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Jennifer Aniston - How 'Friends' Skyrocketed Her Career

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If you are a Friends fan, you are definitely a Jennifer Aniston fan. But even though she rose to the status that she prides herself with today, we cannot say that she had it easy. From a very young age, Jennifer mostly had to take care of herself on her own; she struggled with dyslexia and found it particularly difficult to move on in life. Her story is one classic success story that involves a lot of hard work, struggles, hardships, learning from failure and finally rising to a spot in which she found both joy and comfort. Still, even though Aniston is one of the most acclaimed women in Hollywood, there are still many people nowadays who say that she only got there because of Friends. Friends was the sort of TV series anyone would fall in love with. The 90s kinds loved it and the humor was way more accessible compared to other American comedies (such as Seinfeld).


But what is particularly astonishing is the fact that, out of the entire Friends crew, Jennifer seems to be the only one to have carried out the legacy. She is the only one which success favored in the movie industry and she enjoyed a lot of fans after the series had ended. The rest of the crew have also had their chances, but we cannot say that they did anything special in particular with what they have been given. This is mostly why we believe that Friends literally helped Aniston’s career blossom. It was the one time opportunity that gave her a life, a purpose, even a genre! Without Friends, Jennifer might still have had to cope with some of the hardships that she dealt with before and today we are going to talk about some of those hardships and the process which she had to face in order to be as famous as she is today.  



Early Life and Struggles

jennifer-aniston-wears-a-black-dressJennifer’s career started somewhere in 1988. She worked in a couple of Off-Broadway productions which never really made it. How could they? She was young, inexperienced, nobody knew about here and even the productions themselves were a little bit weird. A young Jennifer had to deal with the fact that she was not going to make it big from the beginning and she had to struggle for it. She had to learn not only how to be a better actress, but she had to learn how to learn and how to be patient. The life that she wanted would not be served to her on a plate. Sadly, her life wouldn’t be only about acting. Her “career” involved a lot of small jobs such as the one of a telemarketer, bike messenger and even waitress. She was finally cast in her first TV show two years later, in 1990. She was a regular in the Molloy show, but that did not turn out to be too great a TV series and ended up being a flop. Still, it was one more experience that Aniston could add to her lessons and, had she not continued, it might have been her last. Two more comedy series emerged: Muddling Through and the Edge, but they also turned out to be exceptional flops that nobody wanted. She kept jumping from one experience to another: the Quantum Leap, Burke’s Law, Herman’s Head and she even starred in a horror movie called The Leprechaun back in 1993. Suffice it to say that Aniston had gathered a lot of experience without any particular results. But here’s the thing: Aniston, just like any other successful person, was very aware of the fact that a good life would not come with a cheap price. She knew she had to keep on going. She understood that the next opportunity would either give her a huge boost or would be another experience she could learn from. And so she moved on, slowly, steadily, until it happened. It finally happened: the breakthrough that she had been waiting for so long had finally come. It was at that moment when she realized that all the work, all the hardships and all the cancelled TV series and failed movies had led her to this aprticular moment.  



The Ascension

jennifer-aniston-wears-a-necklace Jennifer Aniston was accepted for Friends, a TV series she had cast for with the aid of Warren Littlefield. A few months before she had cast, she approached Littlefield worried and frustrated that this might not be the career for her. She had a moment in which she was so frustrated that she wanted to get away from it all and settle for a normal life. Littlefield is, perhaps, the only person who could have changed her life forever. He encouraged her, telling her that it would be a poor idea to just give up after she had done so many things. He helped her cast for Friends and the rest is history. Friends was a very approachable comedy. It was the main reason why it caught up in the way that it did. The stories related in the TV series were not just funny. They were also very personal and did relate to the everyday American life. If you watched that TV series and you laughed at most of its jokes and situations, you pretty much laughed at a normal American day. What is also extraordinary is the fact that Americans laughed at their own American days and that is why the series became so popular in the first place: people understood that it was not a story about some friends; it was a story about all the people. Aniston was now known throughout the world and it is safe to assume that she is also the most popular actress in the series. There was also some speculation that, because she was the most beautiful in the series, people wanted to see more of her. So that might have been a career boost as well. The truth is that this is a rather superficial thing to think about, but we also know that Aniston is smart enough to have spotted this detail. As long as she used it to her advantage, we can only congratulate her. We also consider that the rest of the cast had a great chance at becoming super successful, but things just didn’t turn out well enough for them. In the last two seasons of Friends, Aniston was actually paid with $1 million per episode and we can safely assume that those scores have plunged her into the millionaire world. Even to this day, she still makes tons of money. But since she is still at the celebrity status, we can imagine that she manages them quite well.  




Life After Friends

jennifer-aniston-has-a-cute-smileEven though the great TV series ended in 2004, Aniston’s life hadn’t. She later on confessed how difficult it was for her to live with dyslexia in a world which completely rejected her in the beginning. Her dysfunction often caused her to be depressed or angry. Who would not feel such things? After all your work, after knowing that you gave everything you’ve got and that results are still nor coming and you have to deal with this as well, the only thing she had a right to was to feel angry at the world and frustrated because she had been born with a condition that was making her life more difficult and not easier. Still, we have to commend her for not giving up and we also have Warren Littlefield to thank for her amazing career. Back in 2002 she played in The Good Girl, which has become one of her most recognizable titles. Since then, she starred in multiple comedy movies for which she will be remembered: Bruce Almighty, The Break-Up, Marley & Me, Just Go with It and We’re the Millers. Friends pretty much gave Aniston a new life, a good life, the life that she deserved.


This goes to show how far you can make it if you have the perseverance and will to move onward. It is also a good example of how one friend who wants you to be your best can turn it into a completely new and interesting direction. Life is about the people who fight for what they want. Life is about winners who do not back down from challenges and who try to overcome them. Life is about people like Jennifer, who are usually said to be lucky, “up there because they are beautiful” and who struggle to pay the price for freedom and fame. If you are looking for idols, people who can inspire you and fuel you, you can simply look at this woman. One single guide is not enough to explain everything she has gone through to reach the status that she has today. She had a life of intense work, a life in which she had to constantly give her best and emerge victorious from whatever challenge was thrown at her. Ever since she was young, Jennifer Aniston was a winner.


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