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Lady Gaga Necklaces - A Show of Art


Lady Gaga is not only going to go down in history as one of the greatest singers of all time. She has also become a fashion icon. Crazy hairdos, mad heels and the meat dress pretty much sum up her style, but another key element that add value to her image are the lady gaga necklaces. Some people observe them, others are just shocked by the overall image. Spoiler alert: that’s the plan. If you ever look at Gaga she is all statement. It’s wrong. It’s definitely wrong for a model to do all these things, but she doesn’t mind. And it is because of the fact that she doesn’t mind that her style is so loved and appreciated.


Here’s the thing: if we truly want to understand Gaga’s necklaces we have to understand her as a whole. These are not random facts. You’d think that a celebrity who is so out there has a chaotic approach to how she looks, what she wears and how she acts. Not at all. Gaga knows exactly what she is doing. This usually comes as a surprise to everyone, and for a good reason. She is very smart, she knows that the best way for her to step out into the world is through extravagance and, well, she pretty much does it right. So, before we understand her necklaces, we are going to go through some facts about Lady Gaga: what made her who she is, what she likes and the way she thinks. A friendly warning: you might find some of these things to be a little bit out of the ordinary and it’s ok if you do so, but know that everything, absolutely everything, can be translated in how she looks and what jewelry she is wearing. Ready to start our Gaga adventure?  



Who Is, In Fact, Lady Gaga?

Lady-Gaga-has-gorgeous-earringsShe has and has had a very interesting life before she became a super star. Like all famous people, Lady Gaga had to cope with a rather difficult childhood and had to mold herself into the person she is today. Some of her most famous nicknames are Mother Monster, Rabbit Teeth and Little Mermaid. If you will look these names up on the internet you are going to find all sorts of necklaces with these specific themes. You see, even if she had to live through these hard nicknames, she did find an opportunity to make a business out of them. She also helped others start their own businesses by using these nicknames. Because of the fact that her favorite colors are lavender and black, she is usually “forced” to use something glittery. Statement necklaces are her thing and whenever she gets the chance to wear multistrands she takes it.


We will be honest about it: we are not sure if she waits for such chances. She just forces it. After all, would anybody be surprised about it? The film director which she appreciates most is Martin Scorsese and this is a huge indicator for her style. We all know what a genius and out of the ordinary director Scorsese is, so it comes as no surprise if he influenced her way of being. The permanent desire to do something unique and out of the ordinary resides in both of them. This could also be a reason as to why she wears what she wears. One of the few moments when she was seen with something discrete was on her 20th birthday, when she signed a great deal with Interscope Records. Back then she was wearing a simple dark necklace that matched with her earrings. Can you even think about Gaga today and not associate her with something big around her neck? We thought so too. If you have ever seen her wearing big, golden chain necklaces, it might be because she was influenced by Jennifer Lopez. Lopez is known for wearing big golden chunks, literally.


So their partnership might have done something to Gaga’s style. We can only say that it was a positive influence because she really knows how to rock a golden necklace. Lastly, her extravagance might be the result of two very important things about her. She was bullied back in school (and she really boasted about it when she landed the cover of Vogue) and she believes that “life is a performance”. You can immediately understand her if you think about these two things. First of all, she wears all statement pieces because she knows she has to make it big. Even as a superstar, she has to keep her head up and maintain her looks. Secondly, if life is a performance, well you might as well perform to the fullest. This doesn’t just mean that she should sing well. She should also dress to impress. Herself and the crowd!  



Super Popular Necklaces

Lady-Gaga-is-singing Lady gaga necklaces can be found anywhere. If you Google her necklaces right now you are going to get hundreds of thousands of results within a second. The most common one is the golden logo necklace. Opinions vary about this specific piece simply because it is exceptionally common, but if you look it up you will quickly understand that it is one of the most interesting and exotic designs on the market. The round shape, the way the G is formed and the fact that it is so beautiful makes it an excellent piece to add to your collection, especially if you are a fan. A rather interesting piece that she wore during her On the Record. People were rather surprised to see her wear a necklace that was very long… but not mobile. Some even joked that it was a chandelier and not a necklace. Still, the piece had quite an impact, it was very graceful, with plenty of floral designs and quite catchy. While comments flew here and there, it would be a mistake to think that she did not know what she was doing. If you want to know exactly what piece we are talking about, you can simply look for Gaga’s On the Record performance.


As mentioned preciously, Jennifer Lopez might have had a strong impact on Lady Gaga when they worked together. This might explain why she wears so many grand golden chains. But Gaga likes them really big. It is actually pointless to give an example here because she has worn them to so many events that it is practically impossible to remember them all. The rings are super big and the clasps are also huge. It does not exactly matter what design she is wearing because the effect is always going to be the same. Perhaps the most shocking performance that Gaga has ever had to accomplish was when she had to wear a prisoner’s outfit designed by the two very well known masters of their craft: Viktor and Rolf. The design’s idea was very simple: use necklaces. The only shocking thing about it is that they were, in fact, chains. Rumor has it that this specific event triggered her desire to wear chains most of the time. We suspect that it was all the events and facts that we know about her to have modeled her personality and preferences in this way. Not that this event could not have added a little something to the way she thinks, but we all know for a fact that one event alone is not enough to change your mentality entirely.  



Little Extras That You Should Always Remember

Lady-Gaga-wears-a-red-dressGaga is a very controversial figure, often criticized not because of what she sings or how she acts, but how she looks. This is a good indicator for anybody who is at least a little bit interested in her character and the way she decides to look. When people only look at your overall image they are superficial. We all know that and Gaga knows that. This is why she made it where she is today: she knows herself well and she is very aware that what everybody sees is what they want to see. What they think does not really matter in the end. Some people will follow her because of how she sings, some will follow her for the necklaces she wears, the clothes she decides to wear and some will just stick to their superficial mentality and continue to criticize her for… things. People are a lot more preoccupied with what they think than what they do. Lady gaga necklaces are an excellent way for you to look at her character. Remember: her character, not her image. The fact that she always goes for bold things is her way of living. Sometimes it’s serious and sometimes it’s all for the fun. As long as everyone understands that, they can also realize that they all have to be as successful as Gaga. But this is another subject that we are probably going to talk about some other day. Learn from her. Even though she is one of the most criticized people in the world, she is one of the most awesome people in the world.