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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian - The Power Couple


There are many people in the world who are still wondering how Kanye West and Kim Kardashian came to pride themselves with the level of fame that they have today. What is also very interesting to think about is the fact that, because people ask this question, they will always keep getting more and more famous. The truth is that the entire process is not that complicated. This power couple rose to the top just by having a different mentality. They simply think opposite compared to the rest of the world. On top of all that, they are also having a ton of fun. Let’s just stop for a moment and think about it. What do you know these two people for? When you think Kim, you automatically think selfies or maybe you are thinking about the Keeping up with the Kardashians TV show. What about Kanye? Some good songs accompanied by some more that had to fill an album and just be there, trying to launch his own fashion brand and maybe that Kanye-Taylor feud. Do we actually know what these people are doing? Not really. They are just pulling off some shows that seem interesting and entertaining but, on the long run, they do not have real value.


Or so we think… could it be that Kim and Kanye are actually smarter than the rest of the world? No, that’s impossible! There is no way! They are just lucky! These are the sort of words you’d get from a common person, but if we actually stopped and thought about what these two are doing, we might somehow realize that they are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing in order to achieve the level of success they want. The only reason why we cannot see this is because we are too smart. Yes. You got that one right. We are way too smart to see how simple the things Kim and Kanye are doing. They are just playing a casual game of fame, making everything normal look so out of the ordinary and glamorous. They are also exaggerating a lot of things and it works pretty well for them. So today we are going to talk about how this power couple made it to the top and how easy it is for anyone to do it.  



Welcome to the Information Age

Kanye-and-Kim-looks-elegantReally, why are we talking about the information age in a piece about Kanye and Kim?! Because it makes sense. We will let you know why in a minute. The industrial age was an age in which you had to do one important thing in your life. You had to do it right and, eventually, the whole world would know about it. But that took time. Doing something interesting and becoming famous for it would take years and it would only travel by telephone or word of mouth. With the introduction on TV and the internet, we entered the information age. People will know where you went to the bathroom before you did it. And this is a principle that Kanye and Kim understand very well. They know that they always have to come up with some mad, twisted, smart and hilarious piece of work so that they can let the world know about it fast. This is why Kim is getting famous with her selfies. She posted a ton of them in the beginning, showing the world how glamorous her lifestyle was and now she is keeping posts rather cool so that she can generate more and more viewers. “What is Kim Kardashian doing now?!” These are the questions echoing through people’s minds. Does it matter for the greater good of the world? Not one bit. But does it make her famous? Yes. And that is everything that matters. The same can be said about Kanye and the silly things he does. In fact, the Kanye-Taylor feud is one of the best orchestrated fame-gaining events of all time. Taylor got a whole lot of fame because of her music and the way she is, basically. Her songs are exceptional, she is a very kind and loving lady, she loves cats, treats her friends and fans adequately and she has a good heart. This earned her a lot of reputation. What were Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s plans, in the end? To take away some of that fame. It sounds nuts and you might not even believe that this can be true, but think about it. Taylor rose to fame quickly, she even “stole” Kim’s place as number one Instagram figure… it all adds up. So Kanye’s moves such as stopping her speech during an award and releasing the Famous music video were the perfect opportunities to steal some glam. Did it work? It sure did. Kim and Kanye can pride themselves with some of the best worldwide coverage. What did they need to do to make that happen? Pull off a series of silly events? Sounds easy, but they need to keep them coming. Remember: we are in the information age. Information moves fast. This is why you need more to maintain your status. If the goofiness stops, so does the fame.  



Why Is This Worrying?

Kanye-and-Kim-are-having-a-walkIf you are interested in the direction in which the world is going, you should be. If not, stick to Kim and Kanye. What is worrying is the fact that these two do not really educate people through their actions. They are just making things look fun and interesting, but they are not bringing any real contribution to the world. What Kim and Kanye are doing is ripping you off. The golden toilets? That’s your money. Kanye’s concerts? That’s you money. Kim Kardashian dressing her children up with super expensive clothes which she changes from one year to another? That’s your money right there. Every month, you go to work, work hard, pay your bills, you are left with almost nothing out of your paycheck, but you go a Kanye concert, you buy a phone so you can play Kim’s games and all you get is a short-lived event. The next thing you have to do is go back to work and try to earn some of that money back, which you might still want to spend on something created by these two guys. The point is that you are working for your boss and for Kim and Kanye. You are working for these people’s dreams. Perhaps you forgot about yours in the process? Kim and Kanye just want to be famous. They are not bringing anything interesting to the table. They just live the lives that they want. What about your life? What are you working for?



What Is the Future for This Power Couple?

Kim-and-Kanye-are-a-happy-coupleTo be fair, it looks quite bright. As long as fans keep piling in, everything will work smoothly for them. The only problem is that Kanye is millions in debt, but that’s ok, right? If fans will come, watch and play anything that these two will launch on the market, they will have more than enough money to live the lives that they want and pay their debts. The truth is that we should not be worrying about them, but worry about ourselves. The power couple is just doing their job. They are interested in a happy, glamorous life that can get them very, very far. They succeeded, but they are up there, on the stage, for… can anybody tell? We surely cannot. Kim’s sex tape? Kanye’s Famous video? This always looked like a bad joke that people agreed with, for some reason. The real answer can only be given by you: why do you want these people have to offer you? Now we know the answer or at least part of it anyway. They give you some sort of freedom. When you think about them you don’t think about school. You do not think about work or your worries. It’s just interesting to fantasize about them on the stage. Do you see them or do you see yourself? All in all, Kim and Kanye might be your drug. They are a way for you to get out of a world that you completely ignored because it was either too boring or too frustrating. Or maybe these likes have got you some really good friends. It’s always nice to have an entourage, but is worshiping and giving away money everything you do? Notice how we slowly had to shift the conversation from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian to ourselves. They already are a power couple and they are living their dreams. The only problem is that the rest of the world is being left behind. Remember when we asked you why this is worrying? Because these two are not leaders. Leaders do not leave the world behind. They pull it up. This is something that Kim and Kanye do not appear to be interested in. And if they are not interested in such things… we are not sure if they should be up there or not.