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Most Famous Fashion Designers In the World


Oh, we’re hanging out with the big people now, are we? If you are here you are definitely more than the average fashion amateur. You want to know the people who changed the world and maybe, just maybe, you are thinking of changing it yourself. Or maybe you are just interested in some really strong personalities. Either way, you have come to the right place. The question is whether you are ready to dive into this sort of life or not. These are not just some people who designed clothes. They have pushed this world forward, they changed mentalities and people dress the way they do today because of how these these famous fashion designers established the rules. Such accomplishments come at a great price, a price that not many people are willing to pay. This is why every famous name that you will hear in this guide has a solid story. So, just as an acknowledgement, if you have big plans for this world, you had better have a good heart and a solid mind. Because it is these tow features that have brought these people to the stage they stand on today. Now, without further delay, let’s see whose clothes you are wearing today.  



Coco Chanel

Woman-has-a-gorgeous-hairThere is nobody in the fashion industry who does not know this name. Coco Chanel (whose real name was Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel) changed the world, but she did not have an easy time doing it. She was born into a poor family, daughter of an unmarried woman who died while Gabrielle was still young. She then found herself in an orphanage and frequented the Notre Dame College, where she learnt to sow. She earned her nickname Coco because of the songs she sang in the Moulins La Rotonde café. Her life changed when she met Étienne Balsan, a very influent man. She became his unknown mistress and quickly discovered that she enjoyed making hats which were well received by aristocrat women in her time. Everything else is history: her fragrance, the little black dress and the countless jewels that were made in her name. She was an exquisite French designer, thus able to create her Chanel brand which, needless to say, is going to be around forever. There is literally nothing that can stand in the way of this brand and everything started with a woman who was not afraid to face life. Chanel’s practical designs and modern thoughts did not only generate a strong brand, but the mentality which changed women forever. She was also very smart about how the industry should tackle simplicity: if it’s simple it is more beautiful, then it should also be more expensive. Although she will always be recognized as the ultimate fashion designer, not many seem to focus on the fact that Coco Chanel was also a great business woman. We are talking about the only fashion designer that has ever been featured on Time 100’s most important people of the century. And it is truly fascinating when you think about the fact that everything started in an orphanage… Should you be interested in achieving the same level that Chanel did, we have an important piece of advice for you: stay strong. Do not heed the any advice of any random person who does not understand how far you can dream. And do not do it for fame. This is the secret that everybody seems to be willing to omit… nobody did what they did for fame. They did it because they enjoyed it and because they promised themselves that they would take in everything that life threw at them. And every thing made them stronger.  



Giorgio Armani

Girl-in-dress-walks-in-water Giorgio Armani is yet another designer who is very well known for his menswear. Armani’s story is a rather interesting one, specifically because he landed in fashion without a direct interest. Apart from a total success story, Armani is the clear example that you can do something extraordinary without necessarily intending it. He eventually found this path and decided to stick with it. The results were beyond imagination. Armani did not start with a specific job. He enrolled into the University of Medicine in Milan after having read Cronin's The Citadel. Three years later he decided that he would quit medicine and enrolled in the army. After seeing that this was not the path he wanted either, he decided to move along. Among all famous fashion designers, Armani seems to be one of the most interesting gentlemen because his daring curiosity. He just decided that he would do something, but he moved away from it quickly if he did not feel that it was his thing. Things changed when he found a new job as a window dresser for La Rinascente. He eventually ended up selling menswear, which gave him great insight into fashion marketing. He was a quick learner, so he moved to Nino Cerutii, for whom he himself was making menswear. He was very talented and he also decided that it would be a good idea to freelance… for as much as ten manufacturers at the same time. This man above-human working power and it is also very interesting to think about the fact that he was doing this passionately. He was not working. He was having fun. He formed the Armani Company in 1975 and 26 years later he was named the most successful designer to have walked the land of Italy. He is the example of how far hard work can get you very far. But this is not at all an easy life. Working for 10 manufacturers at the same time can only be done if you are passionate about what you are doing.  



Donatella Versace

Woman-has-a-blue-dressDonatella Versace is Gianni Versace’s sister and she proved that she had the strength to take the family name further. Gianni was murdered back in 1997 and that was the moment of truth that could have destroyed the company or not. Donatella made sure that all the shops across the world would meet everybody’s needs. Imagine how this has to feel for someone who just lost their brother and manage an entire company. She is one of the strongest women to have ever walked the earth and the way she dealt with the issue both emotionally and businesswise demonstrates it entirely. Other famous designers include Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior and Tom Ford. Ralph Lauren is the sort of person who made everything happen because of fashion sense. Some call it luck, others call it skill. We are talking about a man who is worth $7.5 million. The Polo emblem is a legend and it is not the sort of brand you want to mess around with. How did he do it? Confidence. Most people think this is bluffing, but this is all the truth you need. You need confidence and the willingness to learn. Dior stood out because of the “Distinctive Look”. He completely revolutionized the way post World War women looked. John Galliano has taken up his mantle and continues to move the brand’s name forward even to this day. Dior has not disappointed and his disciple did not do this either. Lastly, Tom Ford is a man who started his apprenticeship at Gucci and Yves Lauraint. You can already feel why he got famous, don’t you? He really wanted to be an actor, but fate had other plans in mind. His popularity reached its peak back in 2000, when he was considered the Best International Designer.



Woman-wears-a-purple-shirt We have some strong personalities here and true examples of how things should be done. What you can actually learn is not only related to fashion. This is a subject that is way beyond fashion. These are people who have demonstrated that strength of character, perseverance and true will can get you far. People sometimes look at them with envy, but what they do not know is that they all had to work through hardships, endure a lot of pain, plenty of rejections, shed a lot of tears and ultimately have the strength to get up and do it all over again. Chanel could have easily not learn how to sow or she could have just remained a mistress. Armani could have stayed in the army or he could have remained window dresser. Donatella could have driven Versace right back into the ground where it came for. But no. These people wanted more and they knew they were worth more. That is not the kind of strength you find in all people. But coming back to the subject of famous fashion designers, you should carefully study these people’s moves if you want to pursue a career in fashion. Learn what they did and when they did it. Learn how to cope with the pain of not knowing what the future holds in store for you. Learn to deal with “no”, loss and suffering. Learn to be better. Do this even if you do not want to pursue a career in fashion. Learn for yourself.