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Everyone understands the term trendy fashion jewelry. They can relate to it and understand what it means, but it should not come as a surprise to you if it were mistaken for something else. Our purpose for today is to highlight the best ideas you can get for trendy fashion jewels, but we are also going to shed some light upon the differences between fashion and costume jewelry. Although both very similar, there are a few differences that you should always be aware of and, if fashion jewels really are your thing, you might as well be well prepared for it, right?



Trendy Fashion Jewelry VS Costume Jewelry


If you want to know the main difference between trendy fashion jewelry and costume jewelry, you simply have to know that they are similar styles from different time periods.

The way they are crafted and the reasons they are worn are pretty much the same, but they are not agreed upon by many as being the same thing. Costume jewelry rose to power somewhere in the 1930s. This happened for a very specific reason: people could not, or were forced into not affording some particular types of clothes and jewels. The tradition was that certain costumes and jewels would be passed on, from generation to generation, thus it would be extremely difficult to wear them on a regular basis. The fear of damage, and even loss, prevented people from wearing such accessories. Thus costume jewelry was born. This practice for creating false jewelry was very useful for plenty of other situations.



Despite allowing people to wear flashier jewels that nobody would mind if they broke or were misplaced, costume jewels were used in theatrical displays which required good-looking, but cheap accessories, they could be made exclusively for one outfit and, overall, one could easily trade money for good looks. Fashion jewels are practically evolved costume jewels. This trend first rose in the 1980s and it was born out of the need to make statements. While the term costume relates to a rather formal and professional field, trendy fashion jewelry is meant to be playful and fun. These accessories are worn in order for women to look chick and be in trend. This style, however, is constantly changing and evolving given the fact that many of its pieces end up being vintage and even have the potential to become antique. Plenty of women prefer a rather practical approach when it comes to fashion jewels because they understand that they are paying for pieces that will only be in trend for a couple of years at most. So why spend so much money on the super-premium brands if you can tailor the image you need for considerably less money?



Where to Get Your Inspiration From

Girl-in-blue-dress If you want good ideas for fashion jewels, we recommend a few online shops that will help you develop a keen eye for these great accessories. However, if you do not find anything you are looking for online, we still suggest that you at least visualize them so that you can get some sort of idea about what you are looking for. Once you are done with the big picture, take to the local shops and see if you find anything you like. There are plenty of situations in which people look for their desired jewels online for days and days, only to realize that what they were looking for could be found in a shop, 10 minutes away from their homes. A good place for you to begin your journey is stella & dot.

The majority of items you will find here are trendy fashion jewelry and will cater to the majority of your needs.

You can find necklaces, watches, bracelets, charms, engravables, earrings and rings, so you can find almost anything that you are looking for. Triangle Lariat necklaces are really making a stand this summer. Available in both gold and silver variations, you can easily access them for really accessible prices of $50 each.



While the watch section is not exactly what we would call large and diverse, we definitely recommend that you think about the rose-gold and stone Iron convertible watches. Engravables are also a thing. Not only are they trendy, but they also carry this timeless sensation that anyone should use to their advantage. Not only are engravables exotic and stylish fashion jewels, but they are also a good way to start conversations or generate curiosity. As long as you have the first initial of your name craved on an object that you are wearing, there is always a possibility that you will meet the right people. But if you are really looking for diversity on stella & dot, rings and earrings are really the fashion jewels you want to go for. It’s not only about the diversity. It’s about the price as well. The Aurora Ring set, for instance, contains three very special rings that you can now purchase for as little as $18. But even if you miss this discount, you can always go for a $29, which is a standard above excellent. Other super interesting designs include the golden Pearl Spike ring, the Lightning Ring, the Arabesque Cocktail and the Gilded Arrow ring, all accessible for prices similar to those of the Aurora set, and quite charming too! As for earrings, it’s all about the style that you prefer. You can go for large earrings that attract attention such as the Eva Ear, Crescent Ear or the Terra Earrings, or you can go for minimalistic designs that exude a touch of finesse: Maddie Pearl, Deco Drop, Sentiment Drops (deep sea quartz and ocean quartz) and, if you want to go past summer and maintain the trend in autumn as well, you can try Sentiment Drops with smoky quartz.



Girl-has-modern-clothesAnother source of inspiration is Sence Copenhagen. This site is the perfect place you want to visit if you are interested in fashion jewels that stand out. A lot. You can also find charms if you are really into them and the price-quality ratio is outstanding. The bracelets that are truly inspiring are the brass multicolors, genuine leathers paired with silver, gold or platinum alongside the great range of pearls and gemstones they come accompanied by. The stones that you will find most often are amazonite, aquamarine and agate, but you can also find freshwater pearls if you look closely. As for the charms, we recommend the F837. The worn rose gold makes for an excellent, tiny, yet very attractive addition to any jewel of your desire. Floral decorations are always a plus. That's trendy fashion jewelry .


If you like the element of surprise, however, you might like the A103, available in worn silver and gold. This could also work well as a pendant, given that you can only share information about the inside stone to whomever you wish. And the stone also gives you a lot of freedom since it is, in fact, a custom design. So whatever story you decide fits best the situation, you can use it to your advantage. There are also plenty of options in terms of earrings, but we have one small recommendation. You can easily match your earrings with your other half’s cufflinks for an extra stylish addition. There are plenty of variables you can play with: size, shape and color. Establish what you would like to wear with your gentleman and make it your priority to rock the party for the night.



Minor Additions & Summary

Girl-sits-in-front-of-windows As mentioned previously, do not relent if you do not find any of these designs appealing. There are plenty of other fashion jewels out there which are literally begging to be purchased by those who appreciate them. If the online shops do not satisfy your needs, you can visit a local market and see if you can find anything that matches your criteria. Another easy tip is to access Pinterest. Pinterest is perhaps one of the easiest and coolest ways to get in touch with certain jewels simply because people try to fit them in a certain criteria. Above everything else, you can also find them associated with their shops and see where you can buy them from. It might be the best source for you because, if you find yourself in the category of people who do not really like things that can be found on the market, you are definitely looking for something more special. This is what people posting on Pinterest are looking for as well: something classy, out of the ordinary, something that is great but not many people would have the courage to get their hands on.


Remember not to mix trendy fashion jewelry with costume jewels. They are quite similar, but certain differences like the periods in which they became famous and the purposes for which they are worn can make them totally different. If you are looking for 100% reliable online shops and ideas, give stella & dot and Sence Copenhagen a go. They will most likely help you with your decisions. But if these two are not enough, you might want to view Pinterest or dress up nicely and take it to the shops. Don’t worry. You will find everything you need in no time.


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