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How to Rock Silver Gemstone Jewelry

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We can tell from personal experience that human beings have a fascinating way of making things complicated. You might have come here expecting some sort of professional “wannabe” the best rock your silver gemstone jewelry guide. It doesn’t work that way. It never works that way. If you dress to impress others, you are already beginning in the wrong way. Take this piece of advice from us: you never dress to impress others, you dress to impress yourself. Needless to say, it works just the same for gem jewels. Today’s guide is going to be about the right attitude when it comes to wearing these types of jewels. The title is how to rock your jewels, not manage them. There is a huge difference.  



The Dream That You Hide

Girl-has-blonde-hairFashion and social opinion are a deadly combination in this era. We are all experts in opinions and we love to lavish into the knowledge that “we know better”. Sadly, this is not how things actually work. If you truly want to rock your jewels, you need to do it while feeling 100% confident on the inside. And for you to feel confident on the inside, you literally need to let go of social perception. Stop thinking about what other people think about your gemstones, your bracelets, how you combined them and feel free to burn the “oh my god, look at how I look” idea. You are free to wear whatever you want, however you want and social perception is so overrated. Just throw on an eggshell dress with a silver bracelet and you will look like a superstar. The dream that you hide is a little invention of ours based on the fact that everyone has a dream as to how they want to look. The single most important challenge is that we sometimes fear that we are going to be perceived differently. Ok, now let’s look at this “differently”. Don’t we want to be perceived for who we are? Well, we are different. This confusion is usually born out of the idea that we also want to be accepted. You want to be accepted for the bracelets you are matching with your dress and you want to also be perceived as different. That doesn’t really happen until you get to the conversation part. You want to rock your silver gemstone jewelry? Wear something bold that represents your spur of the moment before you decided to dress up. Really, almost every time we want to dress up we get some sort of crazy idea of what little adjustments we would like to make.


If you have not lived through moments like these yet, we recommend that you start exercising them. A  lot. These little adjustments that you are making are the true expression of yourself. Unbiased, unjudged, these moments of madness define who you are and expose your inner beauty. You do not need to come adorned with super brands and fancy combinations. Sure, that will get you some compliments and an appreciation of good taste or two, but that is neither what we want nor what we need. We need to be accepted and loved for who we are, even if sometimes involves a silver bracelet. The truth is very simple: we cannot please everybody. We cannot wear the accessories that everyone likes. We can only wear what we like and what pleases us. If it pleases other people, great; if not, move on. And trust us about the conversation part. This really makes a huge impact in most situations. Think of it this way: if someone is superficial enough to judge you for wearing a silver jewel in a certain way then you clearly do not want that kind of person in your life. Although you would be surprised to find out how many people there are in the world who need to get past this step in order to learn to be more open. It’s just that they are blocked between looking good for others and having a great impression about themselves. The dream that you hide will always be your one way up ticket to looking fantastic. You want to know the secret behind going up? Just stop hiding the dream.  



Patching Yourself Up

Fashion-girl-sits-near-a-wall Do not fall into the trap of thinking that what we are about to say are a set of strict, professional rules that everyone needs to follow if they want to look good. Like really, if you are still reading this guide you know that we are from a totally different league. Here are just a few tips of patching yourself up and wearing some gemstones that could be appropriate for you. First things first, ask yourself if you want to make your jewelry stand out in any way. It doesn’t matter what silver piece you want to wear: necklaces, bracelets, maybe a brooch, if you want them to take the spotlight for you, simply wear something with a low profile. Here’s a quick example: you’re wearing a silver necklace and a silver bracelet and you are not decided between picking a really strong and catchy color for your dress or a relatively darker tone. Jewels need to stand out? Go for the darker tone. Dress needs to stand out? Light color all the way.


You can also use this second option for two different purposes: showing off with the dress or simply showing what a beautiful body you have. Choose wisely and remember that you are the one who needs to impress yourself. Leave the others to their own business. You might want to look at the colors. It’s all about the colors. Nobody admits it and some even go into the full theory of what materials you need to use, the sort of tailoring, whether it is sown a little differently here than it is there. No, just forget that. Feel free to dive into the art of tailoring if you want to become a tailor, but if your only purpose today is to find a way to look great, just know that you need a good attitude and basic knowledge of how to match two colors. Keep it simple, never complicated. So what’s the thing with colors, you might ask?


There are two or three colors that you should be able to match: your skin color with one overall clothing color or your skin color with another two (the colors of the clothes that you are wearing). That’s not at all complicated and anybody who has absolutely no sense of fashion can pull it off. Suggesting colors for you is a little bit of a stretch because, simply put, the colors that you like are the colors that you like, but here are a few little details that might lead to you upping your game a little bit: silver works really well with black and white (that’s a fact), eggshell also looks excellent, blue and navy blue can do the trick and (although this might be surprising) orange works with silver just fine. In terms of gemstones, these can be easily adjusted to your skin tone. A white skin tone will work with any pale colors, but also with neon colors. This one is entirely up to you to experiment with. If you have a summerish skin tone, then we recommend all earth colors: green stones will look excellent on you, brown, turquoise and, again, orange. This is pretty much everything you need to know in terms of colors. And if you truly want to rock silver gemstone jewelry you simply need to embark in a journey to find the colors that you love. And you know what they say: it is all about the journey, not the destination. If you want happiness, you have to figure out how to be happy along the way.  



That’s All Folks

Fashion-girl-with-black-jeansYes, there is no super-secret when it comes to wearing your favorite jewels “the right way”. Your own way is the right way and, if you have ever doubted yourself or doubted this notion in general, it’s high time you stopped wasting your gorgeous look potential and get to work on your explosive attitude. If you want professional fashion attitude, very well. There is one very important secret about fashion: it is about human beings. The jewels that you wear, the clothes that you put on and the stones that you adorn yourself with, they are just that: objects that reflect some parts of us. Jewels are beautiful to behold, but they are not fascinating. Human beings are fascinating. And if you want to rock your silver jewels, you had better equip them on a body with attitude. No matter how many jewels you have, no matter how expensive your clothes and no matter how many people look at you, objects will always be objects (not to mention they also have the flawed capability of generating envy) and they will often be perceived as show off. Be yourself. That’s the only way you can make an impact.


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