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Long Pendant Necklace - How to Wear?

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We will be honest: a long pendant necklace with the right stone or accessory can be one of the sexiest things on the planet (as long as you wear them right, of course). There is a very important trick related to this subject: women automatically have the capacity to understand how to match these cool accessories. Whenever you look at them, wherever you look at them, they just look good. And you keep wondering: are they lucky? Come on! This one is lucky too! Oh my god, look at that pendant! Seriously, it’s ok to be lucky, but when everybody is lucky you have to start wondering what is going on. But coming back to the main subject, long pendant necklaces are simply gorgeous accessories and the fact that they are long helps us a lot. The length actually has the power to make these fine additions statement jewelry and certain variables like the metal or the color of the used gemstones makes them incredibly easy to adjust to anything. Let us look at some of the variables and understand what it is that makes long necklaces so fascinating to behold. And we will find out about some unique tricks in our journey, too!  



Length and Metal

Elegant-woman-wears-a-white-dressLength is a key feature with these necklaces. Why? Because length speaks for elegance and sex-appeal. Not many people take this into consideration. If you are going to stop anybody on the street, point them to a long necklace and ask them why it look fabulous their answer will be something in the lines of “I don’t know, it looks good”. Elegance and sex-appeal is what makes these beauties stand out. Why? Because of social perception. Social perception simply dictates that the more formal the event is, the longer the necklace length must be. It’s true, sort of. This is the old “woman in a black dress, wearing fur on her elbows and smoking a cigar” image. Accurate, but not modern anymore. You can wear a long necklace when you go to the mall nowadays, you can wear them when you simply go out with your friends or they can be simply used as sexy when you go out with a guy and want him to lose his mind. The truth is that the 18 inch necklace, which is used by most women, is losing its charm in comparison to longer lengths. Why? Because it is used by most women. If you want to make a statement, you make it with anything above 22 inches. It’s just how it works. The metal is also very important. Both length and metal are supposed to flatter you entirely. Silver is used for lighter skin tones while gold can be used for warmer skin tones. The metal’s color is also supposed to work well with the clothes that you are wearing. Gold, for instance, works exceptionally well with orange, green or turquoise while silver can do very well with egg-shell or simplistic black dresses. Should you ever find yourself in difficulty of choosing your colors accordingly, always keep in mind that they need to work well with your skin color. If the chain does not flatter you, something is not right.  



Wear a Rock That Makes You Light

The-Woman-is-surrounded-by-flowers Gemstones and diamonds are also very important when it comes to your long pendant necklace. You do not want to wear just a simple chain now, do you? Although we can recommend it; sometimes it works exceptionally well with minimalistic styles. But the majority of chains that you will wear are going to be adorned with all kinds of precious stones. Why not make them work to your advantage. In terms of stones, there are two variables that you need to properly toy with: stone significance and color. Color is relatively easy to adjust to, but significance is something else entirely. Significance you either need to research or make it yourself. It is only natural because the jewel has to say who you are. The kind of stone is important, the way it is shaped is important and the way in which it must look like on you has to be perfect. Diamonds are easy to adjust to. Any shape will do, yet smaller shapes are most commonly associated with prestige and sex-appeal. Tear drops can be both mysterious and inspiring, round shapes are commonly associated with informal events and straight lines demand formality. Yet this is only the basic rule. There are plenty of ladies who wear their jewels so well that it does not matter what events they are attending. As long as they are there, everything is perfect. So if you want to experiment with the same feeling, please, feel free to experiment. There is nothing sweeter than beholding a woman who bends every possible rule and gain respect and admiration for that.


Young-girl-wears-glassesAs for gemstones, well, this is a very broad subject. Gemstones have their own significance, their own philosophies and they are tied to a multitude of cultural beliefs. Apart from that, each and every color has its own significance and the significance that the wearer attributes to it. As far as gemstones can go, they can represent anything everyone wants. Here are a few easy classifications that will give you a good idea as to how gemstones can be used: wedding anniversaries (garnet, pearls, blue topaz or sapphire), for specific Zodiac signs (Capricorn – onyx, Aquarius – turquoise, Pisces – moonstone, Aries – diamond, Taurus – emerald, Gemini – agate, Cancer – pearl, Leo – ruby, Virgo – sapphire, Libra – opal, Scorpio – sardonyx and Sagittarius – topaz) or as birthstones (january – garnet, February – amethyst, March – aquamarine, April – diamonds, May – emeralds, June – pearls, July – rubies, August – peridot, September – sapphires, October – opal, November – topaz and December – turquoise). As you can see, there are classifications for each and every gemstone out there. But if you feel that this is not enough, that there are still gems that you are not aware of or that you would like to try, we would gladly refer you to our Facts About Gem Jewelry guide. We have gathered information there about gemstones that you might not have ever heard of. You might find some things worth experimenting with.  



Styles That You Might Like

Elegant-woman-wears-sunglassesNow that you know about the length, the metal, colors and gemstones, it’s time for a more hands on approach and think about some examples of styles that might look well with your long, beautiful pendant necklace. Bear in mind that these are not all the styles, yet they should give you a clear idea of what you might like and what you might want to try in the future. The minimalistic style is the easiest of them all. It is at the edge of formality and arousal and it will work for any woman in the world. What does it involve? A black dress and a long necklace (preferably with a small to medium sized diamond). You will look exceptional no matter what. Then there is the bold style. Bold practically means that you are pairing a bold necklace with another bold pattern. It is often quite risky, but if you get it right you will get all the admiration you crave. The key here is to get a necklace and a shirt that do not exactly match, but they look interesting together. The rest of your outfit simple needs to be low-profile. Although this is not a particular style, it is wise to add some extra color to an LBD. This is a fun and very rewarding addition. Pick a darker color and light it up with dark purples, light pinks and the occasional orange and red dots. You will love the way gentlemen look at you. Lastly, try wearing neon with gray. Nobody suspects this, nobody thinks that it can be a cool concept, but everybody is astonished when they see it in action. A neon necklace with a gray top is everything you need for an informal go –out and scoring some extra look points. And the fact that nobody suspects it makes completely priceless. Now let’s make our regular sum-up so that you have everything you need down here. If you want to wear long, exquisite pendant necklaces, you always need to consider the length and the metal. The metal needs to flatter you and the length should be no less than 22 inches (or even more). The length brings the feeling of confidence, elegance and sex-appeal while the metal needs to be in concordance with your skin tone.



Girl-drinks-coffee Diamonds are the easiest visual addition that your necklace can take, but they can prove quite costly at times. You can always research gemstones so that you can find out what properly works for you and there is also a chance that you might end up with a very beautiful and cost-efficient necklace. Lastly, there are a few styles that you can try with great confidence: minimalistic (black dress with long necklace), bold (outstanding necklace and an outstanding shirt), try adding many colors to a dark LBD or you can simply go “mat necklace with grey top”. These are never going to let you down.


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