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Jay Z - A Family Man

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Many people believe Jay Z to be many things: a rapper, a respected singer, a genius and an innovator. But fewer people look at jay z’s family. Fewer people understand that a great part of his success is not only owed to his dedication to his career, but his dedication to his family as well. Jay is not only successful because he is good at what he is doing, but because of the fact that he has a happy and stable family life. Many say that he is lucky to have Beyoncé (and we will never argue with that because it is true), but the truth is that Beyoncé is also very lucky to have him. Their entire family is lucky because of the attention he decides to give to them. Family is a crucial institution in today’s society. Today it is more important than ever because we no longer live in an age in which we can say that family is a core value anymore. Sure, we aspire to it, but this doesn’t mean that we treat it in the same way we did years ago. Couples emerge and disappear within seconds, divorce rates are always going up and people have somewhat got used to the idea that is ok to experiment and have a few partners. What the world has forgotten is that family is the center of our social universe. It is the families that we build that will stand the test of time. It is the values that we uphold in our family that create a stable society.


From our point of view, the societies that lose their identity over time are those that cannot preserve family in the right way. You do this through fidelity, passion and love. But not the sort of commercial love that you see on TV. True love is not dictated by teenagers who appear to be power couples who get together for better publicity and some extra gossip. True love is the love that you learn. It is the love that you have to start experiencing after a few years spent with the person next to you, when you have to leave the butterfly sensation aside and you have to put in the real effort. This is why Jay Z is one of the most successful people in the world. It’s not only because he “sings well”. It’s because he has shown that he is the kind of guy who is willing to put in the effort to learn how to love. The fact that he is a family man earns all the respect he wants. Not only from the fans, but most importantly, from the people he loves.  



Jay, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy

Jay-Z-wears-a-black-jacketNow this is an actual power couple! They are not doing publicity stunts, they are not even doing it for the fans. They are doing it for themselves!  The reason why these three are together almost all the time is because of the fact that they want to enjoy as much family time as possible. We know how parents try to avoid responsibilities these days: “honey I am too busy!”, “mommy has a lot of work to do” or “we are doing it for you!” Let’s face it: these are only half truths. Any parent who actually cares about their child would do anything to make some time for them. Parents who choose to go to work for an abusive boss who will either not let them come to work with their child or a parent who chooses to go to work and spend as little time as possible with their child are not only dodging responsibility, but they are also not willing to love their child as much as they should. It is somewhat understandable: children need a lot of affection, they drain a lot of your energy when they are very young and they require that you spend your time with them. Most people have to go to work and then run away from that because they need money to take care of their children, but they do not want to be completely exhausted.


This is where Jay and Beyoncé turn things around and do them in their way. They are not looking for ways to spend less time with Blue Ivy, they want to make her as much a part of their lives as their fans are, even more than that. This is why they take her on stage, this is why they dance together at parties, this is why they go sightseeing and to museums together, this is why they do everything together. Jay z’s family is everything to him. And the same principle applies for Beyoncé as well. They do not run away from the responsibility of having a child and being a family. They welcome it. And they also encourage the world to welcome it. There are many people in this world who say that they are making publicity out of this, but the truth is that they are only educating the world for a brighter tomorrow. You don’t get to leave you child at home because you have to work too much. You do not get to leave your children at parties because you don’t feel like they would fit in and you do not go on vacations without your children because you want to “just relax for a week”. Family is family. It is the most important thing you have and you never get to walk away from it.  



How Family Repays You

Jay Z-is-smiling This has nothing to do with money. Nothing truly happy in the world has to do with money. Happiness has has everything to do with sharing. Jay indirectly admitted this when he spoke about how Ivy enjoys one of his albums very much. It was the Magna Carta album. Jay had such pride in his voice when he said that Blue was his greatest fan. Can you imagine? You being a singer and your child being your greatest fan! Money cannot buy this! If nobody bought that album but Blue loved it, it would still mean the world to him. The thing that makes Jay stand out from many other artists is the fact that he teaches people how family repays you in unimaginable ways. The emotional security one gets from family is more important than anything in the world. But one has to learn how to control and establish this emotional security in the first place. As we said before, if you choose to dodge responsibility when it comes to family, you are not creating emotional stability.


On the contrary, you are creating emotional instability. Your family is not ever going to be sure if you are going to be there for them when they need you the most. And this is the most terrifying feeling of insecurity you can create in your family. How can you not be there? Why can you not be there? Is the job more important? Is the boss more important? Is money more important than your family? These are all questions that this family is indirectly making the world ask. For how long are you going to be dependent on your paycheck? For how long will you keep working for someone else and regard your family as the second most important thing in your life. In fact, the most important question is: for how long are you going to disregard yourself? Why did you bother creating a family in the first place? To work more and spend less time with them? To be unhappy with the way your life unfolds and to pass down that lack of happiness to them? That just doesn’t make any sense! Whenever you look at Jay and Beyoncé on the stage, whenever you see a picture of them in a museum, an art gallery or some exotic place in the world, you always have to ask yourself the most important question: why is more important to you? Is it your family or your boss? Is it your family or your job, or your money?  



Why We Respect Jay Z

Jay-Z-wears-sunglassesBecause he deliberately teaches us that family is important. Jay Z is one of the few celebrities who is fully aware of the importance family has in our lives. Very few celebrities actually do this. Most of them marry, remarry and swap couples from one year to another. This is not a stable family and it cannot lead to a happy society. Happiness is shared when people learn how to love. Jay z’s family is a demonstration of how you learn how to love. Love is beautiful and miraculous in the beginning but, in time, you have to learn how to love in a different manner: through the hardships, through the differences, through the good and bad moments shared together. You want to learn to love in purest of ways? Look at this family. They are the example you need for a happy family life.


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