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Katy Perry's Rise to Fame

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You would be surprised to find out the low number of people who do not really understand katy perry’s rise to fame. It’s a shame, really. The fact that we live in the era of information does not only bring the benefit of finding out things fast, but also the drawback of not being able to see behind the curtains. Katy Perry’s success story was not an easy one. The truth is that no success story is an easy one, but hers is particularly painful because the no’s kept coming in. She did not have it easy, she had to wait longer, but the result was greater than she would have ever achieved. Did you know that her conditions did not allow her to become so mainstream? Perry was raised in a Christian home and the only music she was allowed to listen to was… you got that right: Christian.


Religious influences are definitely not what the world is after these days, but this goes to show that everything you need on order to make your dreams come true is the will to fight. Although Perry seemed tied to one world and one world only, she managed to find a way out and create the music that has made her such a wild success. And this is only one of the hardships that she has had to face. Today’s goal is to cover as much as we can from Katy Perry’s life and look at the events that changed everything or, in her particular case, the events that practically withheld her from achieving what she wanted for such a long time. Not only will we find out what her challenges were but, we hope, we will make it a lot easier for the world to understand why this exceptional singer is where she is today.  



Youth and Its Failures

katy-perry-wears-earringsThe major advantage about being brought up with failure is being able to learn how to cope with it and fight it back. But this is a slippery slope for most people. While some end up like Katy, others fall back into the abyss and think that they cannot make it. That is not at all true. We have the perfect example right here. How can you make such good commercial music and become a worldwide known super star after you have been used to religious music for your entire life? It just doesn’t make sense! Could you imagine Katy singing in a church? Wait, that might not be a bad idea… but she would have less recognition, to be fair. Not only did she have an inappropriate environment, but she also had to leave home in order to achieve what she had always wanted. At the age of 15, it was very clear to her that she had the required talent, but there was no luck sitting around the corner. No posted videos on YouTube, no talent seeker, no nothing. Katy had talent, was willing to work and she had a big dream in a world which did not know that she existed. So she picked her things up and made it for Nashville. It was the only place she could think of where she could nurture her music talents: she would learn how to write and how to produce demos. And that was how it all began. Her first album had her real name on it, Katy Hudson, but it turned out to be a major disaster. Nobody liked it, nobody bought it and it fell into forgetfulness as soon as it hit the market. Katy had failed on an epic scale for the first time in her life. Now, you see, the majority of people would have given up here. But she didn’t she knew that results would not come as easily. So she moved onward. At the age of 17, she thought that she might have more luck in Los Angeles. So she moved again and began working with Glen Ballard. What did she make out of it? Again, some experience, but no attraction whatsoever. She moved on. In 2004, she signed a deal with Columbia Records, a label known throughout the world for its great success in promoting mainstream songs. The result: she was flopped again. But she moved on. Katy perry’s rise to fame took another 4 years. They were another 4 years of excruciating work, pain and tears which eventually paid off. In 2008, Katy would finally get what she deserved.  



The Career Boom

katy-perry-wears-a-green-dress “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It” is a song that is still stuck in our heads. Back then it was pretty annoying, but nowadays, if you think about it, it is one of the best songs ever made. Why? Because it has no deep message, it’s kinky, Katy looked funny in the music video, people laughed at it and they said that it wasn’t anything special. But it was. It was Katy’s official debut in the world of fame. After so many years of failure, she had finally obtained what she had been dreaming for so long. And the good part was that this was only the beginning. People did not only get a catchy song. They also got an extremely talented and deep artist who they did not know anything about. Some assumed that she was just as superficial as the song and the video were, but Katy would have a lot more surprises up her sleeves. Madonna was impressed. And that’s just everything we need to know. Madonna listened to Katy’s One of the Boys and gave an astonishingly good review. Who would have ever thought? Above everything else, Katy’s place in music history became unforgettable when she hit the number one spot on US’ Billboard 100. It was then when she and the world realized that all those years of pain and suffering were the price she had to pay to become the superstar she was meant to be. What is equally impressive is that she never stopped at the status of a one hit wonder. Her songs are always near the top of the list and this has been going on for quite a while now.


Did we mention the 11 Grammy nominations? Yes, perhaps we should add these in as well. There are thousands of artists out there who dream of achieving at least 1 Grammy nomination, but a whopping 11?! And who said anything about her career limiting itself only to music? In 2012 her career extended into the movie industry as well. She released her autobiographical film under the name of Katy Perry: Part of Me. Surprisingly, the movie which showed parts of Katy’s life caught the attention of many fans worldwide… so much attention that it scored an impressive $30 million worldwide at the box office! It became very clear that Katy was not a celebrity that could be swept aside. Her story would remain the hearts of people for the rest of time. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Katy Perry is a singer who earns approximately $30 to $50 million every year. Most of the money comes from the albums she is selling, tours and merchandise. But since the industry is constantly expanding, information is moving so fast and Perry is still in her youth, we expect to see her extending her career soon enough. We are not yet sure in which direction, but speculating on this particular subject would be somewhat distracting, if we think about it. Suffice it to say that she is a hardworking, kind and talented woman who knew and understood that she had to go through hardships to achieve what she desired. Luckily, she never backed down, she obtained success and she shared our story with us, a story that serves as a great reminder for the generations to follow.  



What Can We Learn from Katy?

katy-perry-has-red-lipstickShe is the perfect example of the principle that we call delayed gratification. Katy understood how life works and how patience and work are virtues that not many people understand. Most of us are educated to work for the paycheck. And we do not refer to this subject only in terms of money. People want to work and for the results to come NOW. Sadly (or fortunately, for some) this is not how life works. You cannot always win and save the day. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose (most of the time you will lose), but the point is to win something out of losing. This is the story of kitty Perry’s rise to fame: she failed a thousand times and got back up again. It has been said so many times that it has become somewhat of a cliché, but the truth will always remain the same: if you want something done, you have to face your fears and just do it. Too many of us are put down by the idea that we cannot do it or that something is just not worth fighting for. But that is not the truth. Your dreams are worth fighting for.


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