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How to Rock a Fashion Bracelet


There is a certain feeling of accomplishment when you know that you landed the perfect bracelet-outfit combination. You know that feeling when you hear the voice in your head saying “Yes, this is perfect” and you immediately start being filled with joy? Yes, that’s the feeling we are talking about. Today we want to make sure that you are aware of all the necessary ingredients for you to reach that level of confidence that you so much desire while wearing a fashion bracelet. The trick is that it’s not all about the jewels you are wearing, it’s about the little details that you want to expose about yourself.  



How You Should Feel on the Inside

Fashion-jewelsWe talked about bracelets many times and we always focused on the most important aspect: they are supposed to make you feel good and you must be absolutely comfortable when wearing them. If something does not fit you in the way you want then you should really question whether that piece belongs on your beautiful, slender hand of yours. So today we will make a comprehensive guide about the things that you need to check on your wish list if you want to be an even superstar or owning the street like your own personal catwalk. We want to start with lifting your spirit. The mind-jewel connection has this fascinating ability to make us feel greater. After all, who wouldn’t appreciate you wearing an exquisite fashion bracelet? But the key to getting things done in the right way relies, more or less, in our chest. Let us explain. You know that when you are feeling down your body reacts in a certain way: it mildly leans forward, as if burdened by too many worries, you feel that your inner power lies somewhere between your chest and your stomach and you are not exactly feeling like a conqueror. Getting the right jewels, fashion bracelets included, can help you remove this depressing feeling and it is called lifting your spirit for a reason. That inner power, that you are feeling between your chest and you stomach, you have to feel it in your chest. We know it sounds a little awkward, but you know what we are talking about here. When you have a great opinion about yourself, simply breathe in deeply and feel how your entire being shifts to a better state of mind. Also helps with straightening your back. This is one sure way to rock a great bracelet choice.


We deeply believe that the way you choose your bracelet is an extension of your inner universe. This is why you should always stay true to yourself and your values when you want to choose a piece of this kind. Think of all the things that inspire you, things that make you happy and good about yourself. If you truly want to rock a good bracelet, you should never settle for something different than yourself. It’s not at all wrong to go for new designs and shapes that you are not really accustomed to, but make sure that, whatever you choose, it has some sort of meaning for you and conveys the way that you are to the world. This is a mistake that a lot of people make, men included. They go and purchase bracelets that have absolutely nothing to do with their personalities. It’s not only a waste of money, but a waste of exploration as well. What good is it to you if you go shopping for 10 minutes to buy 3 bracelets that you do not really like and you’re never going to wear? Better shop for one hour instead and buy just one piece that you are absolutely sure you will like.



And How to Feel on the Outside

Fashion-girl-with-bracelet Stay chick. We know how cool it feels to have a sparkly fashion bracelet that’s supposed to attract attention, but learn to establish some limits. If you truly want to make the bracelet stand out, simply wear a low profile outfit. But matching the bracelet with a ring, a necklace and a brooch is way too much. Plus, everything can turn out to be super expensive. The secret about bracelets, and any other jewel for that matter, is that you do not need to super decorate yourself to make a statement. One or two pieces are sufficient for you to make the impact that you desire. Going out there with a gazillion matched jewels will draw attention to you, but it’s not the sort of attention you want. Whenever you are looking in the mirror to see what fits you best, try visualizing what part of your body you would like your bracelet to help expose. Sure, the hand is not in question at all, but you do have a set of combinations at your disposal that could help your level of confidence and beauty a lot. If you want really good eye exposure, try a bracelet-earring combination. Should your entire face be the priority, give the bracelet-necklace combination.


As for your body and waistline, you can either add a longer chain that is made out of the same metal as your bracelet, or a brooch just over the waistline or on your belt, if you are wearing one. Now take a step back, bracelet hand on your hip, opposing foot straight. Looking better already, are we? Take a moment and ask yourself whether your bracelet is a good addition to your outfit. Let’s put it this way: any outfit should consist of at least two colors. Your clothes should be one color and your jewels should be another. There is nothing wrong with one color, by the way, it’s just that if you want to get a white bracelet with white jewels and a white dress, you’re not exactly rocking it, you’re making it impossible to notice because of how white you are. Let’s say you are wearing a burgundy dress with a golden bracelet. It’s a cool combination, but if you want to add a silver necklace to it you practically ruined it all. Colors need to be uniform and give you a pleasant look. This is an easy visual aspect that you need to take care of. You might be surprised if you knew how many people do not know about this.


Girl-wears-bracelet-and-two-ringsNow supposing that you wanted to make your bracelet stand out a lot, we have a few suggestions that will really help you with that. We mentioned earlier that you need to wear something that is pretty low profile, but that’s not the only trick you can have up your sleeves. Another thing you can do is pair a few bracelets accordingly for the ideal match. Ideally, if you want focus to be maintained on your hands, you can try a ring and several bracelets of the same color or metal. If not, you need to figure out which style is suitable for you. We have the complete list of styles in our Most Popular Ways to Wear Your Bracelet guide, but we will cover some of them minimally here so you can understand what style best fits you. The easiest ones to remember are the minimalist, the trend-setter and the edgy one. The minimalist prefers things to be simple and wears around 3 more or less big bracelets. The style is quite simplistic and, if it fits you, you can easily tuck your bracelet in the middle of the other two for a solid impact. The trend-setter is the one who dictates the rules, of course. You can try multicolor bracelets, wraps, and put something fashion-architectural afterwards for the statement that you want to make, add a pair of beads and you can end with multicolor again. It’s quite a lively style. Lastly, the edgy one is commonly known as the rocker. The style does not stop at these particular people, but it does involve black, spikes and chains. The cool thing is that you can find any fashion metallic bracelet that you can fit into this style with great ease.  



Everything You Need to Remember

Retro-jewels-worn-by-a-woman If you want to truly rock that bracelet, your inner universe and the way you look need to be in synch. If you feel that something does not look right, try again. You always have to feel comfortable with whatever it is that you are wearing and bracelets are no exception. If you can experience that power feeling in your chest and you can keep your back straight, that’s the greatest sign you are going to get that everything is ok. Keep things chick and simple. Do not add too many accessories that you want your bracelet to be matched with. Keep it cool and to a minimum. Simplicity is always your best way of showing that you are stylish. Try to accentuate the parts of your body that you find most attractive and experiment with different earrings, rings, necklaces and brooches. Also, try and find your style. There are plenty of combinations out there that are just waiting for you to try them.