is-thinking By angle, in this situation, we mean another point of view. It’s time to start thinking about what you do not like about your jewels and from what point of view? Does it have to do with how you feel? Does it have to do with your outfit? Or is it about social perception? But it might be related to design, right? Try to understand why you do not feel creative with your jewels and ask a friend for advice. This is perhaps the best thing you can do if you find it difficult to find another point of view. Needless to say, a shop assistant can be a good friend in a situation like this one. Shop assistants have a trained eye for fashion in general and they will be aware of certain variables that meet your standards. They will mention them to you and this can open an entire new world to you that you never even knew existed. They might tell you about every birthstone, gemstone significances, what stones can be used for what moods, they can explain how certain colors work with others, give examples of the most known and lesser known materials. In the end, a friend, a shop assistant and a jewelry store give you information that helps you re-conceptualize the meaning that jewels have to you. This doesn’t need to change you in any way, but simply give you a broader perspective as to what you can find out there and what properly represents your style. Picking another angle is really important for anybody who finds themselves drained of creativity. It ensures that you do not stagnate. You move forward, learn new things about jewels, and search for something greater. In the end, we all know that it’s not about the destination. It’s all about the journey.  



Being Positive and Being a Dreamer

Woman-is-happyThis is perhaps the most valuable asset that the jewelry store can bring to the table. It’s a good environment in both its best and worst case scenarios. Best case? You enter any shop and you can see how excited or focused people are. Those who check out jewelry stores are really interested in finding whatever it is that makes them excited about jewelry and what is really nice is that you will rarely see someone negative around. If they are, they might have just had a bad day, but if they find what they are looking for you can immediately see the brightness on their faces. Worst case scenario? The shop is empty. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing now, does it? Solitude in a jewelry shop is an excellent way for you to actually focus on jewels. You do not feel in the same way that you do when the shop is full. All that excitement and the crowd make it seem as though you want to come in the shop and get out fast at times. But when there are no other people around you actually have the freedom to move as slowly as you can, take your time on every piece that interests you and this context also gives you the opportunity to have a long and fruitful conversation with the shop assistant. We are moving all the way back to the “pick another angle subject”. Being a dreamer is essential to your creativity. Creation practically has everything to do with the instruments that you feed it with. As long as you see more jewels, have more conversations, learn and understand new meanings, you are practically feeding your creativity.

But a positive environment in which you can learn and get inspired is not only good for your fashion knowledge; it is good for soul. Going into jewelry stores allows you to become a dreamer. Being a dreamer makes you happy. Never fall into the trap of looking at a gorgeous jewel that you like and say “oh, I wish I had that, but I might never”. Never do this. Seeing a jewel that you like very much and you think you cannot afford actually makes your brain light up like a Christmas tree. Why? Because it starts asking itself how it can get that jewel. This also boosts your creativity a lot. And trust us, we actually mean a lot. Having a dream, a goal, something to look up to every day and something to desire with all your heart is the drive that pushes us forward. Imagine that it can start in one day when you decided that you just wanted to purchase a jewel. Being a dreamer can take you very, very far. And you will look behind a few years later and ask yourself: “how did this entire journey begin? With a jewel when I was looking for some inspiration?”



Girl-sits-near-a-river As you can see, any jewelry store can make a huge impact. It is only a matter of how much you decide to act upon improving yourself. We all went through those moments in which we were drained, but the only difference that we can make is to push ourselves forward all the time. Attempt to regain control over yourself, your style, the way you dress and the way you wear your attitude is only a matter of decision. And you have already seen what you can achieve if you simply decide to go to a random jewelry store if you feel discouraged in any way. So what do you need to remember? Four very simple things that you can pair with a jewelry store for picking your creativity up again: self-restriction (narrow it down for a few shops and specific jewels), change your perspective (trying to view a subject from one perspective alone will not solve any problem, jewelry is included) and find shops which suit your needs for “the atmosphere”. These shops are a great way for you to refill all your energies. Do not let this great opportunity go to waste.