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How to Make It In America?


How to make it in America? It is a question that everybody who wants to be free ask themselves all the time. And it’s not just today’s generation. People have been asking themselves how to make it for around 200 years. The only trick is that “making it” has different meanings. Some people just want to make it there as in travel to America and see it, some might want to get a job and others might want to go there and start the businesses of their lives. Is it easy? On paper, yes. Practically, it is a little bit more complicated than that. But we are here to elucidate the mystery. Let’s be clear about something, however: when people say that they want to make it to the States, the usually mean that they want to go there and start something that will give them the freedom that they so desire.


The only issue that they are facing is that they do not dream big enough. We know, that’s a little bit ambiguous, but this is one of the key factors that you need to have under control if you really want to make it there. Once your dream is very clear, you will understand that you need a plan to make it work. Your plan is not as complicated as everyone thinks it is. Just think about what you like most, how you could make it a little bit better than anybody else can and start making friends. It’s as simple as that. If you find yourself in America, you will be surprised to find out that people are quite friendly and helpful. They will gladly lend you a hand and help you achieve your dreams. As long as you are a good leader and want to develop, everything is possible.  



That Burning Desire

Woman-wears-an-elegant-hatIn general, people tend to jump right over this concept because it seems silly and unrealistic. But the question is: if everybody decides to just jump over it and none of them want to give it a try, why not try it for yourself and see if you can make something better out of it? The same principle works with your dreams as well. If you really want to make it somewhere, why should you give up on it just because some people have, some tell you that it is impossible and some let you down and tell you that you are not going to make it? The truth is that you should never let anyone stand in between you and your dreams. This has been said so many times that it has become a complete cliché, but it is the truth. One of the major differences between the people who make it and those who don’t is whether they let anybody stand between them and their dreams. Some allow others to do so and they become excellent employees who do not like their jobs and who live just to pay their bills and life their lives engulfed in taxes. Is this what you want? You should know that Americans have figured this out by now. Not all of them, of course, but if you want to make it there would you like to make it big time or make it in the wrong industry and with the wrong people? What’s your life plan? Be buried in debt by the age of 40 and raise some children with the same plan? Maybe it is decent for you. Life plans are a product of education anyway, and the education that school provides us with does just that: it teaches you how to get a job, get eaten alive by taxes, but you are going to be “safe”. Safe how? Jobs disappear like dust nowadays and, supposing yours does the same thing, where’s your safety net? Americans figured out that if you want to live a happy and safe life you simply need to learn how to follow your dreams and do the things that you want. That’s not something that anybody is actually interested in educating you with. It’s something that you have to learn for yourself. So it’s time for you to take a pause, look inside and ask the right question: what do you want to do with your life?  



Your “Original” Idea

Girl-has-curly-hair If you want to answer the question to “how to make it to America”, you pretty much have to follow up on your dream with an idea. It doesn’t have to be great, spectacular and attract all the people in the world at the same time. It just needs to make sense and be somehow useful for people. You should also know that useful nowadays the equivalent of pleasing people emotionally. But this is already making things too complicated. Let’s just stick with the basics. Having an original idea nowadays is practically impossible. We live in are in which we have internet. Whatever you might think of, you could just Google it and you might see that it has already been taken. Here’s the secret though: if you really want to do it, just do it. Don’t let people stop you from pursuing your idea. The main reason why people give up on some of the most important ideas they have is just because some people tell them that they cannot do it, or that some people have tried it before and they failed it. The only thing that those who are talking to you do not understand is that they are practically feeding you feedback that’s going to keep you going. Yes, other people have failed, but what if they did not want to do those things as much as you do? What if they just thought about it, but had no plan for it? What if they didn’t succeed just so that you could? As we mentioned numerous times before, the only difference between the people who make it and those who don’t is the way they think. Poor people and victims think that if 9 people didn’t do it, nobody can (themselves included). Rich people and winners think that 9 people failed so that their time could finally come. So you see, your original idea just needs to be one fueled by your passion, not by rationality. Rationally speaking, nobody can do anything anymore because every idea has already been taken. So you might as well quite life. That’s not how you should think about “making it”. You should consider all your options and try to make the best out of your choices. Don’t just quite because others have done it.  



Start Making Friends

Woman-walks-beside-the-beachWant to make it big? It’s time you started making friends. If you want to land in America, you should know that you already got this one covered. People are extremely friendly and willing to listen to almost anything. The important thing is to share the ideas that make you who you are. As usual, people are scared when they reach this specific point as well. Why? Because they are afraid of dealing with rejection. Supposing you tell your new friends about your glorious ideas, they will start telling you that it is impossible. Excellent. This is an extraordinary way for you to filter the important people in your life. The people who want to help you will stay with you from the start of the journey to the end. Of course, some will leave along the way, but this is only part of the journey. In time, not only will you discover that you found the right people, but you will also develop the leadership abilities that you require in order to make it big. The best part about it is that nobody expects it.


You will have a great laugh once you will see the expression on the people’s faces who told you that what you dream is impossible. This is pretty much everything you need if you want to make it to America. It all boils down to being extremely positive and being able to control yourself emotionally in front of stress, failure and rejection. We know that it looks really nice on paper and that life is a little more difficult to deal with, but you want to make it big, don’t you? These are the threats that you will need to face before meeting with your success. It’s rough, but it molds you into what you need to become in order to be successful in America. For those of you who are still wondering how to make it in America, we will just spill it out for you: you just need to be a nice person and willing to let networks do the work for you. There is nothing new about this anymore. Americans have already figured out why things work this way, so they are just enjoying the ride. Want to make it big? Dream big, share your ideas, make friends, make networks. That’s all you need to know.