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Key Benefits of Bead Jewelry


One of the main reasons bead jewelry is so appreciated is because of the fact that they cannot be overlooked. Take a moment and think about any outfit that you wore or anybody you have seen adding beads to their outfit and they didn’t stand out in a way. It is even funny to take a moment and think that, even if you mismatch your beads and your outfit, you are still going to stand out. Just not in a good way, though. Either way, there are several reasons as to why beads are simply unforgettable, not to mention that they can be quite nurturing when worn. Let’s get into the basics and find out why beads are some of the most fascinating and useful jewels to have around.  



Why Do We Wear Them?

Beads-braceletWe must first be aware of the situations in which we wear beads if we are to understand their great utility. There are mainly 3 contexts in which beads are being worn throughout the world: for ritualistic purposes, to display religious belief and to boost one’s energy. Now the most important detail that we need to keep in mind is that all of these occasions can be associated to how society has evolved nowadays and each context is adaptable. When you think about rituals it is most likely that your thoughts will stop at some sort of tribal affair, right? While beads were and still are used in these kind of rituals, modern society also has its own rituals that we undergo on a regular occasion: we attend parties, weddings and all sorts of celebrations when beads can prove to be a girl’s best friend.Bead bracelets and necklaces are some of the most prized jewels any woman can use and the major benefits are that they are accessible and easy to adapt to the occasion. A lively party can use any multicolored bead accessories while a wedding will always welcome pearl necklaces, for instance. But beads’ use extend far beyond rituals, they can also signify belief and style, which is why we are going to move to the interpretation of religious beliefs. Just like rituals, the reason for beads being a sign of religious belief extends to this day in various ways. Indeed, one can choose different beads to uphold their religion and if they believe that they bring luck, but let’s be honest here for a moment. Have you ever met a person who treats fashion like their own religion? We all have at least that one friend, right? Another major benefit is that beads are super customizable and can even be worn as charm or signature jewelry. And the fact that they catch the eye so mercilessly makes them some of the most useful accessories in a girl’s artillery. The people who believe that their looks must always be top notch can make use of beads just as they please because they know that they will not be disappointed.


Black-pearl-bracelet Boosting one’s energy is the last reason why beads are so loved, but it definitely isn’t the least important. As with the above mentioned reasons, there is a double significance to this reason: some people either believe that some gemstones come with different attributes that will help its wearer while others simply use their jewels to make themselves feel beautiful and confident. The former group can either be interested in natural healing methods or have faith that gemstones can somehow make up for all the things that they are missing. The latter are simply interested in fashion and how they look. They are preoccupied with the way they display themselves in public and, if they look good, they feel good. In the end, it all comes to self-esteem and confidence. The appropriate beads used for the right person can work wonders. There is one more very simple reason as to why beads will never lose their touch: they are spheres. While this might not be something extraordinary to notice for many, the fact that beads are spheres has a lot to do with why they are some of the most beloved jewels in both the eyes of men and women. The human eye is naturally interested in round shapes. They are beautiful to behold, generate feelings of fulfillment and they can even elude to philosophical approaches. Spheres indicate infinity and perfection, something that every human being aspires towards. When a woman wears beads it almost feels like cheating because their curves are one of the reasons why they are the most beautiful beings in all creation. Really, take a moment and think about the combination of beautiful curves, circles and spheres. There is so much beauty involved, such passion, it is even difficult to describe in words because of how perfect women look. This is definitely cheating. Luckily, it’s the sort of cheating that everybody likes.  



You Can Actually Make Bead Jewelry

TElegant-pearl-bracelethis one is tricky, isn’t it? Making jewelry obviously takes time, money and you do not even know if you can get things done right. All these reasons are, in fact, your brain trying to trick you into not doing something that could bring you great satisfaction. Making your own jewels is not as much of a time waster as you think, the effort is close to minimum, you actually save money and beads make things very simple because they do not require any complicated mechanism or technique to be put together in a cute bracelet. Did we also mention that we live in an era in which we have YouTube? Learning how to make these sorts of jewels can take you up to 15 minutes and you will also be able to easily solve the “am I doing it right” issue. How does the saving money part work? Think of it this way: you are paying a 100% price for an already made necklace out of beads. Out of that 100% price, approximately 40% is going into all the materials that are required to make the jewel. What happens with the rest of the 60%? Does the bead quality increase? Do you have insurance for it? Can you give it back? The extra 60% goes into the artisan’s time to put your jewel together, a little shopping that they’ve gone to here and there and those 15 minutes they could have watched to know how to do things right. In short, you are paying extra for their time, time which you could easily spend to make your own bead jewels. Why not turn your new found passion into a business, then?


Should you ever decide that turning beads into exquisite jewels is your thing (and you find out that you are pretty good at it in the meantime), you can always offer your services to those in need of them. Turn your eyes towards some reliable jewel providers, who can ensure good quality-price ratio, and start taking orders. Do not worry, everybody starts small. But if you have the dedication and you are naturally interested in making some of the best pieces on the market you will notice that clients will start coming quickly. It is a lot easier than everyone else claims it to be. Lastly, making your own jewels enables you to be as creative as you can get. Maybe you do not like the models, maybe you want more colors on your beads, or fewer colors for that matter. If you decide to make your own jewelry you can customize it however you want. The result is going to be an exclusive jewel, made by yourself, for yourself and you can be absolutely sure that nobody else will have the same jewel as you do. Not to mention that you will get two extra important rewards out of the process: you will feel great while wearing your own beads and you might also get extra credit from others when you show your talent. It feels better if you wear your own jewels rather than purchase all of them, doesn’t it?



Benefit Summary

Fashion-pearl-bracelet Above everything else, it is important to remember that you can wear beads on any occasion as long as you match them with your outfit. You can also choose to make them your charm or statement accessory and you can rest assured that you will make a great impression. Beads are a great way to express one’s views and beliefs, be they religious or purely fashion related, and they can also be used as a way of influencing one’s personality and confidence level. In the end, it is because of the fact that they are spheres that beads are such interesting additions to any wardrobe. Beautiful beads on a beautiful woman simply cannot go wrong. Another cool thing about beads is that you can take matter into your own hands and create the jewels of your dreams. And you can only reap advantages from this decision: you save money, you can turn the activity into a profitable business and you also have the liberty of creating the jewels of your dreams.