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How Will Smith Gained His Fame and Success?

Many people wonder about will smith’s success, but what is truly fascinating is that some of them cannot understand how he made it so far with the skills that he has. Truth be told, it is the same story as with all young American children of color. The large majority of them come from school with poor education; they are involved in illegal activities and end up living a crime life, always running from the law and doing all sorts of reckless things. But not Will Smith! No, Will was a child with a passion. He wanted to do a little bit more with his life and he is the proper example of how you can make it in a world in which context is not exactly playing in your favor.


So why is Will’s success so questioned? Basically, because he played his game in three different industries. He first started with rap music, then got into movies and then got into motivational speaking. This last part is what usually confuses people most because music and movies… they are somewhat related. They are both entertainment, but motivational speaking is something else entirely. Will does it well and he does it right and we will get to this part later on in our guide. But what is most dazzling about Will’s career is that you do not exactly see it. Sure, he has been involved in some very successful rap songs, he still plays in movies that make it big but what does he do apart from these things? He definitely has an amount of money coming from somewhere… he still attends major film festivals and he usually lets his wife and child take the spotlight. How would you feel if we told you that the secret to Will Smith’s career is kindness?  



It All Started with a Little Bit of Friendship

Will-Smith-has-a-green-t-shirtIt is widely rumored that Smith turned down some important scholarships, but this is not the face. Born in a family with a school board administrator mother and a refrigerator engineer father, Will did not seem to benefit from the highest quality education in the world, but he always followed his passions. Even though he had pretty good SAT scores, he always said that he “wanted to rap”. He never really wanted to go to college and, even though he did apply, he never attended. This goes to show that Smith was fearless even since he was a little boy. He didn’t really agree with the general mentality that you need to go to school to become someone. He realized that school would just make him a good employee. He wanted more. So he started as the MC for DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. Jazzy was his childhood friend and this goes to show that friendship can go a long way if you want to make it big in life. This is where Smith’s career actually started and, if you take a moment and look at where it is today, you might want to reflect how far he has actually come. They were just having fun, but fun immediately turned into a success because their sings, compared to many others, were really cool and caught the public’s attention. The three friends were even doing some funny and approachable radio songs and if you are an 80s kid you might know something about “Parent’s Just Don’t Understand” and the great “Summertime”. Good times, right? As they advanced in their careers, they were awarded with their first Grammy award in 1988. Ever since then, the name Smith was known to be one to go down in the history of music. But as music became a core point in his life, Smith didn’t really feel that he had lived up to his potential. He wanted a little bit more. This is why we think he got into acting. Acting has this certain impact on people. We believe it to be one of the most influential careers because it molds you in different ways that you could never imagine. It’s more than psychology, it’s more than just doing something that somebody else is doing. Acting is becoming someone else and that’s what Smith just did.  



Movies That Really Made It

Will-Smith-has-an-earring Most of will smith’s success comes from a few movies in which he literally nailed it. The Independence Day was the second highest grossing movie in the history of cinema, Men in Black was just a super funny alien movie and Bad Boys was simply a comedy done right because it reflected the life of its characters very well. Needless to say, these were not the only movies he starred in. Actually, Will Smith starred in plenty of movies, but not all of them became famous. We cannot really put our finger on why that happened, but we just suspect the fact that the world has changed and has some really different values and expectations these days. Smith is, practically, an 80s to 90s guy. And even though the 90s still have a huge impact these days, it is very clear that people expect something else from movies that we witness now: more special effects, some more professional acting skills and, if it is humor, it had better be good quality humor. The movies that we mentioned previously were all good for the times they were made in. They are even good if you decide to watch them today, but it would be quite difficult to raise children with these movies. The best things we can do is save them on clouds and wait for us to have our own children so that we can show them what kind of things we grew up with. But coming back to Smith, we have to recognize one very important aspect. Even though not everyone might like to read this, Smith is not the best actor in Hollywood. Don’t get us wrong. We are not saying that he is a bad one either. He is actually one of the sweetest and kindest people around. It’s just that he is not the best actor in town. And we suspect this because we believe he has never been entirely dedicated to it. Smith is an opportunist. He is smart and he knows how to make money and improve himself, but this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know when to stop. We believe that he is very aware of this, but we will now go to the motivational side which sets him apart from the rest of the actors in Hollywood.  



Why Will Smith’s Motivational Speech Is Important

Will-Smith-wears-a-shirtGiven the time and context in which it was developed, Smith’s motivational side is a clear indicator which says that he is fully aware that his life is a journey. He knows that he has to learn how to become a better person (an actor included) and he is very willing to accept his path and do so. This is a very important part of being a celebrity that few others notice or even talk about. It does not really matter whether you are a celebrity or a normal person. Your journey is the same: look for what you like in life and try to make it better somehow. Follow your dreams, do not let others stand between you and what you desire. The majority of people live in fear anyway. The reason why the world is as you see it today is because the majority of the people are afraid of doing what they want to do. They would trade freedom for comfort at any given moment of their lives. But this is not the way life should be lived. Our purpose is to simply notice our mistakes, accept them and find a way in which we can improve ourselves. This is Smith’s philosophy, quite similar to Gandhi’s: be the change that you want to see in the world.


While there are many people who say that Smith is a freak or he is doing this because he has ran out of options, the truth is very simple and he just wants his fans to see it: you can do anything that you want in your life. Just dream it and start doing it. The others are dreaming it, but are doing nothing about it. Doesn’t that give you an extraordinary chance to fulfill your own dreams? The competition is not that solid, to be fair. This is the story of will smith’s success: he was just a young child who made some friends and decided that he would do what he liked instead of pursuing school. He traded safety for freedom and it worked out quite well for him. Even though you might not see his success, the truth is right there in front of you: he still attends galas, he is still successful and he still wants people to learn how to be successful. Will Smith is the kind of guy you would like to have as a role model.