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Jewlry Stores to Consider for Your Wedding



We are not exactly sure how to start this guide. Should we begin with a “congratulations” or by telling you that you are in the right place if you are looking for great jewlry stores? Well, it looks like we have to start with both. A wedding is definitely one of the most important and defining moments of your life. It is supposed to be special, you have all the right in the world to wear whatever you want for however long you want. The night is for the two of you and you should celebrate it accordingly. As for the jewels, well, we need to agree on a few details before moving on to the actual shops.


It should come as no surprise to you to find out that many people “mistreat” their wedding jewelry. In what way mistreat, you might ask? They purchase it from the wrong places, they purchase them for way more than they are actually worth and sometimes do not even consider that they are going to wear them for one night. Do not get us wrong, we understand that this is one very special night and that you will hold these jewels dear forever, but this does not mean that you should spend a ton of money on them. While being emotional during the purchasing period is very normal and a reason for joy, it is also important that we keep our cool and spend the amount that is required.  



Rules About Jewlry Stores That You Must Know

Girl-with-the-beautiful-smileIf you are looking for some specific jewels, we totally recommend that you look around them in all possible nearby shops before you hit the internet. Why? Because you need to see, feel and wear these jewels before making your final decision. The value that you are going to associate them with is huge and, believe it or not, you might have moments in the years to come when you might look at them and wonder if you should have bought the pearls or the diamonds. This does not happen too often, but when it does, it still feels like an uncomfortable feeling. Whenever you want to look at your wedding jewels you want to feel the joy of having united your life with the one that you love. These items need to help you remember that beautiful feeling, not hinder it. This is why you personally need to look for any rings, earrings or necklaces that you are going to wear on that day. Have heart to heart conversation with your other half, agree upon what makes each other look gorgeous and decide what the right combinations are. You are even creating new memories this way and, when you will look back, you will know that you really have been through everything together.


If you are very picky with the designs, the metals and the stones that you want used in your wedding jewels, you can take the search online, but do so long before the wedding takes place. You do not want to end up one day before the wedding (or even during wedding preparations) realizing that the rings do not fit, the necklace does not look good with this dress or that the cufflinks are not as shiny as they are supposed to be. Do not worry about deliveries and returns. Every wedding shop is aware of how special these events are and, if the measurements do not correspond, they will happily assist you if you decide to have everything returned and settle for other measurements, metals or materials. Lastly, you need to look at the price. Do not underestimate this business. Businessmen understand how important these events are and they might tax extra. The best price for any piece of wedding jewelry is the one that excludes the feeling price. Now what in the world is that? Not to worry, the explanation is very simple and quite logical. You are paying for a jewel, a product. It is bought from a specific shop, made out of specific metals and stones and you are using it to feel more beautiful and adorned during one of the most important events of your life (if not the most important).


The best price that you are going to find is the one that excludes the feeling. You’re buying from a specific, well-known shop? Fine, let’s pay a little extra for that. Is this a 24K gold piece, ok, we can pay for that as well. It has diamonds? Very well. It’s for a wedding? That’s for free. The greatest payment that any wedding shop can get is to know that they made two people very happy. You do not put a price tag on that. This knowledge alone is more than enough to push your shop forward. Good wedding shop owners know that, respect that and cherish that. The price that you are looking for is exactly the price you need, nothing more, nothing less. Remember all of these variables and you will be able to carefully consider any wedding shop in your area. You will immediately be able to see who is actually worth your investment.  



The Knot

Girl-looks-at-left The Knot is very famous among jewlry stores in the world for its excellent jewels and great quality when it comes to all types of wedding jewels. The thing about the Knot is that it has taken the whole concept of weddings and taken it to an entirely different level. And what is above all else is that this happened online. Despite finding all types for jewels that you require for any wedding (engagement rings, wedding rings, accessories and other jewels), you can pair everything with any kind of dress you like or any type of suit that your gentleman desires. If you will also check the “Ideas + Etiquette” section on the top left corner of the screen, you will also notice that you can plan everything starting from the actual engagement all the way to honeymoons. Among the most fascinating jewels that you can find at the Knot we personally liked the Michael B. engagement ring, Kay Jewelers and Barkev’s 7984LPSW. Needless to say, there are plenty of other jewels to choose from and it would be a total shame not to at least give this shop a look or add it to your list of stores that you want to choose from. Did we also mention that the Knot has local vendors? That’s right, you can go and check any jewel that you are looking for, live, before making a decision. You do not need to worry yourself with the “receiving-send it back because something does not fit process.” The Knot is super accessible, offers exquisite services and it is the sort of shop from where you could buy the jewels that you would not regret looking back at years after your wedding.  



David’s Bridal

Girl-sits-on-a-wood-benchDavid’s Bridal is our second shop that we would like to commend for excellent services. What is fascinating about this online jewelry shop is that it offers you even more diversity. Should you be looking for more than just jewels, you can find this year’s looks, silhouette guides, wedding and bridesmaid’s dresses, shoes and even decorations. If you want a site that can totally take care of all your needs in terms of weddings, this is the one. It is diverse, trustworthy and it gets things done the right way. Some of the most exquisite pieces that you can find here if you are looking for great jewels are the Pearl and Pave Button Earrings, the Filingree and Crystal Drop Earrings and even the Pearl and Crystal Medallions for feet. All choices are rather exotic, beautiful and really, really attractive. If you want it all, you go with Bridal. This, too is a shop that should make it on the list of shops you want to check for wedding jewels.


Now that we are approaching the final part of our guide, let’s go through all the important details one more time. First of all, you need to remember three basic rules that will aid you in considering the best stores for your most precious event: seek local shops; if local shops do not work, go online, but do so many weeks in advance and try to look for that excluded feeling price. The best thing that you can do is sort out all the shops that are worth it. It is some sort of investment. You dedicate time to the search, but you know that you are getting everything you need as a result. There are two great shops that we recommend to anyone: the Knot and David’s Bridal. The Knot is ideal if you want to get your hands on great jewels as well as plan the entire even from engagement to honeymoon. If you are specifically focused on information, David’s Bridal might be for you. You get all the information you need accompanied by guides and plenty of options. Either way, these two shops will not disappoint you.