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Khloe Kardashian Jewelry Style


We have talked about Kardashian jewelry styles before and today it is time we took a closer look at Khloe. A little bit different from her sisters’, the khloe kardashian jewelry style is a lot bolder, involving more pieces and what we would call a desire for glam. Khloe wants to be in the spotlight a lot more than her sisters and, whenever she attends an event or wants to make a solid impression, she over accessorizes so that she can always get get that extra bling in her look. Now this doesn’t usually work. We always advise against over accessorizing because it makes you look (and seem) in a certain way, but it looks like Khloe is a one of a kind lady and manages to pull this style off without too much effort. The reason as to why this might occur is because of the fact that she always dresses in bright colors, not to mention that her skin tone seems to be a lot brighter than her sisters’.


So it is usually both frustrating and amazing to see that someone can achieve such good looks without giving too much attention to basic fashion rules. She downright refuses to play by book. Yet, there are features like these for which the Kardashians are known. These are not common women. They do not think that rules are there to be followed and respected. They know that rules were invented so that they would be broken. They are all very aware of the world they live in, how they should dress and what the differences between their styles and the rest of the world’s are, but they also know that if they are going to keep their celebrity status they always have to come up with a way that will attract more eyes.  



Why Does Khloe Kardashian Impress so Much?

Khloe-Kardashian-wears-a-black-dressAs you might have already known, before the famous Keeping up with the Kardashians TV series was released, a sex tape had emerged with Kim Kardashian and Ray J. This caused massive outrage and the entire world simply had to know what was going on with this family. Although some believe that Kim orchestrated this leak in order to obtain some good money (which she did, in fact) and make her show popular, the truth is that the Kardashian family was “out there”. Kim had to face the judgment of the world and she dragged her entire family with her, Khloe included. This family practically had to choose between falling into disgrace or doing something with the fame that they obtained. All of them, Khloe included, decided to go for the latter option. Unlike her sisters, Khloe was not particularly interested in any major causes (perhaps with the exception of being Armenian and supporting theirs?), but even this has caused some controversy and made people laugh.


“Out of all the things in the world, this was everything she could come up with…” She married exactly one month after meeting Lamar Odom, a famous basketball player who was in the Lakers team at the time. Most “fans” questioned her decision because… you know, marrying after one month can be a little bit too much and the marriage did not go so well. In 2015, Lamar was found unconscious in a brothel. To make things worse, he was in a coma. That is when Khloe withdrew her divorce petition, even though papers had been signed by both parties at the time. When she was invited to talk about this interesting move, she said that she had to take control of the situation. Since Lamar was unconscious, he could not make any decision regarding this particular event. So she had to step up. Apart from these seemingly unimpressive events, Khloe is also known for her participation in Keeping up with the Kardashians, one participation in the X Factor’s second season and her involvement in a Keeping up with the Kardashians spin off series which you might know under the name of Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons. She had an accident back in 2001 which was quite severe and caused her to have long term memory loss, but we are happy to say that she is well today. If you take a step back and look at her career, it doesn’t look too flattering, does it? So what makes her so impressive in the first place?  



Are Her Jewels Saving Her?

Khloe-Kardashian-wears-a-black-shirt More or less, yes, the Khloe Kardashian jewelry style is one of the little things that is keeping this celebrity at the surface. The fact that she over accessorizes simply makes her stand out and that is more than enough to keep her in the celeb world. We are not exactly sure how this works, but we do think it has to do with the fact that this family is simply famous for being famous. What does she do with her jewels, exactly? It’s just that she wears the same ring on all of her fingers, she adds a ton of necklace layers and can afford using two or three bracelets… all at the same time! As we mentioned before, these are not the rules you want to follow if you want to “play nice” or play by fashion rules. Fashion demands some sort of modesty and simplicity when it comes to both clothes and jewels. Three necklaces, 10 rings and 3 bracelets are simply too much, but this particular combination simply looks good on her. They make her feel confident, they allow her to shine and they are everything this girl needs to shine and remain one of the most attractive women in the world. Contrary to popular belief, it seems that eccentricity is simply good for some people and being so bold and out of the ordinary makes them unique, even if their careers did not meet their booms yet.


Another thing that Khloe likes doing is mixing in a lot of rings with different models, shapes and sizes. Really, this is a true “ring person”. There are very few people in the world who we know to love rings this much. But the reason why we are focusing on rings right now is because there is a certain pattern that you can follow with them. You might have never noticed, but Khloe always has some sort of round shape pattern when it comes to her finger accessories. If she will combine more pieces, which she usually does, they are going to be rings with circle symbols, moons, ovals and even the stars, which usually look more like sparks than circles, have a round feeling about them. Khloe understands the value of patterns and this is a very good thing. If she were to match straight lines with round shapes it would be extremely unpleasant for the eye to notice. It is good to know that there is some kind of plan behind her looks because knowing that she might have done everything randomly (and getting it right) would be totally frustrating. This also demonstrates that she has good tastes in terms of fashion. The other two particularities that differentiate her jewelry style from others is that she uses plenty of earth colors, blacks and golden necklaces. Take a look at Khloe in any moment when she appeared in public and you will notice that she is also wearing a golden necklace (or maybe a few of them). The pairing of gold, green and different shades of brown (neutrals too, occasionally) is ideal for her and flatters her more than the other girls in the family. Again, we are not particularly sure as to why and how this happens, but suffice it to say that Khloe is smart enough to understand how clothes can make her stand out.  



What We Should Remember of Khloe Kardashian

Khloe-Kardashian-is-happyIt is exceptionally difficult for us not to have a biased opinion about this celebrity. Compared to her sisters, the only thing that makes her stand out is the way she dresses and the outrageous way she pairs her jewel. Apart from that, we cannot say that Khloe has met with the peak of her career. On the contrary, she seems not to have gotten close at all. Unlike her sister Kim, and even Kourtney, Khloe is perhaps still looking for the breakthrough that is going to make her famous. She is not supposed to be famous because of her sister’s sex tape or because she supports Armenian causes, she has to be successful by contributing to something meaningful to the world. And Keeping up with the Kardashians is not exactly the sort of thing we would call meaningful. But perhaps this is this family’s destiny: to be famous just for the sake of it. The khloe kardashian jewelry style might be the only thing that is keeping this celebrity at the surface, but as long as it is doing its job, why would she complain? She is up there, on the stage, enjoying to spoils.