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Instyle Clothing - Ultimate Summer Guide


August is upon us and the last summer month. You really want to make good impression on yourself and those around you! This is why instyle clothing is your main interest right now. You don’t want to let summer slip by and not have at least a few good days to show off your most gorgeous clothes. Although, to be fair, it’s really not our clothes that we want to take pride on. It’s ourselves. So fine, people get superficial from time to time and we also have to think about dresses that can also entertain them, but it’s also important that we feel comfortable in what we wear. Before we move on, we definitely need to stress on this one: don’t dress like the others. Don’t dress to please anyone else or to just seem cool for the sake of looking cool. Wear yourself above any other clothes. Feel good, feel confident, feel like you own the street, the beach or even your office. If you want to be completely instyle you simply have to put that confidence on.


Sure, clothes look nice, they make you look well and people also have the impression that you threw a good deal of money on them, but at the end of the day the most important person that you have to think about is yourself. Having mentioned that detail, it’s time we thought about what’s happening this summer. There have been some interesting trends out and about, which we will be tackling in the following minutes, but we also want to stress how important accessories have become. Jewels and shoes are a big thing this summer compared to previous seasons when things were not that interesting, to be honest. So let’s buckle up and start our journey. We have a lot of cool things that we need to look at.



Summer Stripes

Woman-admires-the-seaIt all started with the spring/summer runways. After that, it all became a huge boom. Stripes are the thing this summer and it is really exciting to know this because you only need to follow two simple rules when it comes to stripes. Firstly, vertical stripes’ purpose is to make you look taller and skinnier. This is why they work super well with people who are not exactly confident with their body. Have no fear, nobody is judging you here. Everybody is entitled to their own body and as long as you feel nice in it everything is ok! However, social expectations might get to you sometimes. We know, it can be difficult, but there are also tons of ways for you to get out of these pesky situations. First of all, ignore the hate talk. Seriously, people who hate talk those who are a little unconfident with how they look are just lame. Then, if you really want to lose some weight, make sure that you do so for yourself and not for others. You’re not going to lose it overnight, sadly, but the key ingredient is to find your balance and make a change. The way to cheat yourself out of social expectations is via vertical stripes. Trust us, we have never seen anybody look bad in verticals (unless they wore verticals and horizontals at the same time). Horizontal stripes are exactly the opposite. These are for the skinny dudes and ladies. Too skinny? Wear some horizontals. They work like a charm and make you look really cool.


Also, try a lot of colors this summer. For some reason, multiple colors work a lot better than two or three. It’s because they are more intricate and harder to match. But if you get the results right you are in for one good show. Also, in case you feel like you should gain some weight, feel free to use these beauties until you reach your desired milestone. Stripes are so magical. But what’s this? Something new on the horizon? Yes, it sure seems like it! It looks like instyle clothing involves asymmetric stripes as well. These are bold beauties, not everyone has the courage to wear them. But everything has a moment when it has to become mainstream, doesn’t it? It looks like the summer of 2016 is the asymmetric stripe period. A lot of big names presented themselves with asymmetries this season: Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Stella McCartney, they all had something interesting to add to the table and we all have to say that they did not disappoint. What really stood out was the Rainbow Colored Metallic Stripe from Gucci. That sort of beauty is rarely matched. The last style that we would like to talk about here is “every which way”. This is also a very bold one. Very chic, very beautiful, but it requires a lot of skill. It might rise to power sooner rather than later, but not many people have the courage to play this game. In fact, just because not many people will be wearing this, you might want to give it a try yourself. What do you say? Ready to impress everyone?  



Over-The-Shoulder Excellence

Woman-has-an-elegant-shirt Over-the-shoulder came in really hard this summer. It was quite unexpected, but we are very pleased that it happened. Over-the-shoulder is a unique design that inspires both beauty and grace. It is also the thing that practically started the whole accessory trend that we see around us. To a certain extent, every jewel that you see people wearing today is a jewel that works well with over-the-shoulder. Now why do we say that? It’s because you already know that people are playing the imitation game. Jewelry sales have been amazing this summer and guess why: imitation. People saw other people wearing other things and they decided that it would be a good idea for them to have those things too. So they bought, and they bought, until every jewel became somewhat of a normality. Since this is the ultimate summer guide we might tell you the truth, right? Everybody just stole something from someone else. But it is only natural. Over-the-shoulder has been called “understatedly sexy”. We can all understand why. But it turned out that this piece alone was not enough to achieve that level of sexiness that ladies desired, so they had to think about dresses and accessories as well. This is when the breezy dresses came in and the shoes really dependent on ladies’ height. If they were small and cute, they would get some high heels and if they were tall they would just stick with flats. There is a certain charm to both styles: over-the-shoulder with a breezy dress looks adorable, but if you add high heels to the combination things can get quite deadly. Regarding jewelry, Alexander McQueen was the number one choice this summer. Many ladies have claimed that it is the sort of jewelry that can work with anything at any time. So as long as jewels comply with the rule of putting them on and forgetting everything about them, everything is great. Concerning shoes, Prada seems to have landed the first place. Many women love them; it’s just that they also claim that you cannot walk in them too much. If you decide to sacrifice comfort for beauty it is totally up to you. We are not saying that Prada are bad shoes. On the contrary, they are some of the most exquisite pieces you can fit your gracious legs into. But comfort is a good thing, you know. It feels pretty bad to waste it. Jeans were also a major preference when it came to matching something with an over-the-shoulder piece. Reason? They look very sexy. Anything slim will do as long as you match the colors accordingly. The main issue, however, is that jeans can get very, very hot during summer. So, again, you will have to sacrifice some comfort for good looks. But you can always cheat your way out of it and wear this combination at night! You’re welcome!  



All Things Considered

Woman-walks-through-forestIt’s pretty interesting to know that the summer of 2016 was mostly concentrated around two pieces of clothing: stripes and over-the-shoulder. This made it very easy for every lady out there to match her clothes without much of an issue, feel comfortable and gorgeous at the same time. These two pieces also enabled the ladies to choose from a wide variety of jewels and shoes, which eventually led to seeing the same style everywhere. So let’s do a short recap: stripes are the thing this summer. You can go for vertical and horizontal, according to your needs, but do not be afraid of trying asymmetric and every which way either. These last two are very bold. This is what makes them the perfect pick: nobody is going to have the courage to wear them. So wear them yourselves! In the end, instyle clothing practically demands that you have at least over-the-shoulder piece in your wardrobe. It’s imperative. It’s not only because it’s trendy, but because it will make you look gorgeous no matter what.