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Kim Kardashian's Children


The kim kardashain kids are always going to be in the spotlight because of what their parents are doing. It is a given fact. When you have parents who do the things these guys do, there are only two things that can happen in a child’s life: they can either learn to deal with it and walk the walk or they can dread it and it will haunt them for the rest of their lives. But considering the fact that this interesting couple does not seem to mind one bit about what the rest of the world thinks about them, it is very possible that these kids will end up just ok. As you probably know, the two children are named North and Saint. The names are quite unique and, if you are really interested in taking inspiration from a couple who that is all about impressing, you can definitely take these two names into consideration.


Although the story surrounding the girl’s name is pretty obvious (kind of awkward to name your girl North, but oh well), Saint’s name has a very nice story behind it, which we will discuss later on. Suffice it to say that they were, to a certain extent, very aware of the names they gave to their children, unlike many other parents who occasionally end up ruining their child’s high school life (at least). So today we are going to talk a little bit about these two: the situation they are practically in, some stories about them and how they might end up growing up. Note that these are mostly presumptions. Nobody is actually aware of how these two will turn out, but judging by the things the Wests are doing, we might end up with some other famous children who will have their lives set by the age of 10.  


North West

North-Kardashian-has-cute-eyesLet’s put it this way: she is the daughter of the selfie queen. This is bound to catch up on some point (if it hasn’t already). Even since she was a baby, Kim posted a lot of pictures with North, not only spoiling herself with the motherly attitude, but also demonstrating that the girl is going to have a unique fashion sense. The picture that you are most likely aware of is North wearing Kim’s favorite pair of boos. Is it weird? A little bit. But does it look bad? No, you can’t say that. After all, if she cannot wear them now, at least they can have a little bit of fun with it. The Wests seem to be very interested in the girl’s education and have sent her to violin classes. We are not aware if this was their desire or the girl’s, but this usually proves to be a very important part of a child’s life. Learning music and how to play an instrument at a tender age is known to help certain parts of the brain develop, helping her to learn more important things in the future, developing imagination and being creative. On top of that, it looks like she has taken some painting lessons as well. Good for you, North! But the thing that is somewhat worrying is that she sort of has it all. High quality clothes, furry jackets, she does whatever she wants, whenever she wants it and Kim is always at her side. There is somewhat of a risk that she will turn out as a drama queen or the sort of child who will not react well when she doesn’t get what she wants in high school. But this is a concern that should worry the Wests more than it should worry the world. In the end, they are all about fame, a glamorous life and just being “out there”. It is their decision whether their daughter will end up as a famous girl, known for doing some good deeds, or just a spoilt brat. Since there are so many selfies with Kim and her, we are pretty sure that she is going to take after her mother.  



The Story of Saint West

Kid-is-smiling When the two named their newborn boy Saint, the world was in awe. Jennifer Lawrence said that she was pretty sad about the fact that the Wests stole her surprise name. As the second of the kim kardashian children, Saint was an extremely difficult pregnancy. Kim and Kanye often talk about how difficult it was to go through those 9 months and give birth to the boy (although Kanye doesn’t really know much about that). Because the little one and Kim had made it through this difficult period, they named him Saint because they believe he was a blessing. It’s a nice and touching story and we also have to agree that Saint is a great name for very different reasons. It’s not only touching, but it’s actually kind of cool as well. Fans went berserk, however, and they wanted to know if Saint would have any other middle name. An interesting development it was and it ended up with numerous magazines trying to get their hands on Saint’s birth certificate just to confirm that there was no middle name. And there wasn’t. E! News actually managed to obtain a copy of the document and they made it very clear that that was his only name. This just goes to show how what things their fans are actually interested in. While something important was going on in the world, Kardashian and West fans were just dying to see if they boy had another name. Saint West was born on December 5th, so he is a few months old now. Nonetheless, he looks quite strong and Kim is already trying to teach him how to walk. He also looks like a fast learner. What we do not yet is which side of the family he is going to take after. Will he become a singer like his father, or will he organize mastermind plans to get famous like his mother? It’s a little bit too soon to tell, but we might get an idea or two within a couple of years. Until then we should just watch and see how the boy grows up.  



The Future of These Children…

Kids-has-fashion-clothesIs uncertain. Kim and Kanye are known for having a very different way of thinking. Unlike most people on this planet (and most celebrities), they do not particularly care what others think about them. It’s like they are living in some sort of reality TV show in which they expect to make a mistake or two, get criticized for it, so silly things and just walk off the stage like actors who just played their role and entertained the public. In fact, this might be their job in the first place. Maybe it’s all a stage to them, a stage on which they have to put on a face and then leave. With an attitude like this, it can be really difficult to predict how their children are going to end up. Either way, they will be famous because of their parents. They might have an easy time in school because… they are who they are and maybe they will take the Instagram feed to a whole new level. We are pretty sure that Kim wouldn’t mind if her children made more money from Instagram than she did… or would she? As for Kanye, he is a guy who just wants to put on a show and reveal what a genius he is to the entire world. He’s not doing anything exceptional.


He actually had to beg for The Life of Pablo to be purchased on his platform. The album had a very bad start, but everything turned out ok because literally begged. Some consider this to be disgraceful, we think that he knew how to sell and got what he wanted. What you think is entirely up to you. The truth remains the same, however: he did it. With parents like these, it’s difficult to know how North and Saint will grow up. But does it matter? It sort of does if you are the kind of person who likes to think about the future of the world. Here’s the thing: Kim and Kanye are the sorts of “artists” who are famous just for the sake of being famous. We cannot say that their entertainment and “art” is getting anyone anywhere. In fact, their so called performances are downright hilarious. Art, in all of its forms, should be somewhat relevant to people and to what they want to achieve in their lives. Now if you consider that, kim kardashian children could be just another generation of kids who will get up on the stage for the sake of it, not because they actually have anything good to contribute with. If you are the kind of person who thinks about this, then you should worry. But if you are ok with this trend and like making other people famous for no reason… then you have nothing to worry about.