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Male Celebrity Necklaces

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It is rather easy to spot female celebrity necklaces isn’t it? Necklaces are part of every woman’s outfit and the moment they pop up people start looking. But what about male celebrity necklaces? Guys have feelings too, you know. Guys wearing necklaces is a bold thing these days, especially considering that most men prefer prefer a good watch to any other kind of jewelry they could wear. It’s all in good taste, of course, but we have to admit that when a man wears a necklace in the right way it’s just impossible to resist him. So that’s why we are going to be looking at some of the most stylish gentlemen and their necklaces today. We talked about men’s necklaces in the past: how they should feel and what kind of vibe they should give.


The secret to nailing the right necklace is that it should feel old. In case you are wondering, it’s not the kind of old that makes you look like an elder tree. The correct way to wear it is to make it seem as if it were passed to you from generation to generation, something that your grandfather had from his grandfather in his youth. Establishing this sort of pattern is by no means difficult. It’s just a matter of finding a necklace that looks a little rugged, rough around the edges and it also needs to look really good on you. Having laid down the basics, let’s get to know some find gentlemen, see what their picks are and why.  



Goth Games

Man-is-using-a-tabletWe are going to start our list with Robert Pattinson. Ok, go ahead and laugh it off a little bit because he plays in the Twilight Saga and you might not like it (this is for the guys), but you have to admit that the guy has style. There have been numerous cases when he decided to go for the chunky men's Cuban link bracelet and you can immediately see why. Pattison is the kind of celebrity who has a very Goth look. Black and dark shades fit him well in general. He also has a bright skin tone, so gold does not look too good on him. The reason why he is opting for silver is very out there. Silver highlights the bold Robert, not the kind gentleman we all know. It fits him well and there is no denying that. Since we started a little bit dark, we might as well continue the trend with Zac Brown. Zac is the sort of celebrity who likes pushing the limits between genres a lot. This is exactly what he did with rock and country music. Since he had such influence in these two fields, Zac has taken to the raven necklaces and the occasional skull bracelets. Some argue that this is the sort of jewelry wannabe high school rock stars wear, but style itself is quite rebellious and attractive for someone who enjoys this kind of music and who wears their beards as cool as Zac does. Before rushing and judging we actually recommend that you see if these sorts of jewels fit into your wardrobe as well. You’d be surprised to find out how well a raven necklace and a cool shirt go hand in hand. And we are going to end the Goth section with Joe Manganiello. Joe stood out over the years as a man who has embraced many arts. He’s an author, he’s a director, a producer and, if you are a True Blood fan, you might also be aware of the fact that he won an award for his performance as a Werewolf. Funnily enough, he likes vampire-inspired jewelry and this is why his skull ring has become somewhat of a legend. If you are looking for male statement jewelry, that’s what you should be looking for.  



Upping the Game a Little Bit

Man-has-a-blue-shirt The bull necklace is one of the most flattering and daring male celebrity necklaces that we have ever witnessed. Who started the trend? None other than Robert Downey Jr. Take a moment, drool for as much as you need. Ok, we’re back. So let’s think about about all his achievements: highest paid actor, super performance in Sherlock Holmes, exceptional performance as Iron Man, a great charmer, a really nice guy and he juggles very well between modesty and pride (the secret is that he is modest even when he seems proud). But the jewels speak well for Downey Jr. Even if he is a nice guy, he has his subtle ways of saying that he is not the kind of guy you want to mess with. You maintain that style, good sir. It has got you this far and it will surely carry you further than anybody expects. Lenny Kravitz is another musician who has had a huge impact on our generation. Unlike most men, Kravtiz enjoys matching multiple necklaces in order to highlight his style. It’s perhaps the greatest approach when it comes to men, especially considering the fact that multiple necklaces are culturally perceived to be “a woman’s thing”. But this sort of mentality definitely does not apply to good old Lenny. He keeps on rockin’ with good necklace and ring matches that are hard to contest. He’s can become quite a controversial figure when it comes to fashion, but the truth is that we can only perceive his haters as envious people. You go show ‘em Lenny. You cannot be a true rock fan without knowing Jimmy Page. This man, along with the rest of the band, drove Led Zeppelin onto the Stairs of Heaven and into music history. Their name is so deeply written into the rock wall that it will not fade even after a millennium. Page has always liked his jewels simple, like the music he and his band have been singing for so many years. This is why his iconic men’s ring can always be seen on his right hand. Bold, elegant, yet very simple, this ring travels with his guitar pick whenever he sings.



Man-drinks-coffeeRingo Starr is also a celebrity that you want to have as a point of reference when it comes to how to wear jewels. Does Ringo need some kind of introduction? You know he’s the drummer of Beatles, right? It also happens that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame named him “the coolest guy on the planet”. Ringo is a great man of exceptional talent who deserves all the credit that has been given to him over the years. Men’s bracelets and the star ring are some of his most favored jewels and they are the perfect statement for him. Modesty, class, talent, all paired in a couple of awesome jewels. The last, but not the least loved artist that we want to talk about is Steven Tyler. The best way to describe Tyler’s style is to say that he is confident starting from the tip of his longest hair to the very depth of his bones. He is the sort of rock star who wears a lot of jewels. And we do mean a lot. Rings? Check. Necklaces? Check? A cross pendant? Check. Bracelets? Check that too. He literally wears everything and he does it in such a way that you cannot say that his body is overcrowded. He actually knows his thing and he is interested in maintaining the cool rock star image which suits him very well.



Looking Back and Understanding the Trend

Man-has-a-fashion-jacket Now if you will take a moment and look at all these gentlemen and the jewels they are wearing you can see a few patters. First of all, you can see that the strongest and most popular trends are set by rock stars and actors. We could generalize and say that only artists wear jewels, but that would be a mistake. There are plenty of gentlemen out there ho wear jewels, it’s just that they are not wearing them on a regular basis. Then again, if we were to consider that most men wear watches we would spoil all the fun. The second thing that we can see is that there is a lot of focus onto some specific symbols: crosses and skulls. This too, can be interpretable as being childish or a symbol that a specific group is using. In fact, these symbols are the most accessible for men. It is really difficult to wear standard jewels with stones. Wearing a cufflink is one thing, but trying to compete with the ladies when it comes to standard jewelry does not usually play well. The most out of the ordinary example is given by Robert Downey Jr. with the bull necklace. Animals can be used as symbols of power and they are relatively safe because they don’t give you ideas. All in all, we can say that, when it comes to celebrity necklaces, they can be a subject of controversy and a good style definer as well. The key is to remain open to them and understanding that men, too, can wear jewelry. It’s just a matter of finding something that suits you well.


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