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Jennifer Lawrence's Life Story


Jennifer Lawrence is perhaps one of the most loved actresses of our generation. With a great personality, versatile acting skills and a gorgeous smile, we can definitely say that Jennifer is “up there” and, no matter what life throws at her, she is always going to be able to make it. But Jennifer’s life has not always been so easy. The fact that she is an accomplished actress at such a young age is always going to be something that comes at a high price. She knows that because she has had to go through it all. She did make it however, and it was not something that happened because of pure luck. Jen Law has always been a hard worker, but she has also been this girl who did not play by the rules. It never had to do with the desire to stand out, make solid impressions or be the queen of some sort of movement. She just knew that the best way to impress others is to impress herself first, so that’s what she aimed for.


Every performance that she has ever been through, every success and every failure, everything has had hard work behind it. The great part is that she knows that and she can live with that. The sad part, however, is that people can only see the glamorous girl on stage. They know nothing about the way she felt when her photos were leaked, they know nothing about the intense training that she has had to go through for her movies and they most certainly do not know anything about the routines that she has had to develop in order to become the successful actress that she is today. This is why we are going to talk about Jen Law’s life, how we think everything began and what led her to be the wild success that she is today. As usual, we will inform you that these are our opinions based on studying a variety of successful people. These events and habits are the ones that turn good people into great people.  



At a Young Age… In School

jennifer-lawrence-has-a-beautiful-smileIf you look at her childhood, you will quickly notice that Lawrence was the sort of “hands on” kind of girl. The classroom was not for her, but a ton of outdoor activities that involved a lot of movement were exactly what she was looking for! Cheerleading, softball and hockey were some of her favorite activities and, since she was an athletic child, she always fit in and had an easy time playing and cheering however she pleased. She also tackled modeling for quite a while, but never did it occur to her that she would land a successful career in acting. As with all young people, the path ahead was vague and did not seem to hold much in store. Fate, on the other hand, had a different thing in mind. The fact that Lawrence did not belong in school was an obvious one. She even said it in a few interviews. You could see it in the way she described her feelings towards the activities that, literally, bore us to death. She never liked sitting in one place, listening to a lot of things that either did not make sense or did not matter. The truth was very clear for her: this type of education is not creative, it does not stimulate your brain in any way and it definitely does not create extraordinary people. School just creates employees. So she had to find a way to occupy her head with thoughts that actually made her a better person. This is why we suspect that she turned her attention to the community theater.


Theater, in general, is a very welcoming and insightful domain which teaches both empathy and psychology. Some may say that empathy is part of psychology, but we have a very specific reason as to why we differentiate them: empathy is a very human emotion that needs much time in order to be learnt. Some people take years to master empathy, while others do not properly understand it during their lifetime, but acting allows you to master empathy because you actually need to know how your character feels and translate those feelings into acting. Now the psychology part is both science and emotional intelligence. Psychology teaches you about how people think, but emotional intelligence allows you to play with that. Developing a larger emotional vocabulary, understanding people, being able to relate to them and communicating to them is what acting allows you to do. This is why we believe Jennifer Lawrence is so popular. She has great emotional intelligence, she empathizes with everyone very well and she is a great psychologist… and an actor. Four professions compiled into one, extremely successful actress!  



The Start of a Successful Career

jennifer-lawrence-wears-a-white-dress Jen’s life would change completely at the age of 14. It was quite awkward: a stranger simply asked if they could take Jennifer’s picture and also asked for her mother’s phone number. Luckily, her mother was quite open to the idea and decided that it was worth a shot. The phone rang the next day and she was called in for a screening. From then onward, things started snowballing quite hard in her favor: she spent the rest of the summer in New York doing MTV commercials, she played alongside Lena Olin in the thriller known as Devil You Know. The movie wasn’t a real success and got delayed up until 2013 because of lack of distribution, but the projects that followed afterwards led to Jen Law’s uprising. The Lawrence family moved to Los Angeles and the young actress started landing a few small roles in projects like Cold case, Monk and Medium, but she soon got the role that put her into the spotlight and gave her a good shot at the Hollywood life: The Bill Engvall Show. She also worked on a number of different projects, just to get her experience up and running. In an industry like this one, you are either constantly occupied and doing the best you can or you are shoved out in no time.  



When the Movies Actually Started to Come

jennifer-lawrence-is-cuteOne could say that it all started with Winter’s Bone in 2010. An Academy Award, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award are not the types of awards you just go by. Lawrence had finally made it big. It was only the beginning of an extraordinary career and, perhaps the most stunning thing of all, she did not even realize it. This is another great example of how delayed gratification works in any kind of business. Lawrence worked hard in her first 3 years. Having to work on several projects at the same time is no easy job, especially for a teenager. But she did make it through. And the results were finally showing. More big names started piling in: The Beaver, X-Men, Silver Linings Playbook and, of course, the Hunger Games. Lawrence proved her acting versatility in each and every one of these movies.


And it was not because of the fact that she was lucky or beautiful, as many say, but because of the fact that she had worked on so many other projects before these ones that it became normal for her to be able to empathize and act accordingly. Every step that she had made was not beginning to show her true potential. She could finally reap what she had sown. Even though she has had a few scandals to put up with, we do not see Lawrence as the type of celebrity who is going out tomorrow. What we are actually very interested in is seeing where she goes on from here. She is only 26 now and it is quite unlikely that she will leave the acting industry in the near future. So we are eager to see where it all leads. Even though it might not be the most spectacular celebrity life (unless you count the weird things she does from time to time and the fact that she can trip into her dresses), Lawrence’s life is a story about being given a chance and making the most out of it. It’s a drop of luck backed by 99% work. She made it work for herself and this is why the world respects her so much. If you also happen to be a Jennifer Lawrence fan, we actually recommend that you look deeper into her life. Study might enable you to see things that we haven’t, or could not explain in a small guide. Lawrence’s life is quite uneventful, but we always know that it’s the little things that count. In the end, we are very happy and proud that a person like her made it into the spotlight. There is no greater joy than when you realize that the person sitting on the stage could be any person who decides to work hard and achieve their dreams. Jen Law is one of these people.