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How to Wear Mens Silver Jewelry


Ah, men and jewels. Or should we say men and jewelry? Either way, it has always been difficult for men to resort to jewels in anyway. Mens silver jewelry is no exception. For some reason, gentlemen refuse to adorn themselves with some of the greatest pieces that ever existed. There are two reasons as to why they might be doing this: they either believe that jewels were specifically designed for women or they simply do not know what and how to wear. That’s why we are here. It’s time we made it very clear that men’s jewelry is one of the greatest concepts to have ever been invented. As long as these jewels are not being used it is a total waste (for men, of course). Let’s start with the basics: gentlemen, you would have such a major advantage if you wore some jewels. Why? Because nobody does it! We are not talking about the exceptions here and we are not talking about the large earrings or the flashy bling-bling rings. We are talking about actual rings, bracelets and necklaces that you could be wearing to look a lot more chick. There is a huge difference between jewel meaning for men and women. For women it’s beautiful, chick, classy and sexy. For men it’s simply cool and young. Are we over the preconceptions? Good. It’s time you saw how real men wear their silver jewelry.  




Man-has-black-leather-jacketSadly for men, they do not have the same length variation that women have when it comes to necklaces. They can only choose between 18 and 24 inches while women can chose from 14 all the way to 40 inches. Yet this is not at all bad news for men. In fact, they have many alternatives to mens silver jewelry. The best way to look at necklaces for men is from the style perspective. While there are 5 styles that men can approach when it comes to these jewels, only some of them are “worthy” of the silver treatment. Before we go on, we need to mention something extremely important about men’s silver necklaces: they are made to look old. Yes, they do not need to look new, they do not need to look like you just bought it on your way to the party and you definitely should not rely on them for giving you the cool vibe. When looking at men’s necklaces, they need to look old, a little rugged, as if you received it from your grandfather and he received it from his. Needless to say, it would be really cool if you actually had one such piece, but you do not need to worry if you don’t. There are plenty of them out there which also come with the rugged look for a great price and simply wearing it will grant you all the beauty and attention your many pride can crave for. Now coming back to the styles: the first and foremost men’s necklace style is the dog tag. Dog tags are very old school and draw their roots from the tags that were used in the army. They are sexy, usually around 18 or 20 inches at max and you can carve details about yourself onto them. The old army dog tags used to have the soldier’s name, rank, medical condition and religion carved into them, but you can always replace those with something more modern or a simple image. They are commonly used in informal, laid back situations. Just don’t go to a ball room with dog tags.



Man-admires-the-view Then we have silver chains. If you want to do yourself a favor, you can wear the chains without any sort of adornment. The fact that a man is simply wearing a chain is sexy, so your decision alone is a great asset. If you do, however, want to make an impression or have something specific in mind that you would like to add to your chain, you must know that you have the liberty to add anything. The most important part about a necklace is the chain. As long as you got that one right, you’re good to go. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the ornament is more important. That is a rookie mistake that plenty of men make, but there is a very simple reason as to why you should not do it: people do not usually see your adornment. If your silver chain shows, that’s already a good indicator, but you are going to be wearing your accessory beneath your shirt most of the time. Unless you are wearing a very deep V-neck (which you shouldn’t be doing; at least not most of the time anyway), nobody will notice that you have a rock or a feather attached to your necklace. So keep your chain cool and your accessory discrete. Then there’s the good old choker. Chokers are interesting because of their metal and leather combinations. There is nothing wrong with leather chokers that have silver parts here and there. They look great during summer and are bound to attract some ladies’ attention. Never wear a full metal choker unless you want to look like a dog. As long as silver is a natural addition to your choker and the design looks nice, feel free to wear it, but don’t push it.  




Man-is-in-the-woods There are plenty of opinions going on about how men should wear silver rings, or rings in general. But if you want the best advice on rings you only need to keep one thing in mind: do not overdo it. Men’s hands are extremely beautiful in general. Adding one ring is one thing, but overadorning yourself is a huge mistake. You can wear one ring (perhaps paired with a watch on your left hand), but there are many situations in which even this is too much. The thing about men and silver rings is that they somehow do not fit on the long term. They eventually get married and start wearing a golden ring, which does not work well with silver to begin with. But supposing that the couple opts for white gold, another silver ring on his other hand might just work. Even then, when holding their hands together, men’s hands are not exactly made to wear these jewels. Gold rings are something else entirely and they have a charm of their own. If you want the best advice on the rung matter, it is simply best that you decide for yourself whether a silver ring would work best for you or not. In case you, too, are undecided, feel free to heed the opinion of a shop assistant.  




Man-has-sunglassesIf rings were a total pain, you should know that bracelets are a lot more rewarding for gentlemen. The best way for you to determine your style would be to consult our Most Popular Ways to Wear Your Bracelet guide. You will see our introduction to styles and properly define what works best for you. And yes, ignore the nail polish details because those are not for you. For men, we recommend these two particular styles: the edge and the minimalist. The former style mainly focuses on black and metallic colors in general. You can wear chain bracelets and metallic ones just to create a solid impression. You have a lot of freedom with silver in this particular area because black and metal… well, you get it. The latter style is all about putting together two or three bracelets. You can wear 3 silver ones and you will rock the party no matter what. Just know that a few paired bracelets sort of work like a statement jewel for a woman.


As long as you have them all paired together it is more than enough. Now that we went through all of these jewels, it’s time for our regular recap. First up we have the necklaces. There are three main styles that work exceptionally well when it comes to mens silver jewelry: dog tags, silver chains and chokers. Always keep in mind that the chains are the most important part of your necklace. You have all the freedom in the world when it comes to how you want to adorn your necklace, but this freedom comes with a great price: not everyone can see it. This is why it is important to keep the balance and match a cool accessory with a good chain. As for rings, things are a little complicated for men in this area. While some men look exceptionally well with silver rings, others are simply not meant for them. The best way to figure out what is best for you is to check out rings yourself or ask for an extra opinion. Lastly, bracelets can be really cool if you like the edge style or the minimalist. Edge keeps it dark and metallic while the minimalist is a great alternative for you to go simplistic and elegant. Pick your jewels wisely. As long as they flatter you, you can say that you made the right decisions.