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How to Find Jewelry Manufacturers

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We are really excited to take on this subject because we haven’t done it yet, not to even mention that finding your manufacturers is quite a journey. Jewelry manufacturers can literally be found anywhere. We are living in the era of Google, after all. But things are not that easy from beginning to end. This is where we come in to bring some light into the darkness. Make no mistake, finding manufacturers is work. It is not at all impossible, anybody can do it and trust us when we say that you will find great joy when you will have learnt how the process works and you will see things up and running. But first, we need to learn from a reliable source.


Step number one is figuring out what you really want. Setting a goal is the most important part because it will help you build momentum. In case you are wondering what momentum actually is, imagine an airplane from the moment it starts to move on the track and the moment it takes off. In order for the plane to ascend, it needs momentum: a certain speed and the pilot’s confidence to go up. The pilot’s goal is to go up and this should be your goal as well. The good part is that you can do it, but the tricky part is that you need the right speed and the will to do it. If you do not have the required speed, you cannot take off. If you have the right speed but no willingness to go up, you’ll roll off the track. The perfect combination between the two is momentum. So, what’s your goal?  



Where Are Your Manufacturers From?

Beautiful-girl-in-natureYou have two options to choose from: either domestic or overseas. They both come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. As basic knowledge, you might want to rely on overseas manufacturers like Taiwan, China and even India. Why? Production costs are often lower. This is where your business spirit kicks in and dictates which manufacturers to use from where. Needless to say, the higher the prices, the greater the quality. Let’s look into the strong points and drawbacks of both types of manufacturers. Domestic manufacturers come as a huge plus. They often imply super high quality and great labor standards (you would be surprised), they are very easy to communicate with since there is absolutely no language barrier, marketing appeal for target customers in the area, shipping takes less time, quality can be easily verified and your payments are safe. Luckily for you, domestic manufacturers have just two potential drawbacks: manufacturing costs can literally explode, or just be high to begin with, and you can be faced with fewer product choices. The balance needs to be carefully weighed because the advantages are quite appealing, but the disadvantages weigh heavily on them. Now let’s jump to the overseas manufacturers. It is safe to assume that some of the disadvantages that domestics have simply jump to the drawbacks here. Quality is perceived as being low by a large number of customers, labor standards can be low, it can also be difficult to speak with the providers, let alone visit their sites and have their products inspected before shipping and, of course, payment security can sometimes be a tricky subject to deal with. As for advantages, however, you can always rely on lower costs, a really high number of manufacturers that you have the freedom to choose from and it is really easy to find via internet services. In short, domestics offer you expensive security while overseas offer you cheap variation.  



But How Do You Actually Look for Them?

Girl-with-blue-jeans-is-looking-back Jewelry manufacturers are surprisingly easy to find. It is almost sad whenever we hear someone that they want to start their jewelry business and they have no idea how to find a proper manufacturer. In the era of the internet it is literally impossible not to find one. And it’s not only about the internet, it’s about making basic connections. If you really have the required passion to do something in this field, everything starts with going into one shop and asking one simple question: where do you get your things from? If it does not work once, do it again, and again, and again. This is also an excellent method to sort out bad shops and shops with unprofessional or rude personnel. The people who will help you will, in fact, give you names. Names can be researched, people can be met and agreements can be made. There is no secret to finding something or someone. You just have to develop that entrepreneur sense, go out there and talk to everyone. Perseverance is the key. As for the internet, directories are what you are looking for, free supplier directories. What can you find here? Profiles of countless manufacturers across the world. They are there for you, they are free and some of them are exceptionally popular: Kompass, ThomasNet, Alibaba, India Mart and MFG. And these are only the popular ones. Give your business a huge boost and grab hold of your perseverance. It is the only main you need for you to grow and be more successful.


There is one basis, super obvious trick that you need to use with Google if you want to get the best of your results. For the first time in many years you will need to search for jewelry manufacturers and go directly to page 10. For some reason, there are many people who do not do this. Why? We do not know. It is quite obvious that there are many manufacturers who do not keep the pace with technology or do not want to keep the pace with tech. But does this need to be an indicator for lack of success or for bad labor standards? Not at all. Let’s take this simple scenario into consideration: back in 2008 a manufacturer really stood out for their products and quality. People started piling up on their site for the goodies, it gained popularity, but everyone in their country wanted to start working with them. Their production increased, they deliver some of the best items on their market, make a lot of money, but simply decide not to spend on the site anymore. You might be missing one of the best manufacturers out there because their page is not on the first search page. Can you really afford that? Curiosity might reward you in unimaginable ways. Another interesting feature that the internet can bring to our disposal is the NAICS code. What is NAICS? It stands for North American Industry Classification System. Every industry out there, every product you can think of is, one way or another, attached to the NAICS. Looking for specific pearls? You got them. Looking for plastic beads? Not a problem. NAICS works based on the “You need it? We got it” principle. Use it. It will do you no harm.  



The Approach

Woman-sits-in-her-gardenLet’s say you found the manufacturer you are looking for. What now? You need to approach them and you need to stand out somehow. Imagine that producers get tons of requests every day. What you ask and how you ask it is extremely important. For that we will give you the easy way out of anonymity. Consider the following questions when approaching a manufacturer: what the minimum order quantity is, production pricing, sample pricing, turnaround times and payment terms. If you are specifically asking about these details, you will surely get a response. As for the emails that you are sending, make sure they are not too long, they do not ask for too little or too much. Every manufacturer has to consider their partnerships carefully. You do not want to be a boring client, you do not want to beg, but you do not want to demand the world either. You want to do business. Be respectful, use an appropriate tone and be professional.


Remember that partnerships are two-way deals. You want to know if you can work with the manufacturer, but the manufacturer is also interested in whether they should be working with you or not. Only one no is sufficient to close the door on a profitable business and perhaps great friendship. This is why courtesy is important. You are both each other’s customers. As long as there is mutual respect in between the two of you, everything will work out ok. So how do you find these manufacturers? It is quite simple: think about whether you want them in your country or abroad. If you want them in your country you might be able to get in touch with them through simple connections or via the internet. Those who are abroad will mostly be contacted online. Use the power of conversation and Google to find what you are looking for. Some people will be more than glad to give you some names to look at. As for the approach, just be respectful and straight to the point. Everybody likes doing good business.

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