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How to Create a Fashion Site That Grabs Attention

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In the era of the internet we can all agree that having a good site can boost your business tenfold. A fashion site is no exception. Sorting out the right criteria can be a challenge most of the time and it is important that you always find exactly what you need to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd. How you do this is extremely important because the challenge is neither related to meticulousness nor identifying issues. This is about creating a different reality. This is the part when you take a deep breath and you start wondering what in heaven’s name we are talking about. You are on the right path. So stay with us because what we are about to tell you will really improve your business tenfold.  



Theory Versus Reality

Girl-has-a-skateboardThe matter of theory versus reality is one that is often discussed about, yet not explained.  Take one hour of your time and start talking with anyone on this subject and you will see that the conversation is going to be about what they think and not what they know. It is of paramount importance that you understand that a fashion site is not a simple site. It’s not just a place where you go click on clothes or throw some money. It is a reality. People expect to click on your shop and see an entirely different world. It is something that they do not experience every day, something that they do not see at work, something that they do not see on the streets and definitely not another online clothes shop. If capturing attention is what you are looking for, then you have to create a reality. How can one create a reality, you might ask yourself? It is all about the story. This is the most “difficult” part of the entire process because the story is that which draws people towards your shop. What story is your site telling? Is it one born of love, pain and the desire to actually want and make the world a better place? Or is it about a basic business start-up which promises a lot of things, yet has failed to achieve anything substantial? These are the two questions that one must ask themselves on the path of creating their site. Why on the path and not just come up with a good story to just launch the site? Because it is a matter of honesty and transparency. Never consider that people do not see through it. This is one of the most crucial mistakes that any business owner could ever make: underestimating their audience. The reason why you want to create the story while walking the path is because the story is the path. No other “theory practitioner” will tell you this. They will simply give you numbers, tell you what colors you should be using and give you one or two suggestions related to what template is best for your site. You can do that once you are done with the important things: establishing your identity and your story. Long story short: theory is all about what rules a “specialist” is going to mention and what they will tell you to follow. Reality is about your story, the shops ascension from an idea to an instrument that can actually shape the world in a better way. There is no theory and no specialist for this thing. It is all about you: your passion, what you believe in and what you have achieved.  



Why All Social Media Is Actually Important

Woman-wears-a-beautiful-white-dress Chances are that, if you go to any social media “specialist” hoping to get the best deal for your fashion site, you are going to leave with the idea that you just need to “add Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to your site”. The thing is that this is not wrong, but it is not right either and you do not even draw a good conclusion as to why you need it. So, overall, it’s quite safe to say that you haven’t got much out of it. So why do you actually need social media? You do not need it for “visibility”, but to actually engage with the people and share your story. This is why this component is crucial. If you do not get your story out there clicks will not appear out of the blue. People don’t just pop up and start shopping on your site, sadly. But the good news is that you can make yourself known to the world quite fast. Now going a little bit more technical, you do not just “need Facebook, Twitter and Instagram”. You need a whole lot more social media platforms to boost you accordingly. The key is to understand what type of audience you can reach with each and every one of them. With Facebook you go “general”. You want to post information that any target can interact with. You and each and every one of your partners can participate in making Facebook an interesting experience for your shop. Twitter is for people who love to write and read; you will probably need a copywriter for this one. Instagram is all about pictures: the clothes that are most appreciated, the ones that really stand out, the weird ones and, of course, the people who wear them. Just like Facebook, anyone can contribute to making your site’s Instagram a whole lot better. But these are not the only ones you need. Pinterest could also be a great resource for you should you be interested in displaying your items on a platform that is much appreciated when it comes to fashion trends. You can also attempt to show a funnier side of your business and try Vine. This platform allows you to make short videos of funny situations that you encounter. Link this one to your online site and you will start seeing the numbers piling in. Lastly, you might also want to look at YouTube. YouTube allows you to create videos of any length in which you can explain the business, the products, trends, what you should wear and what to avoid. The closer you get to your audience, the better.  



Choosing the Right Colors for Your Site

Girl-with-black-undershirt-and-a-hatColors are a very important part of your identity. They give your customers and visitors and idea of who you really are. Luckily, there is not rocket science to this. It’s all about choosing one color that defines your story and adding a few complementary ones (only if needed or if you feel that they add to the whole story). The good news is that you already know the basics. Red is passion, green is natural beauty, blue is transparency and purity, yellow is livelihood and orange is a learning experience. You do not need a degree for this and, if you already are into fashion, you will have noticed that colors speak to you in a different way. You know the basics and you can apply them in a simple way to create the image that you desire. Now the only tricky thing that you might want to take into consideration is seasonal color combination. This is the only area you might need help with. But again, there is no rocket science to it, you will find that setting the right summerish mood only requires red, yellow and orange; you can set the atmosphere for autumn with grey, green and a little bit of white and, of course, winter requires that you add a lot of white accompanied by the occasional reds and greens. As you can see, it’s all layered down for you, but we do recommend that, if you are not entirely a color person, you ask for an artist’s opinion. Colors play an important part in keeping people glued to your site. These are all the variables that you need to take into consideration if you want a jaw-dropping site. It does not need to be anything extraordinary. On the contrary, people tend to fall into the cliché zone or completely destroy their sites if they want to create an image that is not accurate. People need an ideal to cling to, something simple, born out of love and passion. As long as your story is an honest one that really reflects the reality that your site has to offer, you simply have to take a step back and let let it take its course.


Woman-is-near-a-lake Stay close and relevant to your audience. Do not think about your audience as “specific people”. Your audience is everyone. Anyone who aspires towards a better look, more confidence, better fashion, a deeper philosophy and a good story is your audience. As long as you keep in mind that everyone should taste from the reality that you have to offer you will see that your business will blossom. Do take colors into consideration as well. Colors speak more than anyone could ever imagine. If you get your story and its colors right you can already consider your site a successful one.


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