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Latest Celebrity Gossip


The latest celebrity gossip is quite a tricky one to cover because it really depends on the degree of importance you choose to give it. There are a lot of things going on right now: how Adele looks without makeup, whether Taylor Swift is with Tom Hiddleston or not anymore, maybe you are interested in the fact that Bella Hadid posed naked in Vogue’s autumn number or maybe you are a little bit behind and are still surprised at the fact that Kim exposed Taylor in the Taylor-Kanye feud. The point is that celebrity gossip, in all of its forms, has some sort of time frame that it works with and is dependent on whether the world cares about it or not. Now the obvious part is that people do care. If they didn’t care, gossip would not exist in the first place. So it’s important to acknowledge that it is, to a certain extent, important. If you will read our Celebrity Gossip News guide, you will know why we discourage it and why we do not find it important. But even we have to understand that that is just a point of view.


People simply want to know what’s going on in these celebrities’ lives and that has its own reasons. Men or women, young or old, we all aspire to be famous, whether we realize it or not. We see the benefits of fame every day. We might not know everything that is happening behind the curtains, but we can surely see what benefits you can reap from it. And the reason why people are interested in celebrity gossip is because they want to know that they are people as well. They want to know that there are some things going on in the background, which not all of us are aware of, but if they are similar to our experiences… maybe we are not so different after all. Let’s put it like this: if people have similar experiences, they can have similar careers, right? So if a celebrity is struggling in a certain area of their lives, which also happens to be the area where fans are struggling, maybe there is a chance for everyone to make it. And it’s not all about that. People just want to get together and share their hopes, dreams and failures as well. In the end, even though it seems somewhat complicated or psychological, people just want to know that they are people, that they love people and that they connect with people. This is why celeb gossip needs to have a reason, a certain quality, something that we can learn from.  



Gigi Hadid’s Response to Body Shaming

Gigi-Hadid-has-a-splendid-hairThis actually occurred one day before this guide was written and it was one of the most powerful pieces of news that echoed through the world of fashion. Hadid was body shamed by someone on social media for being “too thin”. In general, we pretty much know that most of the people on social media talk for the sake of talking. But not everybody reacts to body shaming in the same way. While Hadid is a super model who enjoys success on global scale and has learnt how to deal with such remarks, it can be somewhat difficult for new or aspiring models to deal with this sort of attitude. Hadid stepped in, and she stepped in hard. She wrote quite a large piece about how negativity got to her as well in the beginning, how it can be quite hard to cope with such reactions and how insecurity can actually be a thing, especially for young teenage girls who are making their way into life. The truth is that, in the end, society has developed some sort of “taming mechanism” that makes young people feel bad about their decisions. “You are too thin”, “you are too fat”, “you eat too much”, “you eat too little”, “you should eat this and that”, these are all remarks from people who either failed in life or are a failure. It is very harsh, very hard to take in, but this is the truth. If you are working your 9 to 5 job every day, go home, eat something and shame somebody on social media, then you are pretty much wasting your life. Hadid mentioned clearly that “judgement on social media comes from people who, 99% of the time, have no idea what they are talking about”. While the 99% part is a generalization, this statement is entirely true and we should get used to countering it. Your age doesn’t matter, your profession does not matter and who you are does not matter. You can do it! And people coming out of nowhere telling you that you can’t do it is simply wrong. If they failed it doesn’t mean that you have to as well.  



The Taylor-Kanye Feud

Taylor-Swift-is-smiling Although it is debatable whether we can count this as the latest celebrity gossip or not, this is yet another important subject that was on fire in 2016. Why? Because it was emotional and because it ethics to the test. Did Taylor lie? Did the Wests lie? It’s all debatable. But we could definitely see that there are some things that are either not being said or that are intentionally hidden from the public. Taylor claimed numerous times that she did not know about the Famous lyrics. And she kept on going. All of a sudden, the world knows that Taylor did, in fact, know about those lyrics. So she lied. There is no denying in the fact that she lied and she was caught. Yet, at the same time, the Kim Kardashian did not play it right either. First of all, the subject of the b-word had been entirely avoided. The point was to demonstrate that Kanye had asked for permission – and he did for the sex part- but not for the b-word. On top of that, this was a total breach of confidence. It showed that Kim loved Kanye very much, but these discussions occurred between the two privately. We are not talking about law suits here, third parties or any sort of juridical terms. We are talking about confidence. Taylor and Kanye already had a very shaky relationship which (apparently) was being taken care of by Taylor. She always struggled to keep things cool between them, but this definitely crossed the lone. You see, this piece of news was important because the world wanted to see who these people were. They wanted to know if these celebrities could be trusted or not. Whether ether party has lost or gained fans, money or fame is quite irrelevant. The only thing that matters is what they (and we) have learned from the entire experience.  



Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison Parted

Kristen-Stewart-has-blue-eyesThis was a sad moment for all Twilight fans, especially considering that the two had been together for so long. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison had a very long and pleasant relationship, very far away form the public’s eyes… well, as much as they could keep it away. The main reason why couples, marriages and break-ups are a subject of interest is because love is a subject of interest. Love is the thing that all human beings aspire towards and want. Everything we do, every decision we make and every step we take, we do it for love. We either want to love ourselves or we want to be loved. It’s a little trick you have to wrap your head around. Once you understand this, life is going to be a whole lot easier. This gossip doesn’t need too much explanation now that you know this. The same principle applies to any piece of news of its kind. That and the fact that the fans might be fantasizing about the fact that the two had a lot of vampire-related stories to cling to. This is the news that is shaking the world right now.


But we all know how gossip is somewhat of a fragile subject. It hits the world today and tomorrow it is gone! It does leave some scars here and there, failures, things that we all have to learn from but, in the end, it all fades away. You probably understand why we do not recommend this form of news. Yet, at the same time, we have gained some important insight as to why it makes the world go round. While the latest celebrity gossip (and celebrity gossip in general) has no extraordinary impact on the world, it surely does provide a learning experience for each and every one of us. Maybe this news is not important for all the people, but it definitely is important for some. Most of us take life too seriously. We go to work every morning, come back home to exhausted to notice what the rest of the world is doing. It’s funny when something turns out to be goofy, it’s sad when we see two people who love each other part and it is inspiring when we see people stand up for themselves, their values and those who are uncertain around the world.