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Kourtney Kardashian Necklace Collection

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Last week we talked about Kim, now it’s time to talk about Kourtney. The Kardashians are the sort of family which became famous overnight and the trends they are setting are rather impossible to stop. The kourtney kardashian necklace collection is one in which many people from across the globe take interest in and, whether we would like to see a change in trend or not, there is pretty much nothing we can do to stop it. The Kardashians have a rather controversial history when it comes to how they became famous. Although, to be fair, it was Kim who actually drew the entire family to the spotlight. Given their situation, the Kardashians had two options: stay “out there” and simply have to deal with their situation or take action and use it to their advantage.


They obviously took the second path, which, somehow, it is leading them towards success. This success obviously comes with a heavy burden: staying ahead of the curve and by the curve, in this situation, we pretty much mean fashion. Kim is the selfie queen and her sisters are somewhat following in the same direction, but not really. If we really want to know why Kourtney’s necklace collection is such a blast, we first have to meet her, right? We are going to look at Kourtney in the beginning of the guide and try to establish why she is different from the rest of the family. Sure, everyone knows about Kim, but what makes the other girls special?  



Kourtney Kardashian’s Story

Woman-has-an-elegant-lookUnlike Kim, Kourtney built her reputation over the years by participating in some great projects that have brought her closer and closer to the spotlight. She is a TV personality and a model and she first started the ascension towards her career in 2007 when she was featured in the reality TV show known as Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The series was quite a success and eventually led to some spin-offs which kept Kourtney in front of her audience for another few years. She eventually got into fashion with her sisters and in 2010 they launched a book entitled Kardashian Konfidential. Kourtney was, is and has always been a hard worker, eager to prove herself in everything that she does and we can say that it has worked out quite well for her. But it always seems as if she and her sister are outshined by Kim and the reason for why that occurs is rather simple and obvious. In February 2007, a sex tape emerged featuring Kim and her ex-boyfriend Ray J. It was from this point that life changed completely for Kourtney. Imagine first being involved into a charity TV show (Filthy Rich: Cattle drive, 2005) and then finding that your sister was involved in a sex tape scandal. It was this particular situation that brought the Kardashians into the spotlight and it was either a one way trip downward from there, or they simply had to fight. So they fought. And things turned out ok for the entire family. Her mother and she opened a few children’s clothing boutique (Smooch), which seems to have great success. She has initiated plenty of other projects that have done nothing else than to push the family forward> some of these projects are D-A-S-H, she (along with her sisters) created a whole new clothing line for Bebe and they even created a sunless tan in 2010 which caught the attention of enough people to make good money out of it. All in all, she helped the family get to the top. It is a worthy effort, something she is totally respected for and now you can understand why trends that she has the power to set are always going to be sought after. Had she only not been outshined by the sex tape scandal, suffice it to say that Kourtney would have had a stainless successful life. But, as business people say: “there is no such thing as bad publicity.”  



The Kourtney kardashian Necklace and How to Wear It

Girl-has-a-beautiful-smile Needless to say, Kourtney wears more than just one necklace, but the style she has adopted is quite modest and different than Kim’s. While Kim is focused on highlighting her round shapes, Kourtney is all about having a nice and cool image. She is still making use of her skin tone, hair and eye color, just like Kim does, but if you ever look at her when she is posing or whenever she is attending an event, she does not have that “I own this room” attitude that Kim can pride herself with. No, Kourtney finds confidence only in looking good, not just drawing everyone else’s attention. This is a very rare and admirable quality, especially given the fact that her condition should create an “I own this place” attitude. She’s smart and secure and that makes her super sexy. In case you did not notice, the large majority of Kourtney’s necklaces are golden. And another reoccurring motif is the name bar and the cross. The name bar is not always specifically made for the name. In fact, she actually did appear once or twice with the “YOLO” tag, which is a really discrete and cool thing to do. Since she only lives once, she might do it in style and without any fear. Just that there is another vibe about it when you have YOLO written on half of your body and when you have it on a small name tag that is not exactly easy to notice. That’s what’s so awesome about Kourtney. As for the cross, we would like not to dive too deep into the subject. Religion is something that each and every one of us interprets differently. So if Kourtney decides that the cross is for her, then it’s good for her. What we can talk about, however, is how she decides to wear it on the side instead of wearing it in the middle of her chest. Kim’s style would entitle wearing it in the middle just to draw attention to her breasts. But, as we mentioned earlier, Kourtney is all about that modesty.


Woman-has-a-red-braceletShe is also a fan of the thick black choker. This is a fine and sexy accessory that complements her natural colors. Black is, of course, a non-color that works on literally everything and everyone, but as long as she has a summerish skin tone, black hair and black eyes, well, it suits her more than just fine. The thick black choker is also some sort of statement, but not exactly statement piece of jewelry and that makes it very appealing to everyone. It’s as if you are tied to something, but you are completely in control? You probably understand the feeling. The Diamond Choker Necklace is a “special ingredient” that both sisters use, although in very different ways. The diamond choker is a rather daring thing that highlights the Kardashian skin tone very well. These ladies have gold written all over them, so the second they want to step out of the golden spectrum things can get rather difficult to handle. Black tops always work for these situations and this is why Kourtney wears both pieces with confidence. When you want to wear something that works like a statement piece, it is important to keep your cool when it comes down to the outfit. Everything needs to be low profile with the exception of the jewel. Get this right and you will have an awesome night. Finally, the Layered Pearl Necklace is a declaration of taste and love for fashion. Just like the Diamond Choker, wearing pearls for Kardashians can prove rather challenging, so considering it a statement piece works very well. But Kourtney decided to play the game a lot better and “conceal the statement”. How? A white dress and white shoes. Even if her skin tone is a little bit darker, she can still afford to pull off a great contrast and leave everybody breathless. She rarely uses this combination because it is so daring and immediately draws everyone’s attention, but a girl’s gotta have her moment of glory doesn’t she?  



Looking Back at Kourtney Kardashian’s Style

Girl-wears-a-red-dress So you see, modesty can rock the party just as much as a sex tape scandal. It’s just a pity that Kourtney’s success is outshined by a thing that occurred almost 10 years ago, but we can assume that everything is long forgotten within the family. Still, despite such a controversial history, the Kardashians are still going strong and creating trend waves in the entire fashion industry. The kourtney kardashian necklace is always going to be an item that people are going to look for, whether it is a collar, a choker or a diamond necklace. It would be a mistake to think that this name is going to disappear from the industry soon. On the contrary, it is going to stay here for a while and this is exactly why everyone should stay in touch with the trends that they are setting.


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