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Just Bieber's Rise to Fame


At the age of 22, Justin Bieber is undoubtedly one of the most famous people on the planet. Although his behavior is often questionable, is would be unfair to say that it affected his fame in any kind of way. Bieber has achieved his celebrity status quickly and he is under no circumstance going to fall any time soon. Today we are going to look at justin bieber rise to fame and try to figure out what his most pivotal moments were. But we are not only going to be looking at the good things. We are also going to take a peek at the ones that really turned out wrong. Before we begin, we have to state that Bieber has a strong personality. He is a combination of two very difficult tempers: melancholic and choleric. If you have any basic psychology knowledge, you totally understand where we are coming from, but if you don’t’ we will make things clear for you.


Let’s put it this way: the melancholic is the guy who sees the world in a very artistic form, but he wants everything to be perfect. The choleric is born to lead, but he can totally lose it if things do not go according to plan. Now you understand why this can be a little bit of a… problem. Still, it is a good demonstration that you do not need to be born with certain features to be famous. Anybody can do it as long as play it right. And, of course, there are a lot of people backing him up. Justin has an entire army behind him that not everybody can see or chooses to see. They just hear good music, go t his concerts and watch him on social media… without even realizing that it’s not him they are watching. So let’s dive into his career life a little bit and see what made him the super start that he is today.  



Humble (?) Beginnings

Justin-bieber-wears-an-elegant-suitIn 2015, Justin Bieber’s net worth was $200 million. That is huge if you think about how a teenager started his career back in 2009, with a funny haircut and repetitive lines. Justin was raised by a single mother, Patricia Mallette, who posted a video of him singing So Sick by Ne Yo. The video was meant of friends to see, but it accidentally led to Justin’s discovery as a potential artist. From then onward, everything snowballed. And it did so quite well. His mother kept uploading more and more videos of him performing various R ’n’ B songs until the day Scooter Braun stumbled upon him. Braun was known for working with Ariana Grande, Carly Rae Jepsen and Psy, so when he made his first offer the answer was a clear “yes”. When he was 13 years of age, Justin travelled to Atlanta for the first time and recorded his first demo tape. Imagine how he must have felt after one week when he was handpicked by Usher himself. He signed a recording contract with L.A. Reid and his first album was released in 2009. In case you do not know (and that would be a total shocker), his album was called My World. Now, taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, Bieber might be one of the luckiest “internet products”. He sort of fits the standard, cliché celebrity profile: had a tough condition, had one talent, displayed it, got promoted on the internet because of love, not anything else, and he just got discovered. It’s lucky, it also seems fair and it has led to one of the wildest success stories in the history of music. But is it enough? Where has this experience brought young Bieber?



How Far Has He Come?

Justin-Bieber-wears-a-white-t-shirt Let’s just say that he started 2010 with a performance for Barack Obama and the White House. Yes, he had come that far just one year after he launched his career. He also joined a remake for We are the world in order to raise some money for Haiti at that time. H only sung the first line, which was originally sung by Lionel Richie. Suffice it to say that his super popular life started with a blast. Looking at justin bieber rise to power is a pretty important lesson because we can all see that he has not done it alone. At first, it was his mother, then it was Scooter Braun followed by Usher and, at one point, Beliebers started appearing. You definitely know about Beliebers as well. His fans call themselves that way because they know where their idol is coming from and his success story. You might think that there are people out there who just call themselves Beliebers for fun, but if you found out that there are fans who go to work only to have money to follow him around the world and see what he’s up to… you’d be surprised. They even proved their dedication by following him through his second album. Puberty obviously has its toll on one’s voice, but Bieber declared that his voice cracks from time to time and he is ok with it. It is just a normal phase of his life and he is very thankful for his voice coach. Usual fans would have dropped out in a second after listening to one song on YouTube, but his albums sold like hot bread.



But Things Got Awkward at One Point

Justin-Bieber-wears-yellow-glovesJustin sort of began slipping out of control. Fame gets to people and it seems to have gone to his head quite fast. Back in 2013, a video in which Justin was urinating into a mop bucket was leaked. On top of that, he seemed to have some sort of weird argument with Bill Clinton. Some even say that it was a straightforward verbal attack. Nobody really understood what that was all about, but it was only the beginning of a weird Justin. Ever since then, more and more… things happened to him. He was involved in a lot of trouble and some of his fans, and the world, began questioning whether this super star should be taken seriously or not. In the beginning of 2014, he was arrested in Miami Beach for speed driving… and driving under the influence. It wasn’t even his own car! He was driving a rented Lamborghini with 136 mph. When the police had enough, they charged him with resisting arrest, driving under the influence and driving with an expired license. To make matters worse, he was, at a later date, accused of having assaulted a limo driver one month before. Those charges were dropped eventually, but it makes you wonder whether he actually did those things or someone was out for his money. The truth is that we might never know, because the person who made the charges might have been bribed into dropping them. And even that is just something we can only think about! The plain truth is that we do not know. And we never will. The world finally had enough and they decided to move on. But not Justin. He made an epic comeback as a Calvin Klein model, displaying an impressive six-pack, some nice muscles and the desire to do some good. It worked. Somehow, it worked. It seemed like a genuine attempt to introduce the world to Justin 2.0. A more mature man, a singer who takes his responsibilities seriously and who doesn’t mind if he gets laughed at or considered a mere adolescent idol.



Justin-Bieber-wears-a-fashion-t-shirt But is it enough? Has he really changed? It looks like he has, although he is having some difficulties controlling himself at times. Earlier this summer he is known to have scolded a fan during one of his live shows, telling them that he does not need that (insert s-word here). He apologized for it, meaning that he does indeed struggle to tone himself down. He also deleted his Instagram account after a fight with his former girlfriend, Selena Gomez, showing that he is still facing a lot of emotional instability. But this is not a bad thing! Emotional intelligence is the hardest one to control because our species has been educated throughout the centuries to react to emotions. It is really difficult to have millions of fans down talk you. And even the fact that he deleted his account is a sign that he is somewhat trying to cope with it. All in all, seeing justin bieber rise to fame is a very interesting experience, let a lone one you can learn many things from. Did fame get to him? Probably. Is he trying to fight it back? It looks like it. What is certain is that Justin Bieber does not have it easy. Being famous is hard. Staying famous is even harder. And dealing with an emotional avalanche is overwhelming. He is still here and we doubt that he is ever going to go down. But the truth remains the same: Bieber has a hard fight that he needs to win. It’s a fight with himself.