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List of Top 10 Most Famous Celebrities Ever


Ah, celebrities. What is better than them? A list of celebrities! This gives us plenty of chances to talk about many people that have made huge changes in the world. And we are not limited to only one domain! A word of caution, before we begin: these are some of the celebrities that we found most interesting for the subject. If you happen to not find your favorite artist or public figure here this does not mean that they do not deserve to be here. It simply means that we did not have the space to cover all the most important figures in the world. And how could we? Does anybody have the space and time to do so? Celebrities come in different domains, shapes and sizes, literally. Being a celebrity is somewhat different from being an ordinary people, in many ways that are not exactly visible. Sure, we can all understand that being a celebrity is different, but do we know how it all began? Do we know what everybody is doing? We don’t. Not most of us, anyway. We are usually fascinated with the idea of being a celebrity, but unwilling to pay the price that will take us there.


To be fair, being a celebrity is not for everybody, but anybody can do it. That doesn’t make sense, we know. But before we go into our top 10 we will explain this concept once and for all. Anybody has the power of choosing whether to become a celebrity or not. The only challenge that occurs is that, once you find out what you need to do, you are either afraid of it, you either start doing it and you quit after a short period of time, or you actually become what you want to become. The last category is the one that barely makes it. If you want to know the truth, the world is divided into 90% and 10%. The 10% have the possibility of becoming celebrities if they decide they want to do it. The 90% are stuck either because of fear, lack of trust in themselves or lack of commitment. Some even say that the 90% are stuck because of laziness, but we happen to know that this large majority is stuck because of the fact that they want security above everything else. Really, who does not want security? It’s pretty normal, isn’t it? It is. The only difference is that the 90% want security while the 10% want freedom.  



Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Kim-Kardashian-wears-a-red-shirtIt’s kind of awkward to put all of these 4 people in the same group, we know. But we are doing it to make an important illustration. Kim and Kanye are on one side of the world while Brand and Angelina are on another, so to speak. Kim and Kanye are the perfect examples of how you can be famous… just for being famous. If you read our How Did the Kardashians Achieve Their Success? guide, you might have noticed that it was all Kim. Kim was filmed when she was a little girl and she said that the world had better remember her because she is going to be famous. What were the results? A sex tape scandal, a “break the internet” nude photo shoot, becoming the selfie queen, and stirring the fire between Taylor Swift and Kanye. Many people would consider this as serious fame. There is nothing much respectable about it, but the truth is that it stuck. It actually worked! Kim is pretty much famous for nothing and it is both laughable and sad at the same time. Kanye West’s career is pretty much questionable. With a little success in music, a more or less awkward attempt to make his own fashion brand and, of course, begging people to buy his album, Kanye does not seem to be the kind of guy you would want to look up to, is he? Still, the fact that he is famous is a result of him not caring about what he does. He just does it. He knows it is questionable for most of the world and that translates into publicity. The principle is simple: look at what Kanye did! And the world is looking. Now Brad and Angelina are on the other side of the coin. We are talking about two people who have exceptional movie careers, people who dedicate their time to teach others how to improve their lives tenfold, people who are involved in charity and a couple who have invested in their marriage a lot. Notice that they are in an industry in which people get together and part quickly, but not them. They have been at it for years and we are pretty sure that nothing is going to ever change. These are the sort of celebrities who deserve respect.  



Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift

Rihanna-wears-a-red-outfit All singers, all different personalities and they all have important things to teach in their own way. Rihanna’s place on the list of celebrities only because of the way she sings, but because of her style as well. She had a good start and she is a kind person and this is what got her to the top. Still, she prefers extravagant clothing that not only displays her wonderful body, but you actually get to see stuff. Very controversial, yet quite interesting at the same time, Rihanna is the sort of celebrity that leaves you wonder. Justin Bieber, on the other hand, is the sort of punk kid who seems to have got away from school and the famous life made him mad. Bieber is not known for his music alone, but because he does some really weird things; he scolds fans during his concerts if he gets interrupted, he badmouths fans and things like that. Still, he is very aware of the fact that these things are not ok and Justin occasionally says that he is trying to fight his urges. Gaga needs no introduction. She just slammed right into the music world and became a legend. Good music? Check. Interesting look? Check. Meat suit? Check. Wait? What?! Oh, you did not hear about the meat suit! Yes she did wear a meat suit once. Just for the show. She thought it would be interesting. And it was. The fans loved her for it. She is also very careful with her fans. She once ordered pizza for the group of people waiting for her because she could not get out of the rehearsal room. And, of course, Taylor Swift. Taylor is a sweet girl, no matter what anyone says. Not only did she pass from one genre to another, but she is also a fashion icon who pays really close attention to her fans. She even has a great relationship with the paparazzi! Do make sure that you listen to her music when you get the chance because you will not regret it.



Robert Kiosaki and Donald Trump

Donald-Trump-wears-a-black-suitNow these guys are a little bit trickier, but we did add them for educational purposes. Of the former, you might know nothing; about the latter, well, you might know that he has a bad reputation in America… and in the rest of the world. But let’s explain the basics about both of them and we will get to the bottom of it. Both Robert and Donald are investors. They are masters when it comes to making money. What is also very important is that they are both teachers. Kiosaki writes good books while Trump started the Apprentice because it was a good way for people to learn what it takes to be the CEO of a good company. But why are they famous? Kiosaki is, in fact, famous in a very different way. He attracts very few people through his books and talks, but it’s only the people who want to get rich in a smart way. Kiosaki is quite humble and mild when it comes to teaching, but his ways have proven to be exceptionally good. People who follow him get rich and they do it fast. Trump, on the other hand, is not a people’s person. This guy is harsh, direct and will tell you to your face whether you like it or not. It’s an admirable quality; it’s just the fact that not many people will take being told to the face that they are not worthy likely. You wouldn’t do it either. It takes time to work or even understand a man like him. His morals can seem questionable at times, but this is because business shaped him in a certain way. If you want to know why these two people are so famous, we recommend that you read Why we want you to be rich, written by both of them. This is the list of celebrities that we find most worthy of mentioning at the time. But, as we mentioned in the beginning, it is not all about what we think. It is mostly about what you think.