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Jamie Foxx - His Top 3 Most Guarded Secrets


It would seem rather awkward that a guy like Jamie Foxx would have secrets wouldn’t it? Well, for some it might seem that way, but for the rest of us, who live in the real world, it seems quite plausible for a super star to have their own secrets. There are quite a few voices out there who are saying that Jamie Foxx’s secrets are dirty, but the information that we managed to get our hands on suggests otherwise. Actually, you might be surprised about what kind of secrets this guy has. And they are not exactly related to money or the way he performs. It’s just about the way he thinks of things. Now that we’re got you all interested, we are going to briefly go through all of the subjects that we are going to be tackling in each chapter. First of all, Jamie has secrets as to how he deals with the Hollywood life and the way his acting is perceived.


Living this kind of life is rough and you always have to be on your heels and delivering the best performance if you want to have the slightest chance to remain one of the cool guys in movies. Then there is the relationship status… Yes, you might have heard a thing or two about who he is with right now and why he decided to keep it a secret. But we will save that part for the ending. You are already excited about it, aren’t you? Well, if you really want details, then we suppose you could scroll down a little bit and see what it’s all about. But make sure that you get back up here and read the rest of his secrets because they are equally important. Ready for us to dive into one of Hollywood’s most esteemed actors’ lives? Let’s get right to it.



How Does He Deal with the Hollywood Life?

Jamie-Foxx's-wears-sunglassesAs we mentioned before, this is not the kind of career you have an easy time in. The competition is so heated up that it is literally impossible for everyone to get the best roles that they are asking for. On top of everything, Foxx also has to deal with the race issue, which is a taboo that nobody likes touching. But even if nobody is touching that, it does not mean that it doesn’t exist. There has been constant debate in the last few years about black people not receiving as many awards as they should in Hollywood. So we know that is a problem. But how does this actor deal with it? It’s quite simple: Foxx knows that this is just a game. “A game? What are you talking about?” There are some careers and domain in this world which are complete games: investing, building businesses, creating music and making movies. There are a lot more than these, but we just gave you a few examples just to know what kind of things we are talking about. How do these careers work? Well, it is quite obvious: you join the show, play your best and hope that you win. Let us correct that sentence a bit: you “hope” that you win. There is, in fact, no hoping. You either play the game until you learn it (and play it well), or you are out. It’s just as simple as that. There are only two things that are great about careers like these: if you win, you really win hard (not just money, but recognition and experience) and there is no gender inequality in these sorts of jobs. In the majority of the jobs of the world you will find gender inequality and you will also work hard without any long term benefit. This is how the Industrial Era used to work. Welcome to the 21st century. Nowadays, you look for careers in which you work hard in the beginning and then the money keeps piling in without you making too much effort. Foxx understood this very clearly when he entered the world of movies and that is why he did it in the first place. He knew that if he would become a great actor he would have to really learn his craft in the beginning and slowly develop into a good actor who works less, but generates more.  



How He Is Perceived

Jamie-Foxx-wears-a-black-outfit This is another tricky question. In general, you would think that he would be deeply concerned with how he is perceived, mostly because of the subject that we talked about earlier. But one of Jamie Foxx’s secrets is that he does not care about what people think about him at all. It doesn’t make too much sense, does it? He is an actor, how can he not be interested in what the rest of the people think about him? It’s very easy: he knows that he is not going to be able to please everybody, so he just settles for learning his craft accordingly and seeing what results it offers. People from all over the world are concerned with what others think about them… and look where that’s got them. Most of the people are concerned with what they are going to do tomorrow, think about their jobs, the fact that they do not have enough money and that they cannot afford some nice things. Thinking about what others think about you is, officially, one of the worst things you can do to yourself because it wastes your time. Foxx knows this very simple truth: you cannot please everybody. It is just impossible. So why not work to impress some people who you are really going to work with (who are a few, but the way, and you need to look for them) instead of just looking to impress the entire world (most of whom will not even like you in the first place)? You might question why they do not like you. That has a simple answer too: it’s just that people can be total haters for no particular reason. They might not like somebody because their friends to not like that somebody, they might look at gender or race… there are so many silly reasons as to why people do not like others that there is no need to further extend the subject because they are what they are: silly reasons. Foxx’s secret is simple: work to impress yourself. If you impress yourself above everything else, rest assured that the rest of the world will follow up on your impression.  




Are Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Together?

Jamie-Foxx-wears-a-black-suitYes, this is the secret we have all been waiting for, right? Is it true? Can it be true? It looks like it is. Back in 2015, the two were photographed holding hands and the fans did not have the best reaction in the world. It is said that they actually freaked out and wanted to know a few extra details. That was the moment in which the two made things very, very private. They are rarely seen together, they are rarely seen doing anything and, to be fair, the world doesn’t know that much about them anymore. It kind of makes you wonder why they are not a little bit “out there” about it. Well, the reason might be the simplest of all: they enjoy privacy. Who doesn’t? There are celebrities out there who like to bring their entire family on the stage, but there are a lot of people who just dislike putting their personal lives on stage. Both points of view are equally understandable. In fact, some sources say that the two seem to closer and closer to each other the more they keep their private life out of the public one. If this is the price that the public needs to pay so that these two can be happy, we are more than happy to oblige. But we doubt that everyone else will feel the same way. So, what you think about this super star’s secrets? Surprising? A little bit dull? We thought about the dull part ourselves, but the fact remains the same; Jamie Foxx is famous, rich and he gets to do whatever he wants with his life.


That is more than most human beings dream of. So why not try and imitate that. Maybe he is on to something. We actually believe that Jamie Foxx’s secrets are actually the things that are most precious to him, things that he does not want everyone to get their hands on. And why would they? How would you feel if someone gave away your most successful tips and tricks? Pretty disappointed and cheated on, right? Well, this is what we are giving you today: the secrets to success by Jamie Foxx. It is your choice whether you choose to implement them or not but, to be fair, we think that these will help you get everything you need or want in life. And yes, it is that simple. The difference between people who are famous and those who are not lies in the way they think.