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Men's Fashion - Best Tips and Advice


Men’s fashion is all about attitude. If you are looking for the best advice when it comes to the things you wear, it’s imperative that you put yourself in the spotlight. It’s not only about how you look, but about your inspirations, your desires, your tastes and how you want to express yourself. Many men fall into the trap of attempting to dress in fancy ways just to show how much money they invested in their clothes. That’s not how it works. The key to ideal fashion is to show that you invest in yourself. It’s not an easy thing to do and the truth is that very few men manage to work their way through the process. But you do not need to fear because we have your back in this one. Not only will you look great after reading our guide, but you will also know the secrets behind having a great attitude and properly investing in yourself. You had better buckle up because this journey into men’s fashion is truly going to be an inspiring one.  



The Journey from Childhood to Maturity

man-with-jacketThis is actually the formal version for “Kill the boy. And let the man be born”. Building your attitude for fashion involves certain steps that you might not be aware of in the beginning. It’s an education, of some sorts. If you truly want to nail your fashion desires, you need to start looking for the things that actually pull you up from the style that you find yourself in right now. It’s time to look for inspiration. Who do you want to look like? You certainly models to look up to. Maybe you want to have the Tom Hiddleston style, or maybe you are looking into something more like David Backham? Or you could even try a life hack and look up to women’s idols like Ryan Gosling. All these gentlemen have a style of their own, something they pride themselves with and invest in themselves greatly. It’s only a matter of how. And that is something that you can find out just by looking at them. What brands are they wearing? What colors do they prefer? How do they dress when they go to a gala and how do they dress when they go out for a walk? The internet can be your best friend when it comes to imitating someone. Not to mention that there are paparazzi following celebrities all over the world. Use their photos to their advantage.


The main advantage about imitation is that you do not have to think too much about it. Just follow some trends. As time progresses and you go through more and more styles, you will eventually find what you are looking for. What are your passions? This part is not too difficult to think about either. What do you like to do every day when you wake up I the morning? What kind of movies do you enjoy? What kind of music do you listen to? What do you like to work? Although you might think that all these questions form some sort of maze of decisions that will ultimately lead you astray from your final decision, you should know that they can show you two or three options: if you are an extravert and enjoy social life a lot, if you are an introvert and you enjoy solitude or if you are a little mixed. This ultimately dictates whether you have a formal or informal style. Extroverts are divided into two temperaments:  sanguine and choleric. The sanguine is a very social person, so you can automatically relate them to informal, summer style clothes for example. The choleric, on the other hand, can be a little irritable, but cholerics are born leaders, so they might relate suits just fine. Introverts are either melancholic or phlegmatic. The former is super organized and has a really deep understanding of life, while the second is relaxed and super peaceful. You can see how formality suits the formal and informality the latter, right? But keep in mind that all people can look well I any style. There is one question that matters most right now: what style is best for you?


man-with-backpack-admires-the-view If you found your passion and you decided to work on whatever style you like, then keep working. Work, work, work hard until you get the appropriate look: the one you desire. Try different shirts, pants, shoes, materials, necklaces, rings, suits, cufflinks, anything. You must start the journey knowing that things are not exactly going to be easy until you fall into the fashion category that you desire. It’s called delayed gratification. Sometimes you will feel that you dressed at your best and it’s still not cool enough, you do not feel confident enough and you think you can do more. It’s only natural for you to feel that way. Someday you will be wearing the exact suit that you want, the exact shirt and jeans that will make you look fabulous and sexy and people will be turning their heads on the street to see how you look. You will live to see that day through, but until then you need to keep practicing and try to build your style as much as possible. There is nothing work with throwing a show either. You know, one of those days when you feel like you just don’t want to care about what you’re dressed with and you’d want to just throw some things onto you. Do it. Even if you do not consciously think about your decisions, your brain is still working its magic in the background. Let it do that. You would be surprised to find out what miracles you can work out and there are literally thousands of situations worldwide in which random decisions make an excellent outfit that everyone enjoys.  



Know Your Body

man-with-white-t-shirtSadly, working on your attitude, passion and personality is not enough. Men still have bodies that they need to cover with clothes. So if you want to make a good impression, you had best tailor your image according to your body size and height. There are 4 basic body sizes that you need to know of and each body size is best suited with the appropriate clothes. These 4 sizes are the average build, inverted triangle, the rectangle and the triangle. We will briefly go through all of them so that you can understand how to dress appropriately for each and every one of them. The average build is perhaps the one who gets away the easiest. Oversized shirts look great on them, slim ones just the same, skinny jeans are always a plus and you can always, always wear stripes. The fact that your body is average makes stripes look excellent on you. Try to look as athletic as possible. The inverted triangle is pretty much an athlete. The proportions that this body shape has are a little more extreme compared to the average size. V-necks are for the inverted triangle. They are, more or less, the reason why they were inverted. It makes your chest look narrow and draws all the attention towards your waistline.


Although they are excellent additions to your look, you cannot wear them under something else. This is why you must also consider crew neck shirts. Either way, the focus needs to be on the upper side of your body if you want to make a great impression. As for rectangles, they can be quite tricky. The best way to start is layering. The focus needs to be on the top upper half of your body. Jackets are also cool if you want to seem a little bulkier (and this works for slim people as well). What you are looking for, if you have this body type, is to put the spotlight on your chest and your shoulders. If you do not, people might end up looking at your body as a whole instead of focusing on a zone closer to your face. The triangle is also a fascinating body shape. Think of it this way: if your lower side is wider and the shoulders are narrow, you practically have to add substance up top, right? Turtlenecks are just the thing for this size and they might want to wear black as much as possible. Black, navy and charcoal make you look a lit slimmer, so these are the way to go. Also, never wear horizontal stripes. You do not want to look larger than you really are.  



Final Words

Man-walks As you can see, men’s fashion is a lot to work on. It’s not only about knowing your body and dressing it accordingly. It’s about developing a certain mindset that will push you to your limits. Although it is not easy to achieve, we can definitely guarantee that if you work hard on it, you will get the results you want. Make no mistake, figuring out a man’s fashion is like going to the gym. You work out hard, you sweat and you often tell yourself that you do not want to do it anymore. But if you keep pursuing it, you will notice the change and you will be proud about your workout. Trust us, it’s going to be a lot of fun.