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Necklaces Stores In the UK


If necklaces are what you are looking for, then the United Kingdom is an excellent place to start. British people jewels, there is no doubt about that. This is why there are so many necklace stores around. As long as there is demand, more and more designers and businessmen will emerge to satisfy the clients’ needs. It’s a great opportunity for both parties: shoppers are accustomed to even more variety than before and the fact that businessmen decide to invest in such businesses only allows the market to grow. But things get a little complicated when it comes to trust. You know, better than anyone else, how trust works.


The sensation of walking into a Burberry shop is completely different compared to the sensation of walking into a new, unknown shop. No matter how much diversity it promises you in terms of necklaces, their quality, longevity and their fair pricing, Tiffany & Co. will always beat the shop located at your street’s corner. It’s only logical. But rest assured that there are shops out there who promise and deliver. Those shops are the ones we are going to talk about and we can guarantee that giving them a chance is worthwhile. We are going to start with some familiar shops and then move on to some which you might have never heard of before (or might, because we have featured some of them in our previous guides). All of these shops are great shops if you want to add to your necklace collection, or if you are simply looking to swipe some old jewels with new ones. So take your time with each and every one of them. With a little patience and research you will be able to find what you are looking for.  



Big Names That Never Go Wrong

Girl-wears-a-fashion-shirtWhen it comes to necklaces, or any other jewel for that matter, each and every one of us is looking for something specific. The ideal combination would be a necklace of great quality which very few people, if anyone, should have and that would come with a low (not reasonable, but low) price. This is what everybody wants and this is what everybody will always want, but life occurs and you figure out that you need to make some sort of compromise somewhere if you want to purchase your favorite jewel. Luckily, there are plenty jewelry stores across the UK which figured out that the compromise can be too big sometimes, so they decided to tone things down a bit and make it less visible. One of these shops is Harry Winston. Harry Winston is not a shop that is specialized on necklaces, but the ones that are available are truly mesmerizing and worth every pence. The Art Deco necklaces stand out compared to the majority of jewels and accessories that this shop is selling simply because of their timeless designs. It is very rare that you witness diamond necklaces which resemble the 1930s style so much. Not to mention the fact that we are talking about baguette diamonds that are carefully arranged in perfect geometric shapes. Harry Winston necklaces were, are and will always remain an epitome of style, elegance and grace, so you should never hesitate to at least glance at them for inspiration.


The next shop that we want to mention is not a UK representative, yet with the power of the internet it is only one click away: Tiffany & Co. Tiffany & Co. is one of the most known, respected and sought-after jewelry stores in the world. It is one of the most preferred shops for women when they decide to re-tailor their image and improve it tenfold. Tiffany has been around for long enough to have created itself a stable reputation and it employs only the finest jewelers who can take craftsmanship to the next level. The pressure is huge because Tiffany finds itself, in most of the cases, in the world’s top 5 jewelry stores and, in the worst cases, it finds itself in the top 10. Necklaces are a specialty here and, when you notice designs such as the Paloma Picasso one (with a heart shape made out of silver branches and leaves) or the necklace that comes in the 2016 Blue Book Collection (with an exquisite ripple effect), you know that this is a shop that you have to save some money for.


Woman-sits-at-the-table The last big name that we want to add to the big necklace stores category is De Beers Jewellery. Elegance is your thing? This is a good place to start (or explore). The collections here are gorgeous and they are quite vast, which also leaves some space for you to think if you want to buy a piece or two that match (although we recommend that you carefully consider this decision). Prices from DeBeers might shock some, while for others they might be quite accessible. How would you feel about a £1,700 necklace? “Eh… maybe…” right? Well, some find that accessible. But what if we told you that there are necklaces that can go over £10,000? That would be a little exaggerated, we know. But do not be surprised if find out that there are people who buy these sorts of jewels. In fact, there are people out there who spend more than £15,000 on one necklace. And they are quite comfortable with their decision.  



Strong Names for the People

Girl-wears-a-watch Alright, maybe these are not the names that everyone can aspire towards. It’s a question of beauty in the end, and beauty is not something you can buy. It has to come from within. If you feel that you do not need to give £10,000 on one necklace you should know that that is completely normal (just as normal as wanting to). Oh yes, normality is divided into many specters. So what shops can we find in the United Kingdom that can both satisfy our need for beauty and come with fairly reasonable prices? Well the first, and most obvious option, is Asos. Asos is the sort of shop that has everything. If they decided to change their slogan overnight to “You want it. We’ve got it” it would be totally legit. And the good thing is that Asos doesn’t just have any piece of scrap metal. These necklaces are very good! And, considering that you can buy some £10 or less, we can call it a deal. Some interesting designs are the Sterling Sparkle Disc Pendant (valued at around £18), the Gold Layered Cluster Pendant (for only £21) and the Selected Femme Sybil Necklace, which is quite a beauty and values just a little less than £30. Also, don’t forget that we are talking about Asos. Shopping for necklaces can get addictive pretty quickly, so the moment you click on that URL you need to tell yourself that you need to stop. Otherwise you will keep going and that can burn your wallet alive. A shop that you might have never heard of, but which we recommend wholeheartedly is Not on the High Street. Contrary to popular belief, the necklaces here are not the first thing you need to look at; it’s the site that needs your attention. The site is carefully designed in order to give you the impression that your options are limitless. And do not worry, it’s not just an impression. It is 100% real. Necklaces on this site can be really cost-efficient. As in you can find something that nobody is wearing (and is super sexy) for as little as £30. If things already sound interesting for you then we recommend that you check out the Personalized Bars, the outstanding Russian Ring (an item that can come as a great alternative for some DeBeers options, for instance), Triple Letter Discs (yep, you can customize these however you like; the sky is the limit) and the Personalized Birthstone Locket (which you can customize with a maximum of 4 birthstones – perhaps one for each member of the family).  



Sorting Out Your Shops

Woman-has-a-pair-of-elegant-earringsAlright, we got through the 5 big ones that we trust, but are they the ones that you would trust? You are very aware of the fact that these are not the first or the last shops in the UK, so it all falls down to your decision. The best thing you can do is to check them out and decide whether the shops speak your language or not. There is no “best shop” or “best necklace” that you can buy. It is a matter of what you decide and what object you think and feel that can best describe you. Needless to say, we encourage you to take a look at other shops as well. Do not only resort to the options that we offered you today. Necklace stores are abundant in the UK and you can even surprise yourself and find the piece that you have been looking for so long at your local shop. So be brave and give yourself the chance to experiment!