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Most Effective Tactics to Wear Your Handmade Necklace



Ok, so you decided that handmade necklaces are for you. Perfect. Now the only thing you are worrying about is how to wear them, right? You can stop now, things are actually quite easy. There are plenty of people who reject a handmade necklace for two reasons: first of all because they are handmade and they are associated with being cheap, and then because they are hard to match and need a certain style to be matched with. Well, now that you made up your mind, it’s time to learn the truth about these handmade beauties and how you can work with them effectively.  



A Change in Mentality

Green-pearl-necklaceLet’s start with the beginning: not all handmade jewels, necklaces implied, are cheap. Yes, you can get some gorgeous looking pieces for as low as £10, but there are £200 handmades out there too, you know. So the next time someone is trying to teach you how not to wear these types of necklaces, you will know better. In fact, you will also have the knowledge to teach them the reality about these pieces as well. There are plenty artisans who dedicate a lot of time for designing just one necklace. That means that they are making them their selves, they order specific materials for them and the result is going to be an exclusive jewel that you alone will have. That is not at all cheap.


Next, you might be faced with the people who say that handmade necklaces are only for young girls, hipsters, people who do not attend formal events and who do not know how to dress in a more impressive way. Wrong again. Although handmade jewelry does, indeed, give a rather young look can you think about anyone who has used them in the right way and not look cool no matter where they were? Yes, you can use handmades during any event provided that they fit perfectly into your style. And you will already have that covered as well. There are plenty of gemstones and combinations that will work perfectly even for a formal dinner and don’t you even think that people will not notice you for how well you tailored your image. So keep these two very important things in mind first: you can wear handmade necklaces anywhere as long as you look fabulous and no, they are not all cheap and unworthy. If you want to play the cheap card, though, you can actually admit that yes, £200 for an exclusive jewel that nobody else will have and that makes you look wonderful is totally worth the price. This is the most effective tactic to wear your necklace: with confidence.  



How to Play

Necklace-with-white-gemstones Now that you have the right mentality, you need to know that the ease of wearing handmade necklaces stems from this very simple fact: they are necklaces. They can be worn by the same necklace standards that we talked about in all our previous guides. There are three variables that you want to play with: necklace length, whether it has a jewel or a locket and color. Not to mention that there are plenty of handmades that contain silver or gold. Let’s start with length. Length is an important factor since you can judge what events you are going to be attending by it. We already know that the 18 inch is the size that is most preferred by women. This makes it the perfect size for any occasion. Extremes are mostly for you to decide what sort of impact you want to make. The 14 inch chokers are very sexy and elegant while the opera can be very formal, but flirty. Length is all about what you want to exude: elegance, passion, mystery, anything you want is out there for the taking. The secret relies in what part of your body you want the public’s attention to be drawn towards. Smaller sizes will draw attention to your face while larger ones will put your beautiful body in the spotlight. Jewels and lockets are the best parts about handmade necklaces, in fact jewelry in general.


Every choice has a meaning. If you decide to go with a jewel, most likely gemstones, there are a few ways in which you can play with them. First, you can go for a contrast color for your eyes. In case you do not know what color is best to match with the color of your eyes, you can check any color wheel and the color opposing you’re your eye color is the contrast color. Secondly, you can match the gem’s color with your outfit and another accessory with the same gemstone color. Make sure that you are not “filling” your outfit too much. As with necklace lengths, you want to know which part of your body you want to accentuate. Necklace and earring combinations will focus on your face; necklace and rings/bracelets will give you a great overall look. Also, you can choose a necklace and belt brooch combination since it is quite chick. Now for lockets. As we discussed in our previous Lockets - Unique Gifts for Women article, these fine pieces of jewelry are a weapon of beauty that every woman should have at their disposal. Lockets exude a more mysterious feeling than regular jewels. This is because they are personal and one never knows exactly what secrets a woman carries within them. Although lockets are a very intimate jewel, eyes that love details will know when you are wearing them or not. It is your choice whether you want to share your stories or not and, most importantly, you decide who to share them with. Maybe he’s a keeper if he wants to know the story about your locket, you never know.


Necklace-with-green-stoneAlthough we did briefly talk about colors in the jewel section, we are going to give some examples as to how you can use similarities to metal necklaces and gemstones. Remember when we said that there is silver and gold in some handmade jewels? Yes, there are artisans who craft some of the most exquisite pieces with tiny drops of precious metals here and there. The reason why we are discussing about metals and colors is because you can easily adapt handmade usage to metal usage. Anything that looks in a certain way can be matched in the exact same way. The Actinolite Cat’s Eye, for instance, resembles silver if put in the appropriate light.


Now let’s suppose that you are going out for a walk with your friend and you know it is going to be sunny outside all day. You could perfectly match your handmade necklace that contains Cat’s Eyes with an eggshell or off-white dress. The Moonstone, on the other hand, gives off a color that can be close to gold. So if you are wearing any earth colors like green or brown, the Moonstone might be exactly what you are looking for in your necklace. The other colors that you should take into consideration are the chain ones. Handmade necklaces can come with a variety of chains ranging from actual chains to leathers. It is of great importance that you use the chain to your advantage, be it to favor your neck, body or outfit, because it is the most important part of your accessory. Whether you are wearing jewels or lockets, the chain is always going to be the first part of your necklace that everybody is going to lay their eyes on. The little things are the details and it does not work the other way around. Focus on what is most important for you: you need to feel confident and you need to paint a picture that is beautiful and accurate. You know the old saying: be yourself, everyone else is taken.  



What to Remember

Necklace-with-ankh-pendant And now that we have gone through all the little things, let us take a moment and recap everything that we’ve gone through so far. If you are looking for the most effective tactic to wear your handmade jewels, you must always know that you should look confident in them. This requires a change of mentality beforehand. Handmade necklaces are not any cheap jewels that you can buy at the corner of the street. Some of them actually take a lot of time to be crafted and the result is a fascinating one. They can be worn at any event and nobody is going to judge you if you prefer them above other types of jewelry. The most important variables that you need to take into consideration are size, color and whether you are focusing on gemstones or a locket. If you want to wear the appropriate size, decide on whether you want to be star-light beautiful or be as social as possible. In short, gemstones are for beauty and lockets for mystery, although nobody can claim that they cannot work the other way around. As for colors, you either want to value your eyes, your outfit or the jewel combinations. Remember: the best thing you can do is to make yourself shine.