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How to Wear a Brooch the Right Way


What is unfortunate about brooches is that they seem to have fallen out of grace. Take a moment and think about the last time you saw anyone wear a brooch. It’s been a while hasn’t it? The good news is that you can use this to your advantage if you really like these accessories. The fact that they are underutilized makes them a perfect addition to your wardrobe since they might be the thing that make you stand out most in a crowd. While everyone else is going to be wearing standard jewelry, you are going to have the opportunity to both impress and customize your brooches as you desire. The freedom that a brooch offers to its wearer is a little wider than other jewels do at the moment. You practically have vintage jewel that nobody else is really using that you can also play with as you desire. If anybody will try to talk you out of wearing them, the Fall 2015 runways are your perfect example as to why they are something worth looking at. Take a look at Prada, Dolce & Gabanna and Balenciaga. You will see exactly why brooches are not something to be ignored. And now that we’ve come to the conclusion that brooches are a thing (and will possibly witness stronger movements in the future), let us look at how to wear them, when and where.



Brooch Basics

Fashion broochLet’s start with some facts that you must know about a brooch. They are decorative accessories which are attached to your clothing with a pin clasp. If large brooches are not what you are looking for you can simply go for pins. Both pins and brooches are commonly associated with hats, jackets, sweaters, shirts and dresses. Brooch fashion actually started many, many years ago when their initial purpose was to hold clothing together. They are made out of a variety of materials such as Swarovski crystals, pearls and pearl imitations, even sea shells. Materials and metals such as silver, bronze, copper or pewter are often used to create the brooch’s base and sometimes they can even be the only material the brooch is made of. What is super cool is that a fashion brooch, appropriately matched to your outfit, can lead to better results than purchasing expensive ones made out of precious metals or crystals. Did you know that brooches are among the only pieces of jewelry out there that can pride themselves on no size limit? That’s right, you can wear a tiny pin or some of those “super out there” brooches and there is nothing wrong with it. On the contrary, it is quite possible that a very large one can even inspire the people who think that they know everything about fashion. If glamor is what you are looking for, you are perhaps going for all the required weaponry: designer’s dress, high heels, a gorgeous handback and, of course, the appropriate jewelry. The beauty that a brooch can bring to your outfit is the fact that it demands a certain level of simplicity. You do not want to take too much jewelry with a brooch, especially since it is a type of statement jewelry. But you should remember at all times that balance is essential. You do not want to have too big a brooch and make it hard for people to notice your face.


You also do not want to have a pin so small that those around you won’t be able to notice it at all. A heavy accessory on a thin dress is a big no and a light, colorful one on formal wear will ensure that you get all the attention that you do not want. Most women who wear brooches today wear it because of the niche factor. If you do not own a brooch or have never considered wearing one, it’s time you started thinking about it. The best way for you to have a variety of outfits covered is to buy an appropriate set. It is the easiest way you can get away with little effort and being prepared for several occasions. The best advice we can give is that, if you are not that interested in these types of jewelry but you are still considering them for an occasional wear, pick two brooches that you love. One is to keep things formal and the other is for more day to day usage. Have you ever had issues when it came to match rings with earrings? Brooches might be exactly what you are looking for. Because you are not going to wear them directly on your body, you have a very large area to experiment on: wear them on your jacket, your jeans, even your shoes. If you find the match that makes you feel comfortable and confident, then that is the match that suits you best. Now here is what you need to do and what you need to completely avoid when looking for brooches and how to match them.  



To Do’s and Not to Do’s

Girl-looks-in-the-mirror Above all else do not force yourself into wearing styles, clothes and accessories that are going to discomfort you. Remember that the entire purpose of dressing up is to make yourself feel confident, comfortable and beautiful. If something does not feel like it works, let it be. There are thousands of other things out there you can try. Why settle for anything less? Look for all sorts of shapes and designs that cater to your needs: maybe you like animals, flowers or maybe you are into abstract shapes. Brooches are not things that you should only look at. They are meant to be played with. Always take your impact into consideration. It is actually better if you take a friend with you when you go shopping and ask for impressions. Does it adjust to your body? Your face? Is it too big? Too small? Can you wear it on your belt or on your shoes? Any detail is important. It is always about how you feel and how others look at you. Getting things matched is never a one-way show. Do take your time when choosing them. A very important rule that you must always shout in your head is that the brooch is an accessory for any of your dresses, but not the other way around.  



How Do You Wear Them?

Dress-on-mannequinAnd this is the part when things get interesting: when do you actually want to wear a brooch? And what do you wear them with? The answer is quite simple: anywhere you want with the condition that it has to match with whatever you are wearing. Office, business meetings, family reunions, clubbing, dating, parties or even at home. Who is stopping you, right? Dresses are a very comfortable choice when deciding to wear a brooch. Actually, this is a very cool idea to get away with a large dress. You can simply gather all that extra fabric at the back and pin it. It cannot go wrong. Apart from that, a flower brooch looks splendid beneath your waistline or it could be used to accentuate your beautiful bust line. Have you ever felt that shirts and blouses are just not enough for you to accomplish your complete look? Again, the answer to this challenge is a brooch. A carefully placed geometric shape at your collar will join the fabrics and, if you want to make things super interesting, make sure the brooch’s gemstone color matches or is in contrast with your eye color. It will be a blast. If you are looking for a piece of clothing that is literally begging for a brooch, cardigans and sweaters are your best choices. Anything sophisticated will do. Actually, you might want a lot of shapes and forms because this type of clothing welcomes such styles. Vintage cameo or Victorian accessories might do. Go check them out. Ok, let’s get a little bit original. Do brooches work with hair buns? Sure they do. Bandanas? Yes. Gloves and shoes? Totally. How about scarfs and purses? Yes and yes. You can literally wear them anywhere. Seriously, it makes you wonder how brooches lost popularity in the first place. These are some of the most versatile jewels out there.


Let’s recap. If you really want to stand out, do not go for the usual jewelry. Go for something more niche instead, like brooches. They are quite rare, can be used in a variety of ways and will not fail to leave a lasting impression. Above everything else, they do not have a size limit, they can be worn anywhere on your clothes and you can even think of them as your statement jewel. Whenever you want to go for your regular designer’s dress, high heels and handbag you can fit a brooch in there as well. Always keep its shape and form balanced so that they do not distract viewer’s eyes from yourself. Never compromise the way you feel for a good looking brooch. It is designed to fit well with a dress and not the other way around. If you feel that you cannot decide what things you should be looking for, ask a friend to come with you when you buy them. But what usually happens is that you will know exactly when you found the right brooch for you.