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Kim Kardashian Imitation Jewelry


Kardashian imitation jewelry is not at all difficult to find, or even craft for that matter. Although Kim is mostly known for being the ultimate selfie queen, her style is quite interesting and appropriate for the audience that she is targeting. In today's guide we are going to do a little bit more than search for some jewels that match Kim's style. We are going to take a peek at how she dresses in general so that we can establish what patters she is following, the trends that she is taking and, above everything else, we will help you get a better idea of what you should be looking in the Kardashian style. Bear in mind that some of the jewels that we are going to mention later on are not necessarily some of Kim's jewels. We are also going to approach some extra jewelry that we know (from experience) will get you as close as possible to the celebrity's own style. If this sounds a little bit challenging to you, you can still rest assured that you are on the best hands. Because let's be honest for a moment here: whether you are interested in Kim's style or not, the selfie overflow that you get in Instagram and on Facebook is so massive that it is literally impossible for anyone not to get a good look at her style. Shall we begin?  



What Is, In Fact, Kim's Jewelry Style?

Woman-has-a-white-braLet's take a moment and think about Kim. She is not really known for jewels now, is she? In fact she is popular for adopting a very naked style. Literally. But attending events and the occasional dress-up demands that she wears some jewels as well. Have you ever noticed the fact that Kim relies on a lot of golden jewels? Yes, gold fits her well. She knows it and she continues to wear them because of how much they flatter her. What does she combine these jewels with? Earth colors, in general. The occasional brown, the dark green and even black outfits suit Kim well, tailoring an image that we are all well too used to.  But why is Kim wearing these specific jewels and colors? What does she know and we don't? You will be surprised to find out that it is quite simple. Kim is practically playing with her hair, her eyes and her skin tone. Earth colors and golden jewels are an excellent option for her and black ads the extra mystery to the entire image. She is very smart when it comes managing her online image and this is what has gotten her so far. The only way in which she can shine is to adorn herself with the appropriate jewels and clothes so that her features are highlighted. So let's take a look at what Kim is usually wearing and try to establish a pattern. Multiple bracelets, chokers or V-necklaces and maybe a few tight dresses to highlight her shapes, Kim always finds the amount of spark and sex appeal required to make a good impression and she matches everything accordingly. V-necklaces obviously work with a V-neck, chokers work because of the amount of sexiness and domination they inspire and loose bracelets are obviously paired with something very comfortable. It's all about the atmosphere she wants to create and the people she wants to inspire. Suffice it to say that Kim is creating an aura of some sort around her, an aura which draws all the attention towards her  



The Kim Kardashian Wedding Ring

Woman-is-on-the-bicycle Before we move on, we simply have to point out the Kim Kardashian Replica Sterling Silver Engagement Wedding Ring. This piece is, perhaps, the most desired pieces among imitation jewelry that wears the Kardashian name on it. What is extremely interesting is that, although an imitation, people seem to be very pleased with the product and how it feels. More than that, it comes "equipped" with the right feeling. There are plenty of people in the world who consider the Kardashians rather superficial because of the selfie culture. After all, there is not much going on behind a selfie, is there? Well, you would be surprised to find out that there is. The ring plays an important in how people feel because it offers both the impression of fame and the one of happiness. Make no mistake, we used the term impression to highlight exactly what it is. Any jewel, be it imitation or real, whether it wears the name Kardashian or any other, it cannot fulfill a desire that lies within you. A wedding ring is supposed to be magical. It is one of the most important events in your life and you should carefully consider whether you want this event to be marked by a superficial detail or not. If you really believe that a Kardashian imitation wedding ring is something that can make the event special then by all means do go on. But if you feel that there is a different calling within you then listen carefully to that one. It is going to guide you in picking the perfect jewel for her.



Woman-has-red-sunglassesRemember when we said that we were going to give you some extra suggestions that were not necessarily among Kim's preferences? This is one of those particular moments. First, you have to consider some jewel variables. Kim has a specific body type and a specific style. Have you ever considered that the Kardashian wedding ring has a ring size and stone size that are meant to flatter her body type? You need to think about this carefully because you might end up buying the wrong jewel. Kim is a plus size. There is nothing wrong with that, there is no shame in that and there is definitely nothing wrong with you attempting to buy one such piece for the one you want to propose to. But do keep her body type into consideration. The length of the ring and the size of the jewel need to flatter her hand above anything else. So consider resorting to the same ring specifications: .925 sterling silver, high quality cubic zirconia and the 8 carat center stone, but try to play with it accordingly. There is nothing wrong if you decide to go for a round zirconia shape than a square one. In fact, there is a trick to this: round shapes are associated with casual events while the square ones are associated with something formal. So if you decide to make a proposal in a more informal way, or you thought of something playful, you can go for a round shape. But if you want to keep things classy with the usual sit on your knee and propose stance, then you might want to resort to something with straight edges.  



Where to Procure Other Imitations

Girl-has-a-pink-t-shirt If you are solely focused on keeping your style pure Kardashian then there are two shops that you want to visit: Amazon and Asos. Why these two? Because you can research jewels with utmost ease here and simply try to look for anything that resembles whatever Kim is wearing. The prices you are mostly going to run into are around $30. Plus you get super good quality for these price tags. As usual, we are going to give our own little suggestions. Do not attempt to 100% imitate Kim’s style. This is a mistake that many women do and they do not actually understand how damaging it is for them. Trying to completely impersonate someone else’s style is practically robbing yourself of your own. Try to keep an open mind whenever searching for similar jewels because you might find a silver piece, for example, which looks exactly the same and would flatter you tenfold, but you are 100% focused on getting that Kim K. piece.


Are you really going to sacrifice your beauty for the sake of looking like someone else? Necklaces are a huge detail because of the message they want to send. If you have been checking Kim out for a long time you might have noticed that she is wearing chokers in a very attractive way. You need to consider two things when wearing a necklace: your body size and what you want to highlight. Kim is a plus size so, even if she is wearing a choker, she might be wearing a 16 inch one. The average choker length is 14 inches, but they feel totally different on other body sizes. Highlighting a certain part of your body is the other important detail. Kim is usually on about highlighting her breasts, this is why she uses longer necklaces and V-necklaces from time to time. You want to decide on whether you want to expose your chest, your neck or your face because they all require different approaches. If you are interested on how to properly match these necklaces, we warmly invite you to check either one of our previous necklace guides. It is totally up to you if you want to stick to imitation jewelry, but remember to keep it classy.