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Is Peridot Back in Fashion?


Alright, we are going to be talking about peridot today and whether it is becoming fashion power movement again or not. Now we know what you might be wondering: it’s May, we are talking about the green gemstone that is commonly associated with August or autumn at best and we just went over a Friday 13th.

Clearly something went wrong.But leaving mild humor aside, we are actually attempting to understand whether these gorgeous jewels are making a comeback or not. They have always been catchy, vibrant and simply beautiful to the eye, so let’s see if they have the required potential.




Peridot Basics & Stories

Ring-with-emerald Firstly, we need to understand how important and valuable these gemstones are. They have received numerous acclaims and are often considered some of the oldest known gemstones to man. What is fascinating about them is peridots are some of the very few gemstones that occur in one color only: olive-green.  How intense the green is, however, depends on how much iron the crystal contains. Hence you can obtain colors ranging from yellow all the way to dark-olive green, which is the most valuable. Plenty historical records have established that peridot mining occurred as early as 1500 B.C. and carries significant value for Egypt. There are also rumors that Cleopatra herself wore peridots most of the time. It can also function as an extraordinary gift since it is believed that the stone can bring success to its owner, along with good luck and peace.  They are great alternatives for engagement rings and the legend has it that, should the stone be placed in gold, it will unleash its full potential and repel the darkest dreams and fears.

Napoleon gifted a peridot ring to his first wife, Josephine, as a token of love and great admiration.The most common period to gift a peridot to a couple is on their 3 and 16 th anniversary. At the same time, you can always gift this stone to a Libra since it is directly associated with this Zodiac sign.



Why Peridots And Who Can Wear Them?


There are two main reasons why the peridot might be making its move in fashion nowadays. The first reason was given by Saint Patrick’s Day, a celebration when people wear the custom green color. Since peridot hasn’t been such an acknowledged piece over the years, it only seemed natural that its time would come at some point. The year of 2016 seems to have had some sort of impact since many women preferred wearing this gemstone on Saint Patrick’s Day instead of a custom green outfit.

The second reason revolves around the idea that the world is becoming more digitalized with every passing day.

Technology is becoming a normal part of our lives and, with demanding jobs and responsibilities, people tend to depart from nature.Since the peridot is essentially a green gemstone, it is indirectly related to nature and all of its colors in different stages. Green is simply a color that keeps us close to nature and, given the fact that peridots come in all sorts of different shades of green, they are quite easy to match with plenty of wardrobes. It is not at all hard to comprehend why this gemstone has a chance now, more than it did in the past years.



People with a warm skin tone can make perfect use of peridots, and if you are a gold lover you have an extra reason to wear them. They work extremely well with earth colors in general such as brown, yellow and other shades of green and if you want to get original, you can simply think about late August to September-October colors and match them to your outfit. Needless to say, you can also think about white gold alternatives in order to give the chains and frames a silverish look and match them with anything your wardrobe has to offer. Just know that if you are going with white gold you had best keep any accessories within the same color. It is ideal if you do not bring two types of gold within the same outfit. Eggshell or off-white will work well with a white gold or silver peridot piece, black is also great if you add a ring with the same gemstone and this last outfit works well both during day and night. Oh, and do not forget to keep golden chains narrow. But peridot is not only suitable for women. Men can also claim that they have an ace up their sleeves with this stone, either through necklaces or via cufflinks.


There are certain styles and necklace lengths that will gladly accept peridot gemstones and give you a summerish vibe. There are also plenty of cufflinks that come in with peridot heads. As established in previous guides, both necklaces and cufflinks can be used for all types of occasions. In terms of necklaces, men should decide whether the peridot needs to take center stage or not. You know that the metal is the most important part of your necklace and the ornament can literally be anything, but if you want the peridot to draw everyone’s eyes you need to go for certain lengths and materials. You will want to go for 18 or 20 inch lengths at max. Since these are the lengths that show the most, you want your gems to fit somewhere around this area. Going for gold is always a plus and chains and chokers might be the best decision in this situation. Think about it: a golden chain with a peridot hits two birds with one stone because you have both a high-quality chain and your colors match. Chokers are just sexy and if you are already the lucky possessor of a warm skin tone there is no way you can mismatch. As for cufflinks, well, imagine how well you would look with anything white, brown and green on a date, in a greyish environment somewhere at a café in town’s square. She won’t be able to take your eyes off you. Wear a wide smile, too. Trust us, it works.



Context And What To Look For

Jewelry-shopSo let us take a moment and recap: plenty of good historical background on peridots, good legends, important historical figures who have either used or gifted them, a historical moment in which people need more natural colors in their life and tons of different jewelry options for both men and women to choose from. Yes, it pretty much looks like the perfect recipe for peridots to take center stage again. Maybe they have yet to reach their full potential, but the stage is set for them to claim their spot among the most wanted pieces of 2016. If you are either planning on wearing peridots or buying them for anyone special in the period to come, we have some interesting options that you might like. The Cushion Peridot Halo Necklace is one of them, an extraordinary 14k white gold pendant, diamond shaped, this will work extremely well on any woman’s neck. Definitely worth checking out. Also a 14k white gold design, the Princess Peridot Split Shank Ring exudes royalty and class. The square checkerboard will fit on a gracious hand during important events. If cocktail parties are her thing, however, there is nothing wrong in verifying whether she would like the Cushion Peridot Halo Ring. Give it the right light and it will return the right sparkle.


Last, but not least, the Round Cab Peridot Loverbacks are ideal for anything in the casual area. Small, elegant, discrete, these fine pieces will mostly go unnoticed to the naked eye, but she will be beautiful and they won’t know exactly why. It’s time for the gentlemen. If you fancy peridot cufflinks, for instance, you can confidently look towards the 925 Sterling Silver Natural Peridot and Cubic Zirconia men’s cufflinks. Found at very accessible prices, these chick pieces will give you the exact sparkle you need. Lee Brevard’s Sterling Silver and Peridot cufflinks are a great option as well if you are more into square shapes. As for the necklaces, it’s all up to you. You can even grab a peridot uncarved stone and add it to your necklace if you want to. As long as there are men wearing a feather on their necklace and make it look super fancy you have nothing to worry about. Remember to always consider your chain, it’s really important that you think about the metal’s quality. Even if you do not want the necklace style to represent you, it’s always nice to have at least a decent metal to work with. So what do you think? Is peridot back in in fashion? It looks strong enough from our perspective, but we think it can even do better than it is doing now. It will probably witness great improvement by the end of September and October, but given the fact that plenty already love it and recommend it might give it a chance before the end of summer.