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Miley Cirus's Transformation


Miley Cirus’s transformation has been perhaps one of the most heated subjects in music history. And for good reason! We all remember young Miley, right? Passionate, beautiful with that teen spirit everyone loved so much… if you look at her nowadays you might think that she has gone completely mad. She lost many of her younger fans because she changed so drastically and because she seemed to be quite ok with these types of changes, but what we can say for sure is that she is still one of the most successful singers to have walked the planet. What would the explanation be? Well, her desire to change so drastically! Let’s be fair: Miley has undergone some serious changes when it comes to attitude, clothing style, dancing style… when it comes to everything, in fact!


The Miley we see now is very different from the one we saw 2 years ago and she is extremely different if we think about the 2007-2008 Miley. So what gives? Why would anyone like her decide to make such drastic changes? Were her teenage years involved? Is it some kind of maturity? Is it tactical in some way? She has to give us some kind of explanation as to why she did it. And the truth is that she made all these things happen because of tiny answers to all the questions that we enlisted above. There are some extras here and there as well and this is what we want to address today: why did she do it? Why did Miley Cyrus change so much within such a short period of time. You will be pleased to know that the answers are quite logical and, contrary to popular belief, Miley is actually a lot smarter than the rest of the world thinks she is. Her game is absolutely wonderful.  



Teenage and the Internet Sort of Go Hand In Hand

Miley-Cyrus-is-singingLet’s get back to old Miley for a second, the little girl who was known for her gorgeous smile and great posture. She was ok, right? She had some occasional fame outbursts, but that is never wrong for a teenager. Fame can get to the best of us, even the oldest in their industries. But why did she change this much? The hair, the clothes she was wearing, from the fact that she was a TV actress to the fact that she decided to sing, every move that Miley made was for the sake of keeping her flame alive. She was never interested in becoming famous for the sake of being famous, she wanted to do something with her life, she wanted to be remembered for something and that is exactly what she did. It all started with Hannah Montana. Miley had, out of the blue, become the teenage crush of millions of boys from all over America, and thus the world. Not only did the guys love her, but the girls also wanted to be like her, so she practically launched a trend that would make her the famous girl that we all know her today. The only issue was that Hannah Montana was not exactly the sort of thing she wanted to be remembered for and limiting yourself to only one career booster is never a good idea for anyone who wants to remain in the industry forever, so she needed a change. On top of knowing that, Miley was also very aware of the fact that she lives in the information era. No matter what she did, no matter how well she performed or how many fans she would amount, the same fact about celebrity remains the same: it moves really, really fast. You might have done something extraordinary today, but if you do not create something that is at least as entertaining tomorrow, you risk falling into the pit of forgetfulness. So once she was done with Hannah Montana, she knew that something needed to be done in order to maintain the lifestyle she had always wanted. This is why she resorted to music and this is why she also changed her look almost completely. Music is an excellent field in which you know that you always have to come up with something exquisite. Launching one good album nowadays is not enough anymore. You have to always satisfy your fans. And, again, miley cirus's transformation is a clear indicator that we live in the information era. She knew that if she was going to get rid of her teenage past she had to make the transition to something a little bit more out of the ordinary. So she made the change fast, promoted it fast and the world reacted as it did.  



Is It Some Kind of Lady Gaga Effect?

Miley-cyrus-is-smiling Undoubtedly, many of you may have thought about this subject before. Miley’s transformation is something that many people somewhat relate to Gaga’s style: completely brutal, out of the ordinary, it looks a little bit sadistic and it is in no way graceful. In fact, if we were to describe it, we would say that this is how decadence looks like. While the change was radical, it was 100% effective, to say the least. It worked! The world was shocked and everybody had to know what had changed and why Miley decided to walk this path. Going extreme is something that does not only surprise, but the world seems to love it for some twisted reason. This is the result she had in mind when she decided to make this move.  You do not make these kinds of changes just for the sake of doing things randomly. It is a well thought of process because image is something superficial that people always, always judge you for. Remember that we said that Miley lost a lot of fans because of it? She did. But this was bound to happen. When you go from Disney sweetheart to a supposedly delusional singer… that tends to happen. Nonetheless, we can all agree upon the fact that Miley has more fans than she could possibly dream of and that she has absolutely nothing to worry about. It looks like the Lady Gaga effect really does stick to people. Miley is one such example and, if you want to look into the subject a little bit deeper, you can see it working for other celebrities as well. Nicki Minaj did it, too. In fact, if you think about it, maybe it’s not a Gaga effect, maybe it’s a Michael Jackson one. Don’t you just love it when everything goes according to plan and you increase your popularity just because of a look tweak?  



Dealing with the Hate

Miley-cyrus-wears-a-white-dressA wise man once said that the people who are most hated are also the most successful ones. This is, in fact, why we believe Miley Cyrus is so popular and will go down in history as one of the most successful artists to have walked the earth. She just doesn’t mind about the hate talk. Her style is completely out of the ordinary, with a few sadistic twists here and there. When you are not ordinary, people tend to hate you and try to drag you down to their level. Every hate comment she receives is practically a “come down to my level”, which she has learnt to deal with very well, in our opinion. While Miley might not be the most relatable personality on your celebrity list, she is definitely an example of what you have to do if you want your life to be a little interesting and not remain caught in a childhood industry. When she quit Hannah Montana, Miley had a choice to make: would she remain in an industry that she did not enjoy in particular? Would she be remembered as a Disney sweetheart instead of an actual celebrity? Would she go back to a normal life? No. She wanted something more. And it was not greed that pushed her forward. It was determination. We said this before and we will say it again: the only difference between successful people and those who crave success lies only in the way one decides to think.


Miley could have quit her career a thousand times until now. Her looks are questionable, not every song that she releases is a hit and she gets the hate talk on a regular basis. But she is up there and she is fighting to remain up there. The rest of the world is too busy with a job, with paying their bills, coming home and badmouthing celebrities on the internet. This is why miley cirus's transformation is such a powerful example of how different thoughts create different results. Anybody, literally anybody, can make the changes that Miley made. They could just go out in the world and become famous because of the way they dress, the way they talk and the way they walk. The only difference between her and everybody is the fact that she is not afraid of what others think of her. She knows how to deal with the hate. And that’s what makes her famous.