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Lockets - Unique Gifts for Women


Whether you might believe it or not, lockets are some of the best accessories that women look at. This is not only because they are a great piece for your wardrobe, but because it allows you to take any meaningful event or story with you, not matter where you go. They have the power to go way beyond any simple necklace and some even use them as an energy source whenever they need to fill themselves with any powerful feeling, be it love, happiness or inspiration.  



Why a Locket?

lockets-necklaceA very important detail when it comes to lockets is that they are ever modern and unique accessories. Women turn to them because, once claimed and equipped with the right picture, symbol or piece of writing, lockets becomes theirs forever. Thus, these sweet accessories gain two characteristics that can rarely be achieved: they are timeless and exclusive. They can also be part of someone’s daily wardrobe, just like a watch, and they can be worn at any event ranging from your regular date to business meetings. This is why women nowadays prefer to have a collection of lockets at their disposal so that they can match them with any clothing style or occasion. After all, there is no better way to store your inner queen into an object that you open from time to time, right? This charming accessory has made its way through the centuries without much effort. For centuries, lockets have had a great impact both as wearable accessories and gifts. They have different meanings in the hearts of men and women. While the feminine perception associates them with secrets or important meanings stored close to the heart, to men they serve as an ideal gift for their beloved, thus showing how important it is to decorate oneself with a feeling. You see, lockets have this wonderful power of exteriorizing our deepest feelings, something that not many jewels can offer.  



The Vintage Style

lockets-pendant The vintage style has become quite popular over the years, mostly because vintage indicates something that is way past its time. This is why women are attracted to it: they can store a memory or a feeling that may be a few years old. Needless to say, these feelings have an extraordinary value and they are also an indicator for personality. A picture with a person can exude the love for family, the willingness to return to a place and time that is long lost or perhaps simply “storing” someone who is long lost but has left great meaning behind. Artisans have always kept in mind that a locket is no ordinary gift for a woman, thus they design them in vintage style in order to accentuate this important, timeless meaning. Many businesses such as these began with a desire to create vintage lockets and have become rather successful over time. Annina Vogel, for instance, has been producing vintage charm lockets since somewhere around 2007. It was not long before huge personalities like Kate Moss or Helena Bonham Carter began wearing her jewels and Vogel received a telephone call from Vogue. Vogue proceeded to admit that the jewels designed by Annina were “pieces that evoke emotion” and we believe that the rest of the story’s success can be deduced.



Lockets: A Short History

lockets-vintage-necklaceThe story of lockets began centuries ago, but they are most commonly associated with the Victorian era, when they were initially used to mourn the loss of someone dear. It was then that these fine and discrete pieces of jewelry started to tell women’s story in a completely new and delicate manner. During this specific period, the lockets that were considered most sentimental were the ones which contained a lock of hair. Their actual story began way before that, in ancient Rome, when women used the same technique to hold someone dear close to their hearts. The trend held its ground well since, even today, there are celebrities such as Katy Perry who wear a flock of hair into their own lockets. That is only the hair trend. Adding someone’s portrait in a locket is another one that started somewhere around 1650, right after the beheading of Charles I.


Many royalists commenced adding Charles’ portraits to their lockets so that they would not only mourn him, but remember him for the rest of their days. And yet there are heartwarming love stories out there which play an important role in the history of lockets as well. One such story grew in popularity between the end of the 18th century and the first of the 19th one, when George IV fell in love with Maria Fitzherbert. Maria was a widow and, sadly, George could not remain with her because the Royal Marriages Act was an impediment. George then asked for a locket to be made with Maria’s eye and a small part of her nose, which he wore as his “hidden passion”. Very few people knew of Maria and the locket allowed her and George to remain close. Even more, her identity remained a secret. This is a story that reflects what an intimate object the locket can be: it alludes to mystery, yet its full story can be voiced only by the one wearing it and only by their will. In the end, if you are going to ask any locket passionate, these jewels are most associated with the period between the 1860s and the 1880s and that is because that is the period in which they became extremely private, worn under clothing. Many claim that if you want to share your love for someone, a locket is the ideal way to do it without breaking any social rules. This same rule is still available today and there are plenty of celebrities who decide to wear lockets because of their capacity to hold romantic significance. Amongst the names we can add Jennifer Anniston, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry and even Britney Spears. It only seems rational that, since these powerful women are maintaining the trend, others will follow in their footsteps and be drawn to these gorgeous accessories.


Elegant-necklace-for-girls This brings us to the second reason as to why they are popular in the 21st century: they are fashionable. While it is of great importance that we recognize beauty comes from the inside towards the outside, we must not forget that this works the other way around as well. Modern lockets are often adorned with enamel and diamonds, which naturally makes the eyes turn towards them. Modern technology has allowed artisans to create lockets that seem more like a necklace jewel than a tiny secret stored away. But what is perhaps the greatest advantage of all is that the human eye is perceptive, it senses that there is something more to it than a jewel, and thus creates fascination. This fascination is what makes you wonder and this can drive men wild sometimes. So is it a simple jewel, or is there a secret inside? Nowadays, lockets are, in fact, fine jewelry that comes with a legacy. Whether you decide to buy a locket today or you received one from your grandmother, you can always keep in mind that something special can be stored within and can be passed from generation to generation. At the same time, you need not fear that wearing a locket is a thing that you should save for special occasions. No, there is no one who will notice that you carry a locket and not appreciate it. Actually, one can even use them to their advantage and engage in conversations with perceptive eyes. We have some good news and bad news for the modern woman: lockets are a must-have. If you have them in your wardrobe, you rock. If not, it’s time to add to your artillery. The reason behind this is because they can be used anywhere, anytime.


The actual secret is that you most likely have a meaningful story in your life, something that changed you or something that left you a better person or with a greater purpose in life. After you have experienced a feeling like this, it is bound that you have something that relates to it: a line that you repeat to yourself every day, a picture, a hair that fell on the day you finally learnt something. This should be a strong enough reason for you to wear the jewel anyway. And you can stay strong and look gorgeous at the same time. So remember, gentlemen, if you really want to give her one of the most precious gifts of her life, give her a locket. Their history, the value that they carry and the strong emotional binding will make for an excellent gift. But do not think about them as simple gifts. Offer them with love and knowing that you have given them one of the greatest gifts that they could have ever received. They are modern jewels, absolutely essential, they are catchy, chick and they are an extension of her inner feelings. One does not receive a gift like this every day.