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Most Popular Ways to Wear Your Bracelet


Ladies, if you have come for advice as to how to adjust a bracelet to your style, look no further. You have come to the right place. Adding a bracelet to your overall look can sometimes prove to be a difficult challenge, especially for women who are 100% into how they look. Despite the fact that you know that you are dealing with a piece of jewelry, which can be quite difficult to pick, you are also thinking about how many variables you are not aware of, how and where you can learn them so that you can get the exact bracelet that you want. And, on top of that, it will have to make you look fabulous. There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that, yes, it can be difficult at times. The good news, however, is that you can learn everything you need right here easily. And you can also think about the fact that the most fashionable women out there who are wearing bracelets have started from the same moment you find yourself in now.  



Introduction to Styles

Silver-fashion-bracelet Finding the appropriate accessory or assembling the ideal stack for you is not going to be a cup of tea when you first start. You need to know about textures, shapes, hues and metals before you can actually make the right choice. Or so you think. Rest assured that the right combination is somewhere out there waiting for you to find it. Whether you are the dreamy bohemian kind or the lady who is always prepared, this advice will take you exactly where you belong. There are six major styles that you should be aware of should bracelets become your new play toys in the months to follow: the trend setter, the true bohemian, the edgy one, the femme, the one who is always prepared and the minimalist. Each style comes with a variety of accessories, clothing styles and nail polishes that will make them stand out of the crowd. It is totally up to you whether you want to choose one style or the other, but the coolest piece of advice that we can give you is to try and experiment with all of them until find what is 100% appropriate for you. Experimenting with styles has this awesome impact on people. It makes them see who they can be in different circumstances, different moods and, above all else, you are not only experimenting with some bracelets, jewels and clothes, you are literally exploring yourself. It is quite a fascinating sensation. Now let’s get down to each style and see what it has to offer.  



Bracelet Styles

Elegant-silver-bracelet-for-women First of all, let’s talk about the Bohemian. He reason why we are starting with this particular style is because its representatives are dreamy and free from rules in their heads. In theory, everything works well for them, so the lively they are the better. Bright beaded bracelets might be some of the main accessories they are looking for and they also have a wide variety of accessible pieces to choose from such as the Pearl Collective Omerta Bracelet. Pair this $100 bracelet with the appropriate nail polish and you might get the greatest look in town. Bohemians might also be into geometrical shapes, wood beads and multicolored ones. Given these choices, you might also want to check Butter London Nail Lacquer. Should you find the Opaque Robin’s Egg Blue Crème, it will be even better. Are you interested in being the one who dictates the style in your own group? The trend-setter seems to perfectly fit your style. Here is a combination that will really make you look trendy: multicolor, a wrap bracelet, something that seems more or less architectural, add a pair of beads and top it off with another multicolored bracelet. You can wear either of these as a singular piece, but the trend-setter is the one who always comes up with fancy ideas and chick looks that will make everyone turn their heads. Viridian nail polish should do the trick. You would do best to remember that this looks very good on certain skin tans.


Light skin tone will add to the sparkle while warm might take some of its magic away. Feel free to try, however. You never know how it turns out to be one of the best combinations you could have ever come up with. The edgy one is quite a fascinating style. It is also quite easy because it does not exactly involve a lot of color. It mostly relies on black and metallic shades, perfect for parties or if you just want to create that solid “do not mess with me” impression. You can easily start with a hefty cuff (Eddie Borgo cuffs are super reliable and come with high quality) that you can either wear as a single piece or you can start adding any of the following for that aggressive look: a dark metal (preferably chain), any bracelet with a metal bar or spikes and you can end in style with one of those motorcycle-looking bracelets to make your statement. Keep the nail polish black, there is no other way out of this. Oh, the femme, so gracious, so delicate, a beautiful hand to look at, especially if she has the appropriate accessories on it. But let’s be honest: any woman’s hand is a miracle to behold, whether anybody admits it or not. While the edgy one’s moment of glory begins and ends with the first and last bracelet, the femme’s true glitter is somewhere among the understatements. Start with something small, not too catchy but that has a certain shine to it (White Diamond Cut bracelets make a perfect and discrete entrance); then follow with a cheetah-like piece. Now here is where it gets interesting: you started modest, followed with something catchy, now go modest again. Repeat the process and you will fully comprehend the femme style. It popularity practically stems from the fact that it seems a little undecided (do you want to make an impression or not?) but the style is, in fact, very organized.


Pair-of-silver-braceletsAs for the one who is always prepared, well, let’s just say that they value organization quite a lot. Contrary to all other styles, the prepared one prefers bracelets that are not lengthy. They need to sit (close to) tight on the hand so that everyone can notice exactly how many pieces they are wearing and distinguish they forms appropriately. If you want to make a lasting impression, start casually with an initial on your desired piece. Worst case scenario is that someone will not remember your name, but they will surely remember your golden initial. That’s right, gold is going to be a huge part of this style, so appropriate additions include green, white and even a black, finishing bracelet. You also have two nail polishing options here: you can either go for gold (but it might be too much) or a pure color lacquer. Choose wisely. Lastly, we have the minimalist. If you are a minimalist you are somewhat opposed to the always prepared one. You might not like too many bracelets, but you might like them big, few as you are wearing. This style also evolves around you wearing a super basic clothing style: a white tee and some jeans. You can also go for a white nail polish to round everything up nicely. Start with gunmetal. That space in between the metals accompanied by a little golden chain is exactly what you need to begin with. Your next bracelet is the centerpiece of the style. Any metal that is large enough and looks well in the light is great. Some suggest rose gold, but silver works fine. The chain link comes next, ended abruptly by something that looks like you are going to be arrested. Add or remove this as you please. It is a minimalist style, after all. You can simply stick to a chain bracelet and you will look perfect.



Popular Styles In a Nutshell

Two-bracelets-in-a-box All in all, there are 6 major styles which you can choose from. Note that you do not need to put together all of the mentioned bracelets in each style so that you can create your own. You can always stick to two or three, or even one if you desire, so that you find the most popular way for you. The bohemian is full of life, likes mixing a great number of colors and shapes while topping it off with pool nail lacquer. The trend setter is somewhat the same, although they make it their priority to make everyone follow their fashion sense, even when it comes to bracelets. If you are the edgy one, you simply want to make everyone respect your style (and they will if you do it right). The femme is the party’s lady while the prepared one seems like the ideal candidate for a formal party gone cool and the minimalist just loves keeping things simple. Actually, if you will notice, the most popular ways to wear a bracelet is to just be yourself.